Hi everyone, welcome back to our channel Today’s video will be very different If you haven’t noticed yet, we are not speaking English! We live in Montreal and if you didn’t know we speak French I have someone really special with us today Milton’s boyfriend, Romeo and his mom Marie Ève Today is a new Cav Mom Talks episode And we will talk about our love for cavaliers Yes of course A charmer I must say Marie Ève please talk to us about Roméo Where your love for cavaliers come from Why did you choose him, where his name comes from We want to know everything Romeo is a 3-year old tricolor Cavalier My love for Cavaliers comes from… not too long ago The past 10 years I would say My friend Mireille had a Cavalier, tricolor and her name was Ebony She was the most beautiful and gentle dog of the whole universe From that moment I told myself I absolutely need a Cavalier King Charles Roméo is my first dog as an adult Shoutout to Ebony I must say Roméo loves his dad very much and when his dad is not there, Roméo isn’t either Come here Roméo I should’ve had Guillaume on this episode instead Roméo loves his dad more When came time to get Roméo, did Guillaume agree with your choice? It wasn’t clear if he wanted a dog or not I was the one who wanted a dog and I encouraged the idea of having a dog because I really wanted on and given all the life circumstances, apartments when we bought our condo as soon as we put the down payment I said “I want a dog” I said “I know exactly what I want and if you give me the OK, I will find a dog right now” and then he said…. Finally he said ok He just let me do whatever and I could’ve picked any dog Are you satisfied now with a Cavalier? Very happy Ok so you are officially a Cav Dad? He will need a tshirt for it That is Roméo’s dad! Wow look at how Roméo is looking at you! Any hope of having a second cavalier? I would love to. I would love to have Cavaliers all my life I don’t know if I will have them simultaneously or not But for sure I will not have another tricolor After Roméo I will change color because there is not another Cavalier that can replace Roméo I could not have another tricolor because I would associate him to Roméo and I don’t want to change the memories I have of him These are my first dogs and I have never dealt with loss of a dog I had a dog when I was younger and he passed at the age of 4 it was really intense and that is why my parents never wanted to have another dog because it was too hard When came time to pick the puppy, how did you get Roméo? When we put the down payment on the condo I told Guillaume I want a dog and if you give me the OK I will do all the research about breeders he said ok I did pretty intense research I found a breeder that I liked And I had a intensive Excel file with dates of each breeder, price, location etc I need to see this Excel sheet It was really intense but at the time I was working in research so I was good at it I even had a file of books to read on puppy training etc Very organized When I got the OK from the breeder we were on the waitlist for 12 months, and we ended up getting the puppy in 9 months One week after getting the keys to our condo, we got Roméo We were in the middle of moving in and we also had a dog It was very nice to have a puppy at home while I was working at home at the time It’s like when we got Herky too! We got the keys and she came home 1 month after Roméo was really intense when he was tiny Puppies are intense in general See? Puppies are intense When we went to pick up Roméo, there was two left. Roméo and his brother Chewy *little moment about pronunciation of Chewy* We were hesitant between the two puppies I had told the breeder I wanted a life companion and she told me to go for Chewy I hesitated because I wasn’t feeling it It is once we were at the breeder’s that we were hesitant How do you explain the connection to a puppy? Chewy was looking at us then all of a sudden was barking at us And I was wondering why Then I asked the breeder if I could hold them one after the other to see I started with Chewy and he would not stay still in my arms he kept moving around and did not seem comfortable I thought he might not be the one. I handed him to Guillaume and even he couldn’t handle him I put Chewy on the floor and wanted to take the other one and the breeder told me they call him “intense” Why? Because he is very intense I asked myself if I wanted an intense dog I thought whatever, let’s just hold him to see and as soon as I picked him up, Roméo put his head right here and fell asleep and I was like oh my god What a cute story! He’s the one We were hesitating between two names: Leon or Roméo The breeder said Roméo would be perfect for him Knowing Roméo, it hasn’t always been easy health wise right? Roméo had digestive issues when he was a puppy It started soon after we took him home, he was scratching a lot I thought dogs scratch themselves but was that too much scratching? Should we switch food? Did you suspect it was syringomyelia? I think every cavalier owner is going to ask themselves that question I consulted a vet and she thought it might just be his food needed to be changed, which we did Then he got digestive issues successively after that When he was a puppy he had a big stomach Like swollen round belly He was very sensitive in that area and we couldn’t pet him there We did not have belly rubs Then he successively had diarrhea and vomiting episodes From what age? He wasn’t old at all Maybe a few months after we got him So around 4-5 months of age We changed his food 3 times until he was 7 months old How frequent was the diarrhea and vomiting? Diarrhea at least once every two weeks Vomiting almost every day Every time his symptoms would go away but then come back When he got to the point of vomiting every day I was like no, I went to the vet in a rush They did X-rays on his intestines and blood tests They saw he had a lot of air in his intestines making him very bloated and sensitive She was suspecting food allergies to protein It’s like being intolerant to gluten nowadays where you are always bloated So she suspected allergies to an animal protein and we didn’t know which one We did not have the luxury to wait and see which protein he was allergic to He wanted to eat so badly but could not because he knew eating would cause him so much discomfort We would feed him one pebble at a time We had started him on a hypoallergenic diet Then we took an appointment with a GI specialist They shaved his belly… and he had an ultrasound They saw the walls of the intestines very swollen and liquid residues in his intestines They suspected at 80% that it was IBD It is exactly like Crohn’s disease for dogs From that moment she gave me two options Either medication for the rest of his life which was steroid based Or we adjust his diet She was really pushing for the medication and I just did not want my dog to be medicated for the rest of his life And I told her this is crazy! I asked her if I could think about it you know because I really felt pressured to take the medication And I had done some research and talked to other dog owners with the same issues I found some people that had adapted their dog’s diet to a vegetarian kibble diet So I wanted to try