Make A “Panty” For Kitten Spay Incision Aftercare – No Sew Project

Okay folks this video is a quick
departure from the normal delivery of alterations expertise but it still
relates to fabric creativity. This is Sylvie my six month old female kitten. She was recently spayed. Now I have lots of experience with previous female
kitties who needed to be spayed. Each came home from the vet all subdued and
willing to lie still for days and not lick the incision for best healing
results. Not Sylvie. And while she looks all sweet and slumbery here, she is one
active cat, a bullet really when she’s ready to play with her big sister cat.
Don’t get me wrong – this kitten cuddles for hours on end and
allows herself to be held at length, the perfect cat companion in my book, but when she’s on the move she’s a blur. She came home from the vet bouncing off the walls, even when I put the cone on her, pitiful and heartbreaking as that was to
do, she continued to try to play running, jumping, wanting to wrestle with her
sister cat, plus she really wanted to lick that incision. I decided the cone
would do more harm than good, so I had to think of an alternative fast. That
alternative became this girdle type of thing which is hard for you to see on
her here but it covered up the incision so successfully the entire two weeks it
needed to be on. We still needed to keep her activity to a minimum which was very
challenging, but the little open panty put an end to what was becoming a crisis
and allowed me to just pull it down a little ways, check it, and pull it right
back up again. Too bad you couldn’t see me trying to
wiggle her into it, that video would be viral hilarious, but I did get her into
it, quickly tied it and now her incision was safe. Today’s the day that girdle comes off!
Watch me whip it off her, right? So here’s what the panty girdle is. It’s
just this shape with two leg holes cut out of an old t-shirt. I’ve made a Google
document PDF of this shape to share with y’all in case it becomes of help to
anybody else who needs an alternative to the cone of shame. Find the link in the
description below, leave a comment and subscribe while you’re at it.

9 thoughts on “Make A “Panty” For Kitten Spay Incision Aftercare – No Sew Project

  1. This is wonderful! I'm going to use old t-shirts and donate them to my vet! What a thoughtful kitty mama you are!

  2. Wow great video. You really love your cats. Thanks so much for including the link on how to cut the shirt so I can make one myself. This was so helpful. Your the best. Thanks again, and God bless.

  3. Oh my God! I can’t thank you enough. My cat just got spayed two days ago and she just HATED her cone of shame and I hated myself for putting it on her. Thankfully I saw your video and I made her a custom panty which allowed me to remove that horrible cone. My cat is so happy now she’s actually purring for the first time since her spay surgery. Thank you so much.

  4. I see the tshirt rectangle cut out, but the strings are long and I don't understand as the shirt would allow for long strings?  Also, could you please give the measurement of the rectangle and string length you used.  Thank you.

  5. Hi did your vet recommend you to clean the incision with diluted hydrogen peroxide ? Also , the incision would not need to be able to get air to heal well ?

  6. Thankyou so so much!!! My baby girl is getting spayed tommorow and I'm just worrying so much and this is really helping to reassure me about her recovery ❤❤

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