MagiForet Engraving Tattoo Pen, J Trim Body Groomer, & Hatteker Pro Hair Clippers Unboxing Review by

yes yes what a Duke I've got it's your cutting slick and I'm here with the medical video okay today we could be taking a quick look and cracking open three different types of hair / body tremors now each of these products you get on and I will tell you the price of each one as we crack them open now let's get straight into it yes yes now here it is ladies and gentlemen the first product that we gonna be crack it open it's a hair engraving tattoo pin by my g4 now this product right here you get on for $12.99 see looking at 13 bucks now let's crack it open all right yeah super excited about this product that one right here to go pre safety no further ado we put my joking my serious and let's crack it open all right all right joking my you know he didn't do much out all right yeah let's crack it up with you we have on the inside all right let's see how we go okay just slide it over alright on the inside you got Joe dressing guide Oh how to operate this bad boy put it together right on the inside you got the pin itself nice I got the black metal do come in three different colors I believe this black silver and gold I got the black got your tweezers very shiny a knife right and I believe what is this okay what is this just a two right now that's all I'm saying let me unscrew it so we have an inside right on the inside I believe oh no wait these are extra blades yup okay that's what's in here is your extra razor blades nice I believe that's to him you give you a one two three four five so you get five razor blades shoot me sharp be careful right put that back up in here nice and I get this pretty much it all right so the the weight of the engraver tattoo pain is is not bad give good weight size let's see how we're gonna we're gonna figure this out together on how to put everything together and get what I mean but before we do before we do that real quick I do want to show you our video other bad boy or how operates and works like yeah but I mean hang tight [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] hi guys today is something interesting we're looking at the hair tattoo razor pen so this is a first this is a very unique product which is gonna allow you to sculpt very detailed either lines or images or effects into your beard hair or any other parts simply like painting really so you have here what looks like a very nice pen it looks like almost a ballpoint pen but you very quickly see the difference when we take the lid off so coming down the packet you see it comes with one pen and one razor already installed there it also comes with a pair of tweezers a pair of tweezers here which is going to allow you to manipulate the razor as well as to pluck hairs and it comes with 10 replacement blades so it's the last a long time before you need to replace them so how does this work so basically you're going to be able to sculpt detailed lines into hair by shaving the hair using this unique design blade up here so it's a very thin stainless steel blade and you'll be able to sculpt lines very easily all right guys so I'm going to show you how to simply change the razor inside the head sculpting pan so you take the lid off I removed one of these spare blades from the spare blade case here so there are ten inside there so what you do is twist off the end of the pen and you're going to see the blade come out so I lose I'm just gonna use the tweezers here to extract the blade so you can see how the blade is bent around the inside of the pen now as you can see inside the pen this is where the plane is going to sit it's also going to help us and the blade so you can see that there where you're going to simply mount the blade on the top of the pen like this and then push down in order to get that being very careful obviously as it is a razor now if you want you can do it a little bit lower as well get that nice point so once you have that we show you here so now you have that curve in the blades there so we're going to start to put the lid back on the tip of the pen there now as you can see you're going to get two little sides opening up there and I'm going to need to slide one side of the blade down each side of the pen now as you see almost there and now we've got to the pen so you can just adjust that a little bit and now you put your perfect loop so as you can see that's going down either side and you've got ten of these replacements in the pack the lid then simply sits and I'm back now if we I joined a short video clip and a gradient a to paintball my Jeep for now let's take a closer look at this bad boy first off the design very nice definitely dig in the design this bad boy and looks professional and you got your tweezer right here now you see in the video plus your razor blades and here so do ten razor blades right but earlier I counted seven blade plus one in here that's equal to eight it's all sort of – alright open it back up I know earlier I said I have five but you had a very small thing extremely sharp so yeah I got let me see if I can lay it all out that's one two three four five six see this extremely sharp seven eight okay this young we