Making My REAL Pets in THE SIMS 4 CATS & DOGS!

hey guys James here today and welcome to my overview of create a pet in the Sims for cats and dogs this video was sponsored by EA so thanks to them for flying me out to San Francisco to check it out just as a heads up we played this game two months before the release coming up in November so if you see any weird bugs or anything like that just be aware that this is not final software and that should be all perfect and pretty for release so just to get it out of the way right here at the beginning this is only gonna be focusing on dogs just dogs no cats in this video look here's the thing I you may have noticed that a lot of other channels have already posted about create a pet in the sims for cats and dogs I was a few days late to this so I mean this look there's no at this point there's no rush to show every little nook and cranny and every little feature so you know what I'm gonna show dogs and basically what I have done in this entirety of this video is attempt to recreate my childhood dogs this is always what I've done in any like sims pets expansion pack you know and it seems unleashed I tried it but look in the sims 1 though it's not like you could do sims 2 I always have tried it and substrate I mean I feel like it's literally the first thing I always do we're in these expansions so I'm starting off with my dog Jack I might put a picture up on screen somewhere so you can see what he looks like so you can see what we're going for here his actual breed I believe what we really know when we when we originally got him he was actually they quoted him as being as spoodle which is a cocker spaniel cross poodle but then later on in his life we actually ended up getting a DNA test I can't remember why we did that but we did and then it turned out he was mostly beagle cross poodle so I guess a puggle I think that's actually what it's called anyway so that's what he was I tried to like I tried to sort of pick a breed that at least look like him because I don't think there are there are beagles and poodles in this game however went like cuz you can you can also cross breeds you can see down the bottom there that breed mixer button you can do that but it didn't get exactly what I wanted but I think the beauty of this is that I was able to just you know pick a dog that looked like him anyway and then go from there I think actually ended up with this one the golden golden doodle is what I was called I know I'm so you can see I'm still going through and choosing but I was I wasn't sure at this point I mean they did a labradoodle cuz Labradoodle is also pretty close to what he looked like so I think you know what that'll probably do just fine yeah there we go so you can actually so once you select a breed so breeds are basically I guess your high level starting point in this so you can choose the breeze you get the general shape the general look then you can actually go through and change every individual thing so on this screen here you can see all the different coats so you can get a coat from a different breed and put it on to the I guess the Labradoodle in this case so we could get a Dalmatian coat or we get a German Shepherd coat and put it on this dog obviously I didn't do that but you can you can do that again I'll also get the different types of fur so example there's the poodle coat there's a couple of them there and you can basically so you can start off in the Labradoodle you can put on like a border collie coat I don't know if that was a border collie it kind of kind of look like it but so you can just get a different coat from a different dog put it on this one and basically so yeah you're breezy or high level stuff so if you just want the the bog-standard dog or cat it works the same for cats as well you can just select that go from there boom done but oh my God look at that oh you can go through like this and select coats that are gonna work a little bit better so I was just going through it I was trying to find a coat that suited my dog the best his neck looked really thin so it's trying to thicken it up a little bit my dog was a bit more because this game The Sims 4 has small dogs and I guess large dogs I don't know if they actually called large i guess they probably called large or just dogs and small dogs my dog was more of a medium dog so this game didn't exactly have that I mean he was fairly a little bit smaller than than the large dog size in this game so I kind of had to run run with that and see how we go but yeah so we got the different types of body as well he can can see like this is a cylinder version there's like a more beefcake version and you also do on the left hand side they have like the athletic and I guess Fitness sliding on fitness and I guess bodyweight slider on the left which is kind of cool so you can make a real beefy dog but here is the real meat and potatoes of creator pet you can get as detailed as you want with is basically just whipping out a paintbrush and painting over the dog there's a lot of different modes in this that you can sort of play around with you can use and I'll go into more detail on this when the game actually comes out I don't believe I got all the footage that to do everything here but you can see I can change the scale of the brush I can change the rotation of the brush and there's all these keyboard shortcuts as well and I will be doing a full like tutorial on creating a pet when it comes out because even though like you guys know if you've been watching my channel for any amount of time creator sim is so not my thing like it just really really isn't but creator perch is kind of cool you can get really ASCII with this so I'm just trying to recreate my dogs I guess like I don't know what you'd call it but like chest a little chest pattern that he had and I was just like a little white stripe that went down there so at the moment at this point I was you can see I'm sort of clicking on the UI but right now because I'm actually changing the scale of it with the keyboard rocker because one of the Sims gurus came around like hey you can actually just use this on the key but I can't rhyme which button it is but I'll figure it out got a rich kiddies but you can actually just change it with the button so it makes it a lot easier to make it very alike so instead of plopping down the same pan over and over you can rotate it scale it a little bit change it up without having to use your mouse constantly which makes it a lot easier and you can sort of do all this really cool stuff I mean I guess one thing our man that this whole like paint mode where you can paint the whole dog's body however you want is amazing I wish I wish you could do this for Sims but I'm pretty sure they've confirmed that yeah that's not gonna happen full of hairstyles or anything like that if it did that would be incredible but I my suspicion is that it won't because if you guys remember when they actually did the they they did the update that allowed masculine and feminine clothes we want on any sim actually have to go back and re I guess re-edit a lot of the assets in the game so that even something that have to remake to be able to work and that's what they'd have to do with the hair so they actually have to go back remake every single hair in the game to work with the new system which would be a lot like basically essentially a lot of work to almost effectively end up with the same result obviously you get all the color stuff that you could do which would be amazing but I'm going to assume that that's why it won't