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Oh No oh my gosh I'm gonna die this is high die in one life hey guys what's a ldshadowlady here and welcome back to one life earlier today I was just hanging out here by the graveyard like a totally normal human girl would do and I heard something from inside there I think Stacey is trying to communicate to me from beyond the grave oh it's getting dark it's almost time to summon her spirit read some candles okay Stacey if your spirit is present please make contact and please hurry it's really not safe out here at night Lizzie it's me Stacey coming to you from beyond the grave first of all thank you for rescuing my parent but second of all most importantly there are three bottles of enchanting at my house inside my shulker box I got them because I was going to make these magic wands I want you to take them I'm leaving them to you in my death it's my final wish personally I recommend the wand of Ages the wand of pacification and the wand of following Oh watch out for the flowers they're so strong anyway okay I'm packed back into my grave goodbye how spooky if that was indeed Stacey's spirit then Stacey has left us a gift to collect let's hide out your hair until day time go and collect it okay it looks a lot less scary out here during the daytime now we just need to make the hazardous trek all the way over to Stacey's house pass the plants of death and retrieve the bottles of enchanting to craft some mystical ones okay here we are moment of truth ah three bowls of enchanting see I'm not crazy you guys I really can communicate with the dead let's go for the giant carnivorous plants take me let's get this cargo back to my house safely okay so let's see about these ones that Stacey was talking about she recommended the wand of Ages so to craft that we will need one of the bottles of enchanting a diamond two emeralds and a stick do I have all of those things I don't even know oh my gosh I don't have any emeralds well I guess it's time to do some mining Oh oh my gosh what is that who put this here I thought it was real what the heck a hat stand oh I see what they did all that one's kind of cute yeah I'm gonna keep this as a decoration that's super cute and all but let's not get distracted we need to find some emeralds which means we need to go to some extreme Hills here we are let's get mining oh hang on is that the jewel of the extreme hills an emerald well I guess we just have to find one more okay finally okay we got two emeralds we have everything we need Oh No it's night time I guess this is gonna be a dangerous bed ride we made it what fileting I was in a boat now we finally have everything we need to craft the ages it's taken me ages to get all of this stuff but I finally have it finally I hold all the power in my hand the wand of Ages is mine if we use this on a baby animal it will make it stay a baby forever so there's not really any point using this on a pig or a sheep since the babies are kind of useless but there's one thing in this world that is better as a baby and that is the bees yes we need a pet wolf but to get a puppy we first of all need a wolf well actually two wolves because when a mummy wolf and a daddy wolf love each other very much let's just find two wolves somewhere in that huge taiga forest is my baby wolf ray to be made let's go find him Oh wolf what are two wolves like you doing hanging around with a bunch of pigs okay let me tame you Wow you're gonna take all my bones now make a baby yes my wolf puppies on the way oh my gosh oh oh look how cute it is let's get him home as soon as possible you guys should probably stay here god this hill okay come on baby wolf let's go you must hurry before you age hey Siri how long does it take for a Minecraft wolf to age up into an adult wolf my web search turned something up how long does it take for Minecraft have a look it's not really what I asked I don't know how quick we have to be but we have to be quick twelve seconds later okay we made it we good now all we have to do is perform the spell with the wand of Ages where you going don't be scared it's just a little magic okay hopefully nothing goes wrong I really don't want this cute tiny puppy to explode all over my nice white walls hey goes nothing Oh wolf is now enchanted to stay a baby forever okay I'm gonna use my name tag and we'll name it baby and we name you baby okay now you can sit on the sofa on the sofa oh how cute now I wonder if we can get the Prince of the moon on the sofa as well yes oh my gosh they're so cute together okay so the one of Ages works pretty well let's put it on the wall here and the next one I want to try out is the one of pacification we need a blaze rod a diamond and prismarine stuff right where am I gonna get that I don't do I need to go to a sea temple maybe somebody's selling some of its spawn I hope because I really don't want to go to a sea temple well fingers crossed that one of these is a sea temple shop joey is selling for prismarine shards for a Golden Apple okay let's snag myself a bargain thank you very much oh oh my gosh Joey's here oh he's given me prismarine crystals I got a free gift for being such a loyal customer use code Lizzie for 10% off at checkout at a joy stocking shop honey I'm home and I got everything I need so let's get this wand power it's the wand of pacification has the power to tame hostile creatures and the Wonder following has the power to make things follow you there's only one animal that it makes logical sense to test this out on polar bear we can have a pet polar bear and we use the wand of Ages we can even make a baby pet polar bear okay show me to the nearest ice Plains whoa dudes I think we found it but where oh where is my polar bear oh there's one right there first of all let's pass a fine mama bear ah hostile living creatures only is that not a hostile living creature how about now oh oh no it didn't work it's not working my magic has failed wait has it yes it has okay new plan we kill mother bear oh I'm so sorry you have to see that please don't hate me okay let's see if we can get this to work stay a baby and follow me oh my gosh it's following me I love it I'm gonna call you Barbie come on let's go I'm taking you far far away from here so we may have angered the gods a little bit with our magic but we need a home alive okay we're safe now I didn't really think this through I just have a loose polar bear in the house this is highly unusual let's get you your nametag tada so we are done with all of the cute magic getting baby animals a baby polar bear I think it's time that we did something a little dangerous try out the one that pacification on a real mob let's go and find something you there stop be my friend needs to be named tanked Oh No okay let's try this again I think a pet creeper would be the funniest okay so first we name tagging don't blow up and then we use the wand ah what he's still exploded so perhaps creepers don't make great pets let's look for a new test subject aha spider perfect stop attacking me Shh he's my pet spider can I feed him whoa they can get over my super secure walls what the heck follow me there's one last test I need to perform on you ah did a bone say hello to my little friend I was worried that that might happen and it did so what that just tells me is the owning mob pets is a bad idea and then we might need to protect Bambi from dinner boo so I'm gonna build him and let a little mushroom to live in right next door to mine voila there we have it Bambi is a very own mini mushroom to live in and I thought it'd be cute if on the inside we went for an Arctic theme so she feels really at home so we need a bunch of snow and ice so I'm gonna go all the way back to where we found Bambi and bring back some of the scenery let's grab some of this ice and snow okay so what's that nice oh no oh oh no oh my gosh I'm gonna die this is how I am one life can't swim am I gonna die I'm just gonna swim home now yeah oh my gosh he is terrifying I hope Bundy enjoys this new enclosure because I literally almost died trying to get all this stuff okay what do you think Bambi he loves it he just can't articulate it in words so that is where I'm going to leave it for this episode of one life I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did please make sure to leave a like and I will see you next time

30 thoughts on “Magic Wands & Pets! | Ep. 6 | Minecraft One Life 2.0

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  2. Hey is it me or did Lizzie say 3 shards ?! But there are four p.s. I don’t know how to say prismarine (Tell me if it’s wrong)

  3. Lizzie when you went looking for emeralds for the wand of ages you should’ve brought your Fox (that would be adorableeeee!)

  4. Lizzie why did you mine when you can see if other players are selling emeralds then make the fox smell it

  5. You should try getting that thing at the end of the episode with your wand if you could do it the others will think twice before a harmful prank and also he is awesome and you deserve him.

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