38 thoughts on “Luke Bryan – What Makes You Country

  1. I'm a coal country girl. I may not be on the land droving or driving a tractor. But i'm still out in that dust, out in that bush, working hard sun up to sun down with my hands, and most of all playing that good country music! Wouldn't have it any other way!

  2. You do not know a thing about what it means to be country lukey. You are just another no talent wanna be punk country big mouthed jerk. Waylon Wille Merle Ray all of them, you lukey cannot hold a candle to any of them, punk.

  3. someone literally had the audacity to say i’m not country because my nails were done. i was so upset. i took my nails off so i could be “country” it makes me so mad. love ya luke.

  4. I been living in the country my whole life
    I'm from lucedale Mississippi
    An I also liv there
    I love all country music
    I been in the city for a few month
    But u Just can't stay away from
    Your home town for ever
    I'm I just turned 20 in March 2019

    thing nothing an I mean nothing not even a trillion dollars I Won't Give Up country

    Cause its GODS COUNTRY

  5. I remember calvary 2 and a nose pushing a peanut around the parking lot if I got hurt did u make himdeer???????????

  6. I’ve seen so many posts on Pinterest that say only certain people who like or do certain things can be “country” and that there are such thing as “fake country people”… whenever I see one I think about how whoever posted it has clearly never heard this song before

  7. Oh like Bryan you've really fucked us country folk over this time again the only that makes you country is being born and raised in the country or the bush as we Canadians call it …. You're telling all these citiots that because they wear plaid and cowboy boots they are country you are so horribly wrong and you have no Idea how many city kids I've kicked off my property that show up in their cars tell me they are rural kids but yet they live I. The city please Luke Bryan stop selling out

  8. Fucking idiots.talking through your nose with that shitty accent doesn't make you country. Get your ass up at 4am and work on the farm til 8pm so you know what country is. Wearing 1000 dollar boots and playing the worst fucking music ever while drinking your coors light with your drunk ass bitches that think their all models isn't country. Faggots.

  9. Another awesome song. I grew up…Hunting, fishing, dirt country roads, racing cars, and genuine goofy  fun times 🙂  My life is a cool country song and would not change a thing. I'm not alone.  Proud of who I am.  Thank you for telling our story through music. Cheers ya all!!! xo

  10. When Luke came out as gay, I thought people would stop listening to his music!! I'm surprised he's still making it! Go luke!

  11. These comments are absurd, I always thought these were reserved for rap videos but here we are fools writing comments about their chevys and ponies… I'm dead

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