happen with hair which is sad but you know what hey prove me wrong Sims prove me wrong so just going through and choosing the eye color now I think what's really cool to note here is you can actually change to the eyes individually which is something that can actually happen in dogs they can have different colored eyes so the fact you can do that is pretty cool I didn't um I'm Jack as you can see because that's not what his eyes look like that's not what I did but you also did see briefly we're going through choosing the nose type and just like in create-a-sim all of these things I have that sort of high-level selection and then you can sort of zoom in so if you click on the nose you can do like detailed edits of it I think we'd do a little bit of that when we do my other dog Lottie but for now I need to color in his like sort of mouth or as I like to call his beard because it always had it more like around his mouth always had a more like brown sort of colored like a dark brown around there so we're just gonna very lightly get this sort of almost furred like fur I guess brush they like the shape of it and when it can rotate it around you can see we can sort of chuck it in there and the cool thing is I don't do I have a mirror mode on here so there's there's so many different modes in this thing like I said we need to do like a tutorial on this but you can actually enable mirror mode so that when you paint one side of it it will mirror it on the other side of the dog as well which I actually have just done now and you can see so I paint the one side it will copy it over to the other side for us making doing like symmetrical things much much easier anyway so we're just sort of rotating this in the layering you can like the other really cool thing is you can just layer this as much as you want like there's no set number of layers in this which you may remember from I guess in the sims 3 with like tattoos and that oh you sound like there's sort of layered system layer had a tattoos working same point even though oh you just select which ones you want don't you but it seems really like when you have those layers this doesn't this is just like put as many things as you want on you and paint as much if you want it's it's actually it's really really cool and this around his mouth able just making it also a little bit more white a little bit great that's kind of how it looked I'm doing my best but at the same time like I'm not the most talented person in the world also I only had a limited amount of time to actually play play create a pet so I was doing my best in the time I had available but yeah so we're just gonna I think it was trying to build a few things that I really wanted to adjust a little bit so I fix up the ears you can see again you can choose your sort of high level ear type you know long ears floppy ears pointy up your ears one ear down one in Europe you can see all the different variation in there which is a lot a lot of fun Betsy I was using the ear basically that was the closest to Jax and then we're gonna go from there and he considered you can see you can even move them around on the head see where they sit he can change the length of them the rotation of them there's a lot of stuff you can do with that so but things like is something like is it early you basically start off with I guess the closest high level breed then you can sort of continually drill down further and further so like when you get into the noses you can choose a nose you want or when you get in the ears you choose which type of ear you want then from there you can customize it further by clicking and dragging around which is cool so I did my best anyway to get my dog to look like he did but you know you can only get so close so okay I think I did okay and just adjusting a little bits here and there I think a my I might be done oh oh wow he's got a fat head put that back there we go he always had like so the coat on this because what his hair got long he really did look like a I guess more like a cocker spaniel when he had a long coat but we always usually unless I was having a look at the different types of coats here just want to see if there's one that looked a bit better but we always usually shaved him quite short so he had a really like smooth like almost silky kind of guy like coat which was really nice that one's kind of good I did like that that code there some of them are good but I wish you could mix and match parts of the code so you can have like longer body hair but I should like it more trimmed face like so or you could get like the poodle head and have like I don't know like a Chow Chow body or something you know just mix it the two different codes together as far as I'm aware anything he can I don't think you can do that but that would have been cool to have like the different types of coats of mixing together if you can do it then cool if not then would be cool I'm not sure I was just playing around with it there trying to find the best-looking one here's tail though I couldn't get his tail the way I wanted because he had a he he was one of the dogs I think I'm pretty sure they don't do this and this was like bait they stopped doing this actually after we got him anyway they used what do you call it he said what do you call it when they they sort of cut the length of the tail off I can't remember that's actually called has a name but he had like a cut tail so it was shortened from what originally was other I don't know why they used to do that I have no idea why you know I'm gonna Google that why why did dogs have Oh tails doc that's what I thought it was doctor but I don't want to say it the reason some breeds and not others are docked is simply because of the fashion set for the particular breed are ok well yeah I don't think I'd do that anymore though oh maybe they do but uh I don't know if you can do that anymore it was I remember they stopped doing up after we got Jack not specifically because of Jack but like there's just I don't know it's it's it's not nice it's really not a nice thing to happen but I was trying to get the tail ride because it needed basically if I could get on this screen here like if I can't get the top right tail but make it a bit longer that would have been like perfect that's kind of what his sales like it wasn't it was kind of like it wasn't like a bushy tail either it was like a very short like trimmed tail in terms of hair on it I was trying to do my best trying to do my best but look we can only get so close but I'm pretty happy with that there is Labradoodle I think we what are we doing now checking out the eyes a little bit more I don't think there's much else I could do with that yeah I think what's really really fun I don't know like I just had so much fun just trying to make it trying to he looks like my tiles are doing why I've got these are in the bright orange spots there I think I was trying to well there's all the stencils in that as well remember what I was thinking at this point make him a pander if I want yeah I said so what actually those stencils there I guess I can explain them we won't I don't think we use them in this but basically you select a stencil and then you can like when you paint it'll only paint within the stencils lines so it's basically like you can't go outside the lines of the stencil so if you wanted maybe just panda eyes you could enable that stencil and then paint over the eye area just so it'd fill that section in anyway getting his collar here now as well I believe I go for the blue collar which I don't know wait in that