Making a cat shirt for William Osman

oh gah it’s just like a mess. Look at his legs! It’s awesome. I guess it’s rainbow time now. Hahaha! This is gonna be a disaster. Alright lets go. Handmade cat shirt from Evan and Katelyn they
made it by hand with their own hands their bear hands they have hands that are made out
of bear meat. it’s really weird. ahhh! We didn’t have any special effects! Ahh! Thanks for the shoutout William this was really
fun. And thanks for wearing our shirt during your
proudest moments. Also to all of our viewers this is our second
short video in a row but we have another big one coming soon so, stay tuned! Bye! Hi I’m William Osman and this honestly is
one of the projects I’m least proud of.

56 thoughts on “Making a cat shirt for William Osman

  1. Ohh those are the front legs! I see now, that makes sense. Great cat_shirt guys. You know you gonna have to make more right.

  2. i literally read those comments in his video as i was bing watching his channel, and was like, YES YESYESYESYESYESYES

  3. You guys seem nice and I like nice people also I love William Osman and he seems to love you so now I'll suscribe to you and love you too

  4. That turned out so great! You should put it into production!
    Tell us when you've done it ?

    (put it on one of the millions of t-shirt websites out there, and please pick one that uses screen printing rather than iron on plastic. This print deserves better) ?/G&H

  5. You guys are always so happy. You should make a bunch of babies to bring more happiness into this crazy world we live in. Lol ???

  6. I don't understand the reference of the cat and the rainbow (haven't seen a video by William Osman before), I just know that that's a super cute cat shirt!

  7. wow! its awesome how fast you guys are growing! can't wait to see whats to come next, great work EvanAndKatelyn

  8. My daughter is a cat lover, I wish I could make something like this for her, but I'm not so creative lol!!!! ?

  9. You guys are everywhere (like, in a good way) and I at least want to write a comment before the channel gets big and many people get to know you and I get jealous. You rock, I love you two being happy. Just dearly wish you continue to do the thing that makes you happy. That's it, I hope I didn't sound like a psychopath.

  10. I found you dudesies from Williams's channel's comments section, and I'm glad I did. "Womens medium right?" ROFL! 😀

    Funny how somehow all of this links together because Matthias Wendel is kind of a hero of mine and you did a video of his pushstick design!

    You're making awesome videos (just watched most of them), keep it up and you're going to do just fine. I'm feeling like a hipster being here while you're still small and replying to all comments (cool BTW). I subbed too.. 🙂

    Nice strategy BTW reaching out to the bigger channels. Hope Neistat vlogs about your gift and send some traffic your way. 🙂 On a somewhat related note, Peter Brown is super awesome, you should do a collab of some kind with him!

    p.s. You guys are my relationship goal.

  11. Awesome channel guys! New subscriber for you!! I'm a William osmon fan aswell it's awesome you guys know each other

  12. husband & wife … intelligence – level pro
    dedication – A+
    maturity – Level kindergarden

  13. What sorta paint and what sorta shirt did you use for this? And did you do anything afterwards to keep the paint on? Keep bein cute.

  14. 0:06 btw are those pencil lines? I just bought some fabric paint and i'm making a shirt to wear on my birthday, and i need a base to outline off. I figured using something more faint before painting would be easier to do first.

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