Making A Difference: Giving The Gift Of Life

by trade firefighters save lives but one Lexington firefighter has found another way to be a hero and it doesn’t have anything to do with smoke or flames but by giving the life-saving donation of bone marrow Claire Crouch has more about his desire to give in this making a difference nearly ten years ago firefighter Rick Garr made a life-saving decision he just didn’t know it yet I went to a fire school which is like a big conference for firemen and this program called be the natural had a booth there with a swab of his cheek he entered himself into the nationwide database of possible bone marrow donors he all but forgot about that simple task until he got a phone call from a number he didn’t recognize and didn’t answer because no one answers those anymore and they left the voicemail and they said hey I’m so-and-so from being that you’ve been matched to a recipient as a Lexington firefighter Rick is no stranger to saving lives he says he aims to live his life from a giving perspective based on the ability to give and the need to receive so with all that in mind as unexpected as it was he was on board I hope it works for the recipient and I hope it encourages other people to go out and do the same thing his recipient is a perfect stranger per protocol they’re not allowed to know each other yet and he’ll make his donation next week on December 11th which just happens to be his birthday giving the gift of life and getting a little something in return while you might be changing somebody’s life it changes your perspective on life covering this making a difference in Lexington Clare Crouch lex18 news it’s a great example one of the bravest huh

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