this vegetarian diet I can already hear everyone saying that vegetarian diets are crazy But this is literally what saved Roméo’s life and quality of life It would’ve made no sense for him to be on medication forever He would’ve continued to ingest protein that causes all his issues, and then take medication to counter that Makes no sense It was a no brainer for me. I just wanted to change his something in his life that would not affect him long term There are side effects to cortisone Is this a recurrent problems with dogs? Certain cavaliers are sensitive to certain things I think it’s a trial and error process to see what works for your dog In our case we just had to change because he was vomiting every day I think this is such useful information What you went through and what you learned can be very useful to other dog owners This information has to be shared I don’t think one should judge a vegetarian diet for dogs either because I talked about it with a vet and this would not be possible with cats, but dogs yes. The kibble is formulated to have a sufficient protein intake Don’t think that he is underfed or malnourished He is very well fed he even packs a few extra pounds He looks very healthy physically Attention: He is slightly overweight. He has 2 lbs to lose Must be the cucumber… and the carrots Important to say he can still have some fish based treats As soon as he became more stable we did some trials too We were looking for different things he could eat We found out that salmon and white fish he digests very well Would you consider switching his diet entirely to a fish based diet? I thought about it… But we went through so much already For almost a year of food trials I don’t want to go through that again and I don’t want to make him go through another change and transition period during which he could not feel well So if something works for you now you want to stick with it What is the food that you found that works for him? Royal Canin Vegetarian It is not the vet that suggested this diet? You found it? By searching but also by asking questions It is not the first time I saw dogs with GI issues It is mainly the testimony of a cavalier owner that had a sick dog with symptoms very similar to Roméo it convinced me Do you still see the same vet? We have our regular vet We don’t see the GI specialist anymore So you can’t see her and say like “I found it on my own!” I thought about it It would be useful for them to find out what worked for you very useful for other dogs We know cavaliers can have a lot of health issues If you did not see our previous Cav Mom Talks episode where we discuss with Dr Dulake I will link it up there In spite of all his health issues, we love him dearly right? What are your favorite traits about him? I must say Roméo is a rascal He really likes to play, particularly hide and seek He can run around the kitchen table and he is like “now you see me, now you don’t” Other than that, his unconditional love towards his dad there is daily cuteness Guillaume and Marie Ève really take good care of Roméo I must say Roméo smells like toothpaste He just came to lick my face and he smells like toothpaste We brush his teeth daily We have a bedtime routine Anyways he loves getting his teeth brushed Maybe he loves mint? He learned to love it Roméo loves neck massages you see it in his face, he is very expressive I love that about him He really shows how much he loves that you are doing and every time his dad gives him kisses or pets his belly he has an ecstatic expression on his face Can you please imitate his expression That’s exactly the face If Roméo could smile, that’s how he would do it Every time we see him and he’s happy that’s what he does It’s crazy. And I think it’s what’s most distinctive about him his way of communicating his happiness And a bad trait of his? Something he does that you don’t like Roméo tends to bark at people from the balcony Don’t know if it’s to say “hello” or “this is my territory” “this is my hood” Another negative is his very long hair, it gets very dirty Washing him almost every day is annoying But every time we see Roméo his hair is flawless Yes you always take such good care of his coat always clean I developed a habit of always dressing him when we go outside Particularly fall and spring, also winter actually There is only summer where he is naked outside Spring and fall has a lot of mud and water So we put paws boots on him That way his white paws are protected Winter we put boots and a jacket I developed a habit to take 5 minutes every morning to dress him up to avoid having to spend 20-30 minutes washing and drying him because it is easier for me A lot of people judge the fact that I dress up my dog because they don’t understand! You don’t have cavaliers if you judge But if you want Roméo’s boots, jacket, pants… it will be linked in the description box below You can get Roméo’s entire look on our boutique Pants are very useful because they protect the entire undercarriage The ones you offer are the best really They are very resistant and hold up well and cover everything and the legs. It is also adjustable This round up the questions we had to day but Marie Ève and Guillaume, Roméo’s parents are the only people I trust to babysit Herky and Milton It is a very great quality because I don’t trust my mom or my mother in law to babysit them The only times we leave them behind is with Roméo’s parents We know they love cavaliers, they love Herky and Milton I know they will take very good care of our girls We are sending you the same compliment back actually The first time we had Roméo babysat long term was at Mai and Andy’s I was worried every day I was eating gelato in Italy wondering what my Roméo was doing and I always got the perfect photo of Roméo cuddling with Herky and Milton I saw him living his best life in a new house and I was like ok… I am comforted Roméo and Milton are so happy when they see one another It’s a really cute trio these three Roméo only learned how to play with Milton she is the only dog Roméo plays with and he got attached to her Roméo had a hard time when he was a puppy we went to puppy school Roméo got so traumatized from the experience other dogs would stomp and be too rough with him Since then he was not able to get along with dogs Herky and Milton were the first dogs he became friends with Our mission is to get Roméo to visit his girlfriend in California next winter If you agree please let us know in the comments This concludes today’s video, thank you for watching If you enjoyed, please thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe Thank you again to Roméo and Marie Ève for coming to see us today We will see you soon, bye!

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  2. My labrador retriever had the same issues as Romeo as a puppy , we found he had a wheat and gluten allergy. When we bought him home he was skinny because he was sick alot and had diarrhea and had a huge round belly , the vet said he had food allergies and we put him on several different diets before we found one that worked. He's four years old now and still has issues sometimes but not nearly as bad as when he was a puppy.

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