Making of Cat Mansion

It was a really special moment on set? Is that what you mean? Oh yes, all the cats. Take a look at all the stars here on set. We saw a few good cat videos last year at the YouTube conference in Berlin and I thought, we have to have cats using some energy-related products and to bring them onto our small screen. Just like last time. That looked really good. The cats are naturally all used to being in a car. But after such a long roadtrip, it makes sense to bring the animals one night early to let them get used to their room. They can check out the house the next day. You have to really watch out that there’s enough quiet time on the set. The cats shouldn’t be distracted or overexcited. We put a lot of attention and work into the details but the most important elements are these little actors here. They don’t do everything on command and have their own rhythm, but are all the cuter for it. The film is even more special, becuase we didn’t take it all that seriously. And we looked at everything in a very fun way, and filmed it that way as well. Huh, is that what you look like? Everyone needs great goals in life, even celebrities. Our, “Hero of the Day” is definitely Grumpy. Because everytime that we had Grumpy in front of the camera, he always did what we needed from him. And he always looked right into the camera. We tried to work in the style of Wes Anderson. The difficulty was that we are working with these sweet little animals. Today on the set, the challenge was that, during shooting, the light kept changing throughout the takes. The sun moves throughout the day, which menas that the light is constantly changing. But we have made everything as controlled as possible, so that afterwards, the different cat segments can be fit together. The last take for today. Ok. That’s good. Thanks! There’s a reason why people talk about, “cat content”, and not about, “badger content” or “rabbit content”. And it’s just because cats are cool.

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