100 thoughts on “Maine Coon Felix showing some skills. 8 tricks, and finally plays a ball game.

  1. I am reporting this to animal welfare – you fed that cat 100 treats 🙂 your circus cat is the cutest of all. I am blessed to have a Maine Coon and Blue Russian pedigree street cats living in my lane. I made them a sleeping box and feed them daily.

  2. Good day! I also have a cat breed Maine Coon, I'm trying the foot to give the ball to throw, but she does not want and does not work. Please tell me how long you taught him these tricks?

  3. >^..^< Lovely n Smart Cat. Thank you for making and sharing this video.

    Does Felix allow you to bush him? Brushing a cat reguarly greatly helps any cat from ingesting hair and since the hair strands are longer on a long hair cat like your MC, brushing him/her regularly is even better for him…..

  4. Felix, you are absolutely mahvelous dahling!!!!!! Gorgeous and well trained!!! Love the video!!!!
    Hugs and scritches to you sweetie kitty!!!! ???

  5. Very pretty Maine and you just proved why they're known as the dogs of the cat world with the training. The last trick was the funniest, he finally said "enough" and just put his paw on the ball and didn't send it back! LOL ❤❤??

  6. Omg I love Felix, you are not just beautiful you are a star ⭐️ very clever boy ???❤️❤️?????

  7. Beautiful kitty, such a clever boy
    I really want a Maine Coon but I live in Australia….are maine coon cats able to adapt to a hot climate??? Such a magnificent breed but I have never seen one living in Australia

  8. Regarding comments about abuse; I am totally against animals doing tricks under pressure and see some cruel gruesome things on the Internet. However, I have a Silver Maine Coon and I know she only does what SHE wants and nothing would make her do anything against her will. Maine Coons and other cats, do love to partake and please their human friends. I respect her totally. When I go to bed she plays football in the hall with a bottle top- I have learnt to sleep through it!!

  9. Lazy ball game with hind foot is hysterical. Gorgeous cat and a beautiful temperament
    All cats are not aloof.

  10. You would be surprised at how easy it is to train ?s.
    My cat Puss would hang with my husband while he fixed cars, jump up on the truck when asked and come when called. Bring dead bird presents of love to the house.
    (Oh Puss. ) He loved his family
    Very much a family centered cat.

  11. I like Felix. Smart boy! Shows cats can do obedience tricks, too, with the right training. My late "toy black panther" Moishe used to speak on command, jump down from the shower door top track onto my leveled back and understood the word "cookie." He also knew "sit" and "up."

  12. What a beautiful boy. I have 2 Maine coon mix brothers. They have a good vocabulary – they come when I call them, they adore being groomed and bellies rubbed. One does his own version of "high five' — I hold out my hand and he jumps up to rub his head against it.

  13. Вот тебе и Куклачев!! Одна кошечка выполняет 6 трюков,!!!!!!!!

  14. Wow, el gato es super inteligente y aprende, pero me imagino q le tomó tiempo,son animales q les gusta hacer su voluntad y no la del ser humano.

  15. It's so interesting watching cats do tricks. They are so different from dogs. They totally know what you want them to do, and they'll even do it but the attitude is all different. It's like "eh, okay" whereas dogs are so excited to do it, so primed to please. I love cats, they are so self possessed.

  16. He protect
    He Attac
    But most of all he does all that for a snack nom nom nom

    Got 2 cats my self only trick they do is meow and show compasion when its feeding time and when they want to go out 3??

  17. You make it look so easy! I put my arms into like the hop form in front of my cat, and she just looked at me like I was crazy

  18. Good cat , Maine Coon is really " THE DOGS IN THE CATS WORLD " AND " GENTLE GIANTS " . SUCH A BEAUTIFUL CAT , I LOVE MAINE COON CAT BREEDS ???❤❤❤??????????????????????????? .

  19. обожаю наблюдать за кошечками, у вас просто чудесный кот

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