Magic Puppy at Christmas

Oh No listen what did father Christmas say by the magic said something about should we should we just try pulling the magic on this puppy and see what happens right girls what's the thing will happen right this is the magic let's put sprinkle it on the puppy okay let's box wish I wish I wish for a real puppy in the kitchens the interesting yeah stay here well maybe you've got to make I think you got to make a wish and count all the way to 30 but I haven't you know 30 31 32 33 34 35 footballs with you how about amber

20 thoughts on “Magic Puppy at Christmas

  1. I sprinkled glitter over my sister's Barbie doll. I counted to 35. Opened the box. And nothing happened. Don't trust these people, they're con artists.

  2. What's with all the plastic on the floor is that in case the pup wees. The girls are really happy but I think if you are that house proud then a puppy wasn't the best choice of pet.

  3. Parents need to be sure to teach their small children how to hold and care for a puppy…first b4 getting one.

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