photo I put up what color did he have did you have this blue colored ended a few different colors Radley yeah he did have a blue one nice hey this is accurate anyway choosing his traits he was a very friendly dog he was also super stubborn he wouldn't he wouldn't do what he didn't want to do you kept that one there and then what was the last one I think I'm a troublemaker he definitely was up there he goes look he was a troublemaker but he didn't poop everywhere so I feel like that animation is slightly slightly off but he was definitely a troublemaker and and very friendly and also very stubborn oh I would have also wouldn't have mind doing vocal because he did bark a lot too that was also boosting it was a it was that kind of dog anyway moving on to my other dog that we still have she's a little chocolate poodle named Lottie so this one was a little easier to do just because because she is just purely a poodle so we basically just like the poodle breed and went from there eventually whenever I get around to doing that that's not a poodle but yeah again here you can see like all the high-level amounts of dogs you can see I also filtered by small dogs I'd only the small dogs show up other saying because I hadn't really looked through all the breed tips I was just seeing what kind of small dogs in here but we had like a little kakapo there look cocker spaniel I don't know what that is apparently that's Matt I believe there is just a I don't know why I didn't at this point I don't think I realized that there was a small poodle as well because there's that those are like a large dog poodle and a small poodle so you can actually get both which is handy I guess I didn't realize at this point I think I realized it soon that there's a beagle let's have a look look at all this man just look at this now I really want to go back and play this more well it's out soon out like a month I guess yeah I won't now actually a little bit less come on past me you can find the miniature poodle oh there we go a miniature poodle there we go and like that pretty much looks like my dog maybe like we whenever we groomer her coat looks slightly different just because of the way the groomer does it a little bit different each time but you know that pretty much looks like a apart from the color we're gonna change the color up a little bit I read this is where I wish we could sort of mix and match the coat type so we could have like the poodle head or like a shaved body like this like mix and match a little bit more because she we typically don't have her head like the top of her head that that fluffy that floofy we usually have a little bit less but well sometimes we will actually shave her legs her legs will be a bit more shape then huh then her body if I can find a good picture I mean I'll put a picture up on the screen regardless but I can good picture all their coat when it looks nice anyway just getting going through here showing you all the different color patterns for coats obviously a lot of them from different breeds I did actually I think you might have used this one because I'm a good'n but her face is definitely a darker color than the rest of her body said this coat would have allowed me to do that I'm one of uses let's see let's see what I do here let's see what I do in the past I mean there's I don't spend a whole lot of time making Lottie because again she's just a poodle so there wasn't a whole lot to do but we do actually have a look at some of the outfits like the little coats and that like actual coats not okay that's a confusing one do you like the little hoodies and like the hats and all that and the costumes yeah so again here that some of the stencils I don't know if I use any of the stencils here at this point but this is what I was talking about just before where you can sort of select one of them and then paint over oh yeah there you go so I actually filled it in with the orange over here almost got like a little tiger oh my geez all right let's undo that there we go so I just gone for the just a single color now no no highlights or anything on that face there but yeah this is a this here is a super powerful tool like the whole painting tool like the paint mode man I know you I I'm excited to do a proper because I wish I had because I could I could have recorded all the stuff I needed to do a truce or allows there but I didn't realize that we could basically record as much as we wanted but I can't wait to do like a full-on in-depth look at just this tool just as tool alone is pretty damn awesome like though boy I mean just imagine all the phallic things people are gonna put on cats and dogs I wouldn't suggest doing that but it's gonna happen when you give people these tools it's gonna happen I love that little hoodie as well yeah so those color swatches they weren't in a game yet like you can see like the oldest gray but as you can see bottom right not final software they will be in the game obviously then but that's just one of the things that's why we have to just glue that this is not final anyway so there you go she's helping hoodie I think I don't know I think I take that oh I think I put her a little a little coat on instead like because in real life she has like a little blue a little blue like felt kind of coat for the winter so I was like oh I wonder if I can get one like that and again again all this watch is not in the game at this point in time well this is a month this is month ago when I played this so they're probably in it now but it's not final software so that's why they're not in there but yeah so scary trying to find a blue one and that she has like a little pink color as well so I got a little blue like the blue blue jump a little pink color oh look at that no and then they have so they have like an everyday where you can see there and then they have like their walk like when you go on a walk they'll swap around so you can actually take that collar off when they're at home and then when you go for a walk you put the color on I don't know what's going on with why I selected that nose I was trying to find her nose that looked a little bit more like hers because Sheila very very pointy little pointy nose and she she's been known to poke you with her nose I'm pretty pretty violently too not violently but pretty pretty rough like she'll just poke you ill arm or leg or something like that if she feels like it trying to do again I wish I could if I could make cousin had a nose and that like just there where my mouse is hovering like above the actual nose like that I guess the snout is much more shaved than this poodle is in the game so I was trying to see if I could get around to doing that but couldn't quite get there but that's alright anyway so I think that's pretty much it for my recreation of my childhood dogs Jack and Lottie so yeah that's a look at create a pet in the sims for cats and dogs coming out in a month or so and like I said I want to do a full-on in-depth video on just the painting mode because I think that's gonna be really cool to see but anyways guys I hope you enjoyed this video thank you so much for watching leave your comments and that down below if you have any questions put them down below as well there's a whole bunch of other videos here on YouTube is well a lot of other people that went to Sims camp have also done so I suggest you check those out but until Mexico – thanks so much for watching I'll see you next time I've said next time a lot of time sir and look at ideas Jesus thanks for watching I'll see you next time and have an awesome day

