MAH – Traveling with Pets: Tips & Tricks

Previously on The Im-paws-ible Race, we met our contestants who
are racing across the country with their pets. Today, each team will use a different
method of transportation to travel from their hometown
to a remote destination. Liz is clearly a planner. She started the race by packing important items for any trip. Enough pet food for the entire
trip, food and water bowls, Duke’s favorite toys
so he won’t get bored, a blanket or bed for comfort
and some familiar smells, a leash, a first aid
kit, Duke’s medications, and a copy of his health records listing all of his recent vaccinations. She’s really thought of everything, she even found a pet-friendly hotel for later in the race. Meanwhile, Clint and Daisy
are about to make their way through the airport after
masterfully booking tickets, knowing that each
airline’s regulations vary, including restrictions on
breed, size, and species. Several weeks before traveling, Clint had the foresight to connect with his pet’s veterinarian to discuss any regional
health risks Daisy may face at their destination, and to be issued a health certificate, which is required for air travel. Before leaving he also double checked that Daisy is microchipped, and that the registration
information is up to date and includes his mobile number. Liz is finally on the road now. You’ll notice that Duke
looks very relaxed. That’s because Liz took him on
a handful of short, fun trips to help get him acclimated to car rides in the weeks leading up to the race. She’s also keeping the
car well ventilated, has ensured Duke has plenty of water, and has been making stops
every two to three hours for potty breaks and exercise. Liz is also focused on safety. Duke is properly restrained, so he’ll never be on the driver’s lap, or have his head out the window. She’s also committed to never
leaving Duke alone in the car, especially in the summer, because temperatures can
quickly rise to deadly levels, even with the windows cracked. Clint and Daisy’s plane has landed and they’ve made it to the pit stop first, winning this leg of the race! It’s been a great race
between two contestants who know how important
it is to be prepared when traveling with pets. And they couldn’t have done it
without Duke’s veterinarian, who’s team is also happy to help you as you prepare for your next trip.

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