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Hari yang baru untuk belajar!! Masih ada hari esok, dan lusa Apa yang digunakan pelajar ini? Prinsip SMART Dikembangkan oleh Edwin Locke pada tahun 1981 Spesifik Dapat diukur Dapat dikerjakan Realistis Ada kurun waktu Jadi bagaimana kamu menggunakan teori SMART? Mulai dengan menggunakan agenda Dimulai hari ini sampai 6 hari ke depan Tulis semua jadwal kelas Lalu kegiatan yang sudah direncanakan dengan teman/lainnya Waktu untuk istirahat, 1 atau 2 hari Dan, waktu belajar mandiri Waktu kosong setelah belajar selesai Periksa apakah semua jadwal sudah SMART Ada kurun waktu Kapan mulai dan selesai? Spesifik Apa yang akan dilakukan? Cek SMART Apakah saya bisa belajar di malam hari? Apakah saya punya waktu yang cukup dengan target ini? Dimana saya belajar? Apa yang diperlukan? Apa indikator belajarnya? Membaca, mencatat, atau lainnya Kapan istirahatnya? Bedanya non-SMART dan SMART Gunakan SMART

48 thoughts on “Make a good study plan

  1. I study way more than this, I cant belive I would get nearly as good grades if I swapped to this. Is it backed by some scientific study theory?

  2. Realistic huh?! Try being a wife(living worth husband and brother in law who don't even move their bum even if the house is on fire ), household chores, working in an MNC, Additional responsibilities, studying, preparing for exams…yeah of crs… Good joke!!!

  3. This video is entirely out of touch with the reality of what the university expects of us as students. In the final schedule (at 3:33m) you can count that the entire week comprises of 24.5 hours of total time spent on university studies, whereas in reality, the university expects students to spend 40 hours a week on their studies (see link below)! While I applaud the university in encouraging students to take time off and look after their well-being through fitness and socialising, this approach is entirely inappropriate and is frankly exasperating to a student who struggles to find time to do half of these things. What is most egregious is the notion that the university thinks we can have 2 days off per week – these are delusions at best and ignorant at worst.

    The University's statement on student workload:

    For more information about the >39 hour working week please see:
    Or for the full study:

  4. About 1:40 and so on. Monday, there are two things colliding. A Study group 14:30 – 16:00. And Lecture 15:00 – 17:00. How to solve this? And I would let StudyGroup and Lecture switch places.

  5. Our teacher told us about the SMART thing in class and i came across this video three days later what are the odds

  6. Complete bullshit. It sounds good, but in practice it results always in last moment's accelerating. Depends also strongly on kind of task and how important is it for you.

  7. My brain hates the idea of doing plans ? Is it possible to get good grades without any plans ( i mean non-written plans)

  8. If I had only 1 exam in 3 weeks, it will work indeed. BUT I HAVE 6 EXAMS IN 3 WEEKS IN Electronic Engineering SO THIS AIN'T GONNA WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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