Mama Cat Hugs Kitten “Pinky”

yeah don't buy mommy's foot his foot is she was playing with her tail get fight your own tail get that's like their favorite toys their mom or their siblings tail baby back I'm sorry she's upset because I was doing her I'm gonna sing your babies aren't understand cuz we're working so everything we can Oh breaking mommy kisses you on my ring hey that was expensive they know where the good stuff is they're like where's the most expensive thing in the room let's eat that your nut like most cannons are super are playful but pinkies like up ten notches it's pinky summaries what so cool you think I'm T she's saying are you guys I think he needs like a peanut call her and she trying to show that her either and I'm black they're blue you just don't have good way if we have the lighting on overhead it makes it awful noise like feel mark you a tone boy we looking for Artie come to the phone you get to know the baby's cries that's insane man I gotta poop yeah usually I'm kind of crying and looking for a corner he's probably one that pooped in the corner so I had to clean see look you want mine to the bathroom good job Archie yeah they usually um if you're having we're gonna move your baby oh are you holding her twins oh my gosh are they twins I can't wait to see what color I think

27 thoughts on “Mama Cat Hugs Kitten “Pinky”

  1. That second looks like one of my regular ferals that come to dinner every night. Her name is Pinky but someone said she has a Mohawk! Lol They’re all so cute! I♥️?

  2. more than beautiful faces knives and mommy is just a beautiful little girl she is so sweet I could tell they were all just adorable and be so closely to hold and kiss just to hold him in my arms I just love cats so dearly I have my share and they're my world I love them every bit it every second of the day I enjoy everything I do for him and I wouldn't have it any other way they just mean the world to me and I love animals there buddy I hope and pray everything works out with y'all and you're keeping the baby's there such a precious gift

  3. Awww Pinky face..soooo adorable!Why i live soooo far.I will love to adopt Pinky and Mama!I wish they find lovely homes!

  4. I adore them all. And Pinky's personality is amazing. You're very fortunate to have them, and vice versa.

  5. This makes me feel like someone giving me a big hug with extra softness and a load of the sweetest chocolate.. if that makes sense ?

  6. Good momma!
    Their a handful for mommy especially the one that has figured out that biting and chewing on mom's tail can be so much fun !?

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