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  1. Bruh I bough fish from you yesterday and the women dropped and killed one of my fish and you kept my tropical fish in cold water

  2. my local PaH has electric blue rams listed as "easy" to care for. when they certainly are not. the good thing is that they do have size charts for each type of fish they sell, so people know what to expect. they also ask you thorough questions before selling you the fish.

  3. well i regularly shop at the pets at home near me, and I'm sad to say they don't show much care for the shrimps and fish , if seen the odd live fish in the bottom section where the water pumps are , iv seen dead shrimps decomposing in tanks with fish , and fish that do not play well with shrimp , iv pointed these issues out in the past and I allways get told the same thing , don't worry about it I'm sure someone will fix the problem , but a few days later upon returning to the store nouthing had been done to fix the problems, it's why i no longer but live pets from the store i only buy aqurium supplies now

  4. hello i have some fish from pets at home and i have forgotten what they are called they are small cold water fish i think there name starts with a p

  5. 1. Don’t release the fish with the water in the bag

    2. Flakes are bad for fish cuz they float and as the fish goes to the surface to eat they take in air that then can cause lots of problems for the fish

    1:55 (moves around decorations for no reason)

  6. Umm at my local pets at home they isn’t a big cold/temperate selection it just goldfish so I’m asking to make a bigger selection also the pets at home i go to is in Kirkstall

  7. In the pets at home in my local area know what their talking about the fish are well looked after let me ask all you who are fish experts who own fish how did you get you r fish you v given pets at home a bad name so tell me how did you get you r fish they are not born at pets at home they are supplied to them they v travelled on our roads untill they are delivered to pets at home the only time anybody gets to have a look at them are when they handled them could it be they r stressed out by that time look at the BIGGER picture

  8. Dis pets at home looks way better than my pets at home, the tanks there don’t even have gravel in dem and if there is a ornament in the tank the paper tag isn’t even taken off

  9. Healthy fish then you go in and half of them are dead or half dead, or " a fish should have normal shape " and I'm telling you now I've seen so many deformed fish in my local pets at home and there was this 1 cold water minnow that was bent it's body looked like a boomerang

  10. Thay are the worst place to get fish from iv seen dead fish or sick fish in all there tanks even 1 big fancy goldfish that was in with small tropical fish and thay was eating it had big hole on its back and thay said it's being treated even after I made 1 of there staff watch it being eaten by the smaller fish cos it could not swim fast to get away why don't put fancy goldfish with them and if had a hamster that thay said was 8 weeks but was told by a vet she was at least 16 weeks that went on about a year after to have a tumer and my sister had 2 hamsters that 1 had a tumer and other had problem with his liver and told was born with it so had both be put to sleep and been told it's cos thay breed there hamsters in the back of store not bothering if there all related as for 9months training that's bullcrap my friends son worked there selling fish all he did was watch a video about fish keeping and answer a few questions even watchdog have investigated them

  11. Wow, no wonder there are do many sick and dead fish in these stores. The stupidity and ignorance of it all. Amazingly ignorant…and they want to sell fish to the public?

  12. Lmao The is a emoplye at my local pets at home who didn’t know the difference between a male guppy and female i also had to tell her that most the females where pregnant and would over crowd a new fish tank for a new owner

  13. They ask so many questions for a bloody fish!
    When I bought my gecko at a different pet shop they didn’t ask that many questions!

  14. I mean in their defense….they have UV sterilizers, so dumping transport water in their tanks isnt a huge issue…. adding tank water to acclimate is kind of old school: still works i suppose. The water quality seems alright at least.

  15. My local pets at home is great. The workers recommend fish and ask many questions to ensure the fishes new home is safe. I have been refused a fish once due to having a newish tank. These comments may be true but not for all shops

  16. they really do suck, there isn't as much variety of coldwater fish at my nearest shop as before and i did see some dead fish

  17. Never seen a Pets At Home store which doesn't have dead fish in several tanks. The Siamese fighting fish they keep are always the worst treated it seems, they're all kept in ridiculously small tanks and are almost always looking very ill and/or generally not moving if they aren't already dead

  18. Everyone is slating pets at home but my local one has a lovely lady who is always around there. She told me everything I needed to know. About fish points and how many fit into certain size tanks. She told me about cleaning the tank, filters, and this pump you can clean the bottom with. Also about what food certain fish preferred and holiday foods ?

  19. In bangor north wales i have seen the walfare sign up so thats kinda a good sign!
    of corse theres always a dead fish but its to be expected!

  20. +Pets at Home Hi I've got a question…. if all this important stuff like stress medicine and knowledge of your fish is so important why do you not tell people when they are buying a fish. Now I know if you get a fish or any pet you would do your research but online not everything is correct, so you would expect the place you get your animal to give you the correct info. I'm sorry but all across Pets at Home shops your staff says the wrong things about your fish. Sometimes ppl are told to get food that is bad for that type of fish or even the wrong tank requirements. I would also like to say that I have seen in your tanks that fish are dead, dieing or even starving cause your not feeding them or not doing it properly. I would give you advise before highering an volunteer to make sure they know what their doing

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