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as much as I love my dog Callie I love my bedroom not smelling like her pee from the process of potty training too now her emotional peeing problem I am happy to announce that I have partnered up with Home Depot to switch to Pet proof carpet thank you again to Home Depot for sponsoring this video let's just jump right into it you guys I guess what I like to call an emotional here humid he's in the house forgot three reasons number one strangers anyone that walks into this house and she does not know who you are she will pee until she finds out who you are or two there are three boys by the name of yo-yo Spanish Mike and waxen now if you don't know who these guys are these are the guys that Paul skateboards with every single day and when I first went out of town he asked these boys to stay over and watch Kelly Kelly instantly fell in love with every single one of them any time that they come over like I said she will run up and just instantly you you know not the tester because she's peace finish my kids his feelings a little hurt if she stays with yo-yo a little bit longer because Kelly's been paying a lot more attention to yo-yo but when waxings around all those boys are squash and that is hurt dude and the third thing is she does it on purpose let me tell you a little bit about her I work from home full-time so that means Kelly has attention literally almost 24 hours of every single day so this has come around to bite me in the bus so the reason I found out that my dog was an emotional pier was because when I had to prep for my first workshop ever it literally consumed every second of every day for like a good two weeks so after I have some days like that I will come upstairs and I automatically start to edit or answer emails or I'm just I'm always working so especially on days where I can't take a break throughout the day to play with her this is when this happens Pattersons January she's potty-trained she's an emotional peer so if you don't pay attention to her she'll come over and pee right in front of you because she wants your attention so right now she wants punishment right now and what did you do you potty right in front of me because you were irritated I wasn't playing with you yeah you don't want to make eye contact emotional peer you want to tell everybody hey I'm not I'm just emotional she's just an emotional piece by I'm so grateful that we are partnering up with pet group and Home Depot to redo our room so this emotional peer not necessarily can get away with it but it'll be much easier for me to clean up if she continues to be the emotional dirt there she is let's go find outside not on the carpet don't be shy all of a sudden it doesn't belong to you huh you think you deserve to be on this bed Cali no eye contact cuz you know I'm right why are you pouting I should be pouting not you whine afternoon that I have free I just went down to my home depot and I went to the pet proof section and I went through all of their carpet I'm not saying that I'm shocked because I'm an adult and this is like the first time I'm really trying to match a carpet color but I really didn't think that they would have the carpet color that we already had in our bedroom but sure enough I found one actually that I wanted more than the carpet that we originally huh so once I found that color I just shot that over and scheduled and measured Hallie did you pee while he was measuring for the room promotional Piro over there huh did you pee up there after this measurement was submitted another employee reached out to me to confirm everything about my carpet choice in my padding before we scheduled an install I then got another phone call after that confirmation was sent through by someone to schedule an install they walked me through every single thing I needed to do to prep my room for this installation I am not even kidding you I woke up around 7:15 cleared out my room by about 7:45 and install people were there at exactly 8 o'clock it's so weird cuz it kind of feels like we're moving yeah take all this apart Pet proof carpet honk ow so the only thing I did have left in my room was the bed and it's actually super easy to take down and I told them not to help me but they insisted and continued to help me anyways so shout out to my installers because you guys were so rad thank you I thought this was gonna take way longer but they had my entire carpet taken out by 8:15 and then they were installing the padding by 8:45 literally at 9:00 a.m. I got a phone call from somebody with quality control and they came by to check in on the job to see how everything was going I did have to kick Callie out and she was not a fan by 10:00 a.m. these guys were done and packing up to move on out all that there was left for me to do was to move back into the room which was super easy as well like I said in the description below Paul is huge on smells and now that we got new carpet he's falling back in love with our room you want to see no no your pee marks are on it thorough inspection these are the carpet pet poops yeah gonna hold all your emotional pain girlfriend that is for sure thank you so much to Home Depot for sponsoring this video and now I want to replace all my carpet in my house of pet proof carpet just on the off chance that Callie decides to try to take her emotional peeing into another bedroom so not only is this carpet actually softer than the carpet that we had previously but it has a 0% moisture absorption to reduce the pet odors in the carpet if they do go to the bathroom it also has a spill and soil shield for quick and easy cleanup so instead of them peeing and you just see it completely soaking into your carpet it's gonna stay up top you do this I came home and I didn't know was that I wouldn't know Wow Paul is trippin on the fact that this carpet is so similar yet better he also forgot to mention that it's three times easier to clean dirt hair and pet dander be sure to check out the full pet proof line if you guys are interested in link in the description below do not like when I talk about you on the camera right when I turn off the camera she pees as I was getting done filming this pet proof video she just barked at me and peed

22 thoughts on “Making the switch! | PetProof Carpet with Home Depot

  1. Cali ?!! Rachel .. you are not going to believe this, figuratively speaking .. I too have a black wall with white trim fireplace. I painted it that a good year and a half ago.
    I'm telling you girl .. ?

  2. Where did you find that bed? I have looked everywhere for it and can't find anything like it. Love love love it!
    Btw, Dogs actually pee like that to show that they are submissive as well. My Akita did that when she was a pup (up until Bout 2yrs old) but was fully trained by 6 weeks old otherwise. I would just have her greet folks outside until she outgrew it=)!

  3. This video came at the perfect time. I've been saying I want new carpet because of the dog and that the house smells like pee, the puppy is still in the potty training process. I'm definitely going to look at the pet proof carpet options!

  4. My puppy is also pottytrained. When he can't get on the couch ( he isn't allowed on the couch ) he gets frustrated and pees. I don't have carpet so it isn't as bad

  5. You are a saint! I would go crazy cleaning all that pee. Haha! I know how much you love your baby and I'm so happy you were able to partner with Home Depot! We are going to get an estimate from them for your new carpet. We will check out the pet friendly carpet there, too. Shredder is getting older and you never know if she will have "accidents" in the future. Great video! xoxox ????

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