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  1. 4:55 idk about if its the same on dogs, but on cats a spot of white on the chest is called a locket!

  2. It's cool how you can change the eyes individually and make them have heterochromia (Having two different coloured eyes)~

  3. Am I the only one who doesn't believe that docking is bad? Docking is done in the first few days of a puppy being born. It's performed without anesthesia because the puppy is SO young. Tail docks are rarely done by adults, but if they are, it's done by a veterinarian who uses a general anesthetic. People are mad because they say that docking is a dog losing a part of itself (not literally) and they use it to communicate to other dogs. Yes, they do, but some dogs just simply have weak tails, and it's actually safer to dock them. People are also mad because breeders say that docking the tail simply "looks good". And simply put, (in my opinion) it does. I own a beautiful and amazing boxer. He was, of course, docked as a puppy, and I love him to death, and strangers do too! When we go on walks, my boxer, Cash, likes to greet every stranger with a nice butt wiggle. He can wag his tail, but he has no problem when wiggling his butt. Because of how we've always seen them, Boxers and other breeds just look odd without their tails docked. You may think I'm being cruel, but it's just how we rate the 'cuteness' of the animal.

    Dogs and cats will love you no matter what, as long as you treat them right. If they have a tail, or if they don't, they'll still be happy-go-lucky little skippers. It is, a fact, that some breeds have weak tails, and it is a very good option to dock them as puppies. But if you or someone you know are going to dock an adult dog/cat, please go to a certified vet.
    But look, if you don't agree with someone docking THEIR dogs/cats tails, you could rant to them, but you can't control what they do to the animal. Especially if 100% of the time, it doesn't harm them later in life.

    But hey, that's my opinion.

  4. I honestly thought till half way to the video that you said code when you actually said coat and I was so confused xD

  5. This is Really Good I Love How Your Pets Came Out! <3 And I Think another reason they got rid of the tail for specific breeds is because some dogs are super strong and would injure their tails by hitting it onto something.

  6. Anyone know if there is a Shih Tzu breed? ? I haven’t seen one in all the videos I’ve watched! ? Just curious because that’s my dog’s breed, ? And I’d be pretty sad if they didn’t have her breed. ?

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