Maccabi pets

I'm Angelo clarium and this is the mooncake feel like dr. evil everyone takes he's ugly and he is ugly but he just got such a great personality he's got to get to know him low maintenance don't need a walk-up no hair in the house great companion he's always cold loves to cuddle Mike ended up getting one as well the dogs are cats dogs and you just recently got a cat a cat – well I am a dog person the cat just kind of happened because my wife is kind of surprised me with a cow and he's he's grown on me so now I would say I'm I've always loved dogs always wanted one you know finally just kind of took the plunge I got one my girlfriend was always looking at puppies that needed to be adopted in needed homes and she found a litter of useless Alisha's I love you know my parents have two Vizslas back in the States she'll try and chew anything right now mostly shoes and socks she'll try and steal them when you're not looking but it's a challenge you know walking her through the streets right now she tries to get everything off the floor she's still learning you know what's okay what's not okay and these dogs this breed especially has a lot of energy so they like to get out and really go go a bit I'm just chasing my tail me and my wife we wanted a dog that we could travel with he's small enough he's perfect also for our kids we knew that a you know Zoey when she she got older she would enjoy having uh having a dog they they already have a nice little bond and Louie he also he protects her he sleeps where he can run he jumps he's like a big dog packed in a little dog Louie extremely fast very athletic they're racing dogs you know Luiz become part of our family be close to you snuggle usually follows you everywhere you go but at the same time he can be a big dog so it's really exciting sure wouldn't be so bad if I you

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