got now total I got three right here four five six seven eight nine okay there is ten and then one that's in here equals ten all right all right then very small and extremely sharp all right so I do got 10 blade right so the one that's in here you open this up that equals 10 all right now like this show in the video if you want to replace it all you have to do take your tweezers put a blade out I don't first let me I'll screw screw first right so I'll screw it that's what it looks like that's what the blade gonna be resting on all right legs up right here go ahead and pull it out go to play and you put a fresh new blade on there use this tube in it take it to Bennett all right once you've been it take your to stick you back up in there not fully hand go ahead screw it back on actually actually I'm messing up don't put the blade in yet screw this on first all right once you screw that on and you take the blade carefully even on inner evenly or your side as you see just go ahead push them and there you have so cool little tattoo they have I mean good engraving tattoo being a half if you all about your fashion and once they rip it the light right over I okay the next part that we're gonna be crack it open is Jay trim body groomer for men now this product right here you get on for 42 95 see looking at 43 bucks and with no further ado let's crack it open alright simple presentation on the product trim in shape as you can see washable too okay water-resistant nice alright ultimate body trick okay okay and let's crack it open and pull up my joke at night serious right all right crack it open yeah alright Joe good night out alright good job joking get a good one on this one all right yeah let's crack it over see what we have on the inside all right inside the box right it's on the box you got your instructor Jay true manual book how to operating news nice alright so that's it aside anything else alright alright inside very shiny oily all right you got the the body groomer itself very shiny right all right and I just think you got the just lay on top and another buddy groom at the bottom nice nice on the back you get your trim button you can choose what you want and your turbo speed right there okay okay oh look show you in the back so this one you could rinse off these water I guess this I can't just mix and you're gonna switch it off put a blank blew off slide back on nice nice nice okay we'll look at that a little bit more in a minute see what else we have you have some oil lay to keep it polishing breathes of it Rena smooth you get a call okay you got that big beer go ahead combing out all right charger brush clean the blade and the charging base you charge up the device nice fight guy in the back right all right okay nice nice you sit up on oh you can see you got the charging prongs on the side and you see the metal right there that's how you're gonna charge it so this goes sit up like bet on it all right not okay you just plug into the wall you charge up you got your LED light indicator right here all right when it's charging it be red and when it gets fully charged you return blue nice all right all right alright now let's take a closer look on how that how sound operates as pool dissolved right all right very shiny oily all right to cut it on let's do this one first cut on the dusters but my dear to cut it off get that you change the speed going hit the turbo so you got low and high only two speeds nice alright alright you vibrating nice and you pissing all right here goes the other side all right so let's hit this one see what happens we just hit this one so this side will cut off once you press that one to activate this side if the Tellez nice nice okay I'm definitely digging it definitely digging it all right let's see well look like when you we have it charging up hang tight all right yeah I got the charging base plug them into the wall is going to the saver put on the dock see what I look like and there it is charging as you can see the LED light right there at the bottom is red that means charging up and then once it get fully charged it will turn blue nice okay real quick I'm gonna show what it looked like when you shave all right so you can see I got here on the hearth all right we're gonna use this blade first all right and we're gonna let this go in just put it on high-speed all right let's see what how smooth doesn't look let's take it and so as you can see it gets it pretty well and my skin is kind of oily okay not bad not bad all right now they'd use the other side turn it up let's see let's see let's go all right what can we do I ain't got my terrible arm but let's do this right I'll write it right oh not bad if I get a day okay not bad that's pretty pretty good that's real good right now I got shave a whole arm so it's not bad good body trim to have you've used for your body or for your hair and even for down below for those who like the shade down below no snacks now that is good to go and yeah just be careful when you do shave down there but they say this man freaks oh wait anyways cool shaver like it J trim yes here's the next product that we gonna be crap get off me it's hat taker this product right here you get on for $37.99 