28 thoughts on “mama cat comes to rescue her little kitten

  1. "Look mom, I found a human!"
    "Come here right now! You stay away from those things, you hear me? They have a reputation of being the most dangerous animal in the world!"

  2. Mom i made a friend meet y/n
    Mom cat: oh god your friend looks tough how many time i told don't go outside if u know theres people outside
    Your grounded
    Baby cat: noooo oww that's my ear

  3. Everybody talking about the idiots that don't know how mothers carry their kittens, I go through the comment section and there is no idiot.

  4. Kitten: Mommy, come over here!

    Mom: Honey, I’ve been looking everywhere for you! And… is that a camera? What kind of sadistic moron watches this junk!?

  5. Ok for you people who don't know about cats, there the thing. Kitten and cat have loose skin on the back of their necks. So when the mother cat grabs the kitten there, it immobilizes them enough so they don't squirm around and hurt themselves while mom is trying to carry them. They don't have hands, so this is how mother cats and dogs pick up their babies.

  6. Jesus people don’t under stand how cats carie there babies it’s like all the people in the world think they carie them all the time like that

  7. Mom is not hurting cat it is just trying to find the scruff on its neck to bring it away from danger SCIENCE

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