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RESCUE PEST CONTROL” IN THE LAWN AND GARDEN DEPARTMENT OF YOUR FAVORITE STORE.DEREK DEIS HAS MORE ON THE SPOKANE VALLEY COMPANY. THAT SELLS WORLDWIDE. ON “MADE IN THE NORTHWEST. “got a problem with yellowjackets, flies or stinkbugs? well, there’s a trap for that. and resue has been making them locally for the last 30 years. WHEN ROD SCHNEIDMILLER STARTED SELLING HIS PEST CONTROL TRAPS IN 1982, HE WASN’T WELL RECEIVED. they laughed us out of the place. basically, they said, ‘why would you trap an insect if you could spray it?’ BUT NOBODY’S LAUGHING NOW. HIS RESCUE PRODUCTS ARE SOLD ACROSS THE U-S… lowe’s, home depot, wal-mart, ace. …AND IN COUNTRIES ALL AROUND THE WORLD. we’ve created the category. i strongly believe that. AND THAT’S WHY NOBODY LAUGHS WHEN SCHNEIDMILLER TELLS YOU THEY ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT INSECTS ARE THINKING. i know that sounds kind of bizarre, but understanding the behavior, understanding what it responds to – we spend an enormous amount of time, money and effort to do that. WHAT YOU SEE IN THE STORE IS A 20 CENT PLASTIC PRODUCT. BUT WHAT YOU DON’T SEE IS THAT HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS WENT INTO ITS RESEARCH AND DESIGN. AND THAT ALL HAPPENS AT THEIR HEADQUARTERS IN SPOKANE VALLEY. for us to have complete control, from concept to, you know, on the shelf, has been the magic, i think, or part of the magic, that has made us a success. IT’S CALLED VERTICAL INTEGRATION. PRODUCTS PARTS ARE CONCEPTUALIZED ON A COMPUTER, AND PROTOTYPES ARE MADE ON THIS 3-D PRINTER. THEY TEST AND TINKER WITH MODELS RIGHT ON SITE. THEN THERE’S THE GREEN ROOM – A SYNTHESIS LAB FOR RESCUE’S ATTRACTANTS – THE SPECIALTY PHEROMONES USED TO KILL BUGS. what we like to say is that there’s real science behind our product. THE SCIENTIFIC PROCESS IS SO GUARDED, WE WEREN’T ALLOWED INSIDE. THE MACHINES THAT CREATE THE MOLDS FOR THE TRAPS ARE DESIGNED BY KEYTRONIC, WHICH IS RESCUE’S NEIGHBOR IN THE INDUSTRIAL PARK. there’s a number of vendors that we do pretty substantial business with right here in the park. THEIR 92 FULL-TIME WORKERS AND SEASONAL STAFF HELP PUT THOSE PIECES TOGETHER AND PACKAGE THE FINISHED PRODUCTS IN THE PRODUCTION ZONE, WHERE THEY TURN OUT TENS OF THOUSANDS OF TRAPS PER DAY. THEY’RE EVEN BOXED AND SHIPPED OUT THE VERY SAME BUILDING. BUT WHAT SCHNEIDMILLER IS REALLY EXCITED ABOUT IS THIS, A CUSTOM BUILT MACHINE ORIGINALLY MADE FOR THE STARBUCKS VIA. this is a new way to dispense the attractant or the pheromones out that i believe is going to revolutionize or open up new ideas and new products down the road. THE ATTRACTANT IS IN THIS TINY PACKAGE. AND RELEASING IT IS AS SIMPLE AS THIS. and i’ve activated it. it has a membrane in it that will meter out the attractant. THIS PRODUCT, WHICH CAME OUT IN 2013, IS ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF HOW RESCUE HAS CONSISTENTLY STAYED AHEAD OF THE CURVE… we have been successful because our products actually work. …AND HAS USUALLY HAD THE LAST LAUGH IN PEST CONTROL FOR THE PAST 30 YEARS. FOR MADE IN THE NORTHWEST, I’M DEREK DEIS, KXLY FOUR NEWS.

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