see looking at 48 bucks and with no further ado let's crack it open all right oh yeah these are pre tension of the product right rechargeable waterproof want water-resistant you can clean it very nice alright let's crack it open so we have on the inside once again watch the see all right crank it open yeah joking knife out right all right Yuri today the gentleman very excited about this one all right nothing else in the box so okay at the bottom you get your oil you'll calm you know the basic you got a uh oh dear customer I'll write it right customer service all right little gift cart Shooks your menu book tell you how to operate music put it on the side right and the Hair Clipper itself all right it's how you get your charger brick all right USB right nice to have just plug it in it goes with charging basic cell right get your different clippers right there extra battery okay extra battery nice good a half and the Clipper is sell hats up there be nice as you can see right here got different levels to raise up the blade watch carefully right about Max and you can Lord not all right very shiny all black everything alright you get your right here your Elysee LCD battery display right there your power but when you cut it on you cut on show the percentage of battery all right very smooth for just one speed all right all right nice right the bottom yeah it's where you gonna charge you down at the bottom and that's pretty much it and your different guards and you want to use clip on you get that perfect shade that right see there's little balls on the side we got clip the Clippers on you have it there it is I keep still raising and you still raise your blade all right very nice I'm definitely digging to the LCD display right there nice nice definitely definitely digging this leg or haircut okay real quick before we get into the shaving process on the show y'all what it look like when you charge it up now this right here is just a doctor and just sit just rest your clippers on all right to charge it you gotta take it off the dock driver target for it looking at the bottom set it down solution and this will look like you got the LED light on at the bottom right here you see a little plug game charging indicator and then on the right you got a lot I guess I guess that's when it's fully charged I believe not sure right now is that 80% the right when he gets to 100 I believe I let you know go in on plug plug and you get a rock out with the shape Oh all right nice all right and right here is your extra battery right there daddy – go dad be out somewhere and using the Clippers and we've got the charger got one honey and you company with aunt and your bearings go dad what had no fear just gonna screw the bottom take the battery out I can see placing the other battery all right looks like on the inside listen the other bed just slide it in take the cap screw it all just cut off and now was that 80% nice alright alright now let's get to the second part see how good a shave I'll ride up the Lotus setting right now that is that is on so let's go ahead and use my arm as you can see I got here on there not much but we will see what it does and my skin is kind of oily so bear with me alright here we go let's take it a shake okay that's a real good job look at me my bad not bad my skin oily too not bad it gets down pretty good like I like very smooth I'm definitely digging the battery on this bad boy I definitely dig in the display on are that bad boy it's not a real quick story now when I did purchase this bad boy I printed this back in May May 19th was when I when I picked the bad boy I think I user like 3 or 4 times I shaved my grandfather head and I haven't I haven't yet to it back on the charger 80% I mean the battery life on this bad boy is amazing I mean depending on how heavy use it if your barber and you get windy putting a comment below let me know how the battery really works on this bad boy but half for me I purchase this bad boy back in May and you show you online purchase may 19 as you can see right there all right may 19 is this bad boy and yes happy yet it's going on the charger now he's about you know like three or four times I use it as much but I use it here and there shave on ishe well overall cool cool cool Hair Clipper I'm Duffy ding and like it loving that LCD display the battery since right there good shall I tell you when I spotted me on Facebook Instagram Twitter shout-out to my nice follow me and subscribe to my youtube channel undercutting snake that see you TD y SL ICJ all wrong word any cool collected in my social network just Google Cuddy and against the slid the G ing sta SL IC j and shall i said when i found me on Soundcloud snapchat and their gang to slick or cutting slid to body hair trimmer hair clippers right here is the other than me man to be honest I'm waiting to go through a world beyond these bad boys but I had to or because and it's tattoo hair grab a pen right here drink the other than me you dick yeah happy for I go ladies fellas same with you you punk rock beat don't hate what I got just picture me rollin and watch our rock issue could and I'm not as easy yes yes

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