Mail Carrier Pepper-Sprays Dog In The Face

yes Susie and Jeff this video is really just awful when you see it you wonder why and that's what the owner is asking tonight why did this mail carrier do this and he wants that person held accountable security video shows what first looks like a routine mail delivery but in seconds you'll witness what appears to be a disturbing case of animal cruelty as the mail woman reaches into her bag she dropped something moments later she picks up the object and then sprays the dog in the face I was upset I was really mad Jose Amezcua is the dog's owner he says his 4 year old Siberian Husky Coco was acting strangely on Monday when he came home from work here on East 111th that's when Jose checked his security cameras he was rubbing his face on the grass and you know there was obviously something wrong with him so I was able to rinse him out that night Jose got Coco to the vet he's doing fine a family member reported the incident to the US postal service I just felt like the time that she took to take out that spray drop it and shake it and steal spray on she could here's how it left the mail USPS has been in contact with Jose but he has not been told if there will be any consequences for the mail carrier he just wants to make sure this doesn't happen to someone else's dog it's like part of the family you know some people won't see it that way because maybe they're not dog owners but if you had a dog you know for a while and you know he's part of the family and tonight we also reached out to the USPS this evening after hours we did not hear back reporting live downtown I'm Tom Wade kcal 9 news

39 thoughts on “Mail Carrier Pepper-Sprays Dog In The Face

  1. If she did that to any of my gentle dogs, she would be seeing allah real quick.
    Fire this useless beach and charge her with animal cruelty and any vet costs she has to pay.

  2. She needs to get fired!!! The owners should sue usps, so they can be a lot stricter with their employees.. this has happened many times before, where their employees peppere spray a dog when the dog is behind the fence

  3. She did nothing wrong. If you don't want your dog pepper sprayed either keep it indoors or in the backyard.

  4. Mail carriers are often attacked by dogs. Best be safe and neutralize a threat. Had that dog attacked her she still would be blamed

  5. As a mail carrier myslef, she definitely needs to be fired. I can't wait to hear the outcome on this.

  6. They should spray her in the face with a big old bottle of bear mace. See how much she likes it. Big pig.

  7. So messed up!
    Could you imagine how terrible that must have been for the dog to have to wait, for hours probably, just for his owner to come home?
    What a fucked up thing to do.
    I hope she is fired immediately.

  8. Poor little doggo that she was giving her a treat and dropped it. Tail wagging and everything. Pretty sick act from an "adult" that should know better.

  9. I would happily go to jail for assaulting a postal worker who did that to my dog.
    The dog was not aggressive. It was not barking. It was not growling. It was not charging.
    The dog was restrained from behind a fence! The dogs tail was fucking wagging!

    That postal worker is must be held accountable for cruelty to animals.
    She needs to be investigated for more than animal abuse.
    The kind of person that would be cruel to an animal is pure evil.
    Social workers should interview her kids, her husband.
    Her supervisor should be interviewed to see if animal cruelty is a value promoted by her post office branch.
    If this were my dog, she would not go unpunished.

  10. Throw her ass out in the street, unemployed, dishonored and charged with animal cruelty.
    The dog was not even barking , much less showing any aggression.

  11. The dog wasn’t even barking at her. If she don’t get fired we needed to do something about it. What’s the world coming too

  12. I would be down at the sheriff's department filing Felony Animal Cruelty charges, a Restraining Order, then file a lawsuit against the postal service, and have that Carrier banned permanently from coming to my home.

  13. Why was the dog in the front garden of the house, and the owner in work at the time of Postal delivery.
    All dogs regardless of breed HATE postmen.
    Irish citizen

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