Mailbox Kitten

a lot of people would probably say it's a coincidence but in my opinion I think she was brought to us through a higher source I do I was a mail carrier 31 years and I started in 1970 and retired in 2001 and I guess that's what everybody finds ironic is she was found in a mail box and then rescued by a you know through a another person rescued and taken in by a mail carrier the lady that found the cat this was in Michigan went off to check her mail one evening is about 7 o'clock and it was a whole roll of mail boxes okay so it wasn't just like her one single mail box she heard the meowing coming from one of the mailbox she started opening the mailboxes and there's about seven or eight mailboxes maybe something like that and she opened the middle one and there's this little cat somebody put this little cat in there we don't know who did it or why they did it but anyhow she took the cat in the house and I think that's kind of unique and fact but she's the same colorings and everything that you know like what our old cat had you know

4 thoughts on “Mailbox Kitten

  1. I love it when these things work out like they do.  A similar thing happened to me two years ago after losing an old cat.

  2. It looks like she can see, but she keeps her eyes closed. Did someone say what happened to her eyes and I just didn't see it?

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