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Hello everyone. Dr Poppy here. Welcome back to my Pet Rescue Centre. Robbo? Shall we see who’s in the waiting room today? It’s my friends Lucy the goldfish, Joe the
stick insect and Gordon the hamster. Shall we find out what’s wrong with Our first animal today is Lucy the goldfish. Although many people think that goldfish have
trouble remembering things, this is actually not true! Goldfish have memories that last three months! I do hope Lucy remembers what she has come
here for today… Hi Lucy. How can I help you today? Stop stop stop Lucy before you hurt yourself! Hmm I think I may know what’s wrong. But I need your help Robbo. Robbo, I think Lucy needs an eye test. Please can you get some words up on screen
for Lucy? One eyesight test coming right up! Lucy, can you read this? Don’t worry Lucy. C-R-A-B spells Crab. Let’s try another… Never mind Lucy, SH-E-LL spells Shell. Let’s try one more… Robbo, I think Lucy has a problem with her
eyesight. Can you please fetch the reading goggles? Try these out Lucy. They are super special goggles that make you
see better. Sometimes humans need to wear glasses to help
them see better too. A perfect fit. Let’s see if that makes a difference. That’s right Lucy. F-I-SH spells fish. Well done! I think you just needed a pair of glasses,
didn’t you? My next patient is Joe. He is a stick insect. Stick Insects are some of the best creatures
on the planet at camouflaging themselves. Camouflage is a way certain animals can blend
in with their surroundings. It’s a way of hiding from animals that might
want to eat them! Joe? Are you there? I’m sorry but I can’t see you. Robbo, can you try and spot Joe, I don’t
think he’s in there! I’m having trouble spotting Joe, Dr Poppy. Oh, there you are Joe. Why are you sad? Oh dear oh dear Joe. You’re sad because you’re sick of being
ignored by people. Listen Joe it’s not that we don’t like you
We just don’t see you Wear these clothes and coat of many colours
Then we can see you Don’t go hiding in the trees no more
Or crawl through the bushes on the forest floor You can wear these any time you want to
And we will see you Yes we can see you Do you feel better now Joe?…And yes we can
see you! Great. Who’s our last patient at the Pet Rescue
Centre today? This is Gordon the Hamster. Hamsters like Gordon are very good at digging! They create big burrows in the soil in which
to live in. Hi Gordon. You look like you’re enjoying your wheel
there… Oh dear. This is not good. It looks like you’re going to be sick. Have some water. Water helps make you feel better by getting
rid of headaches and keeping you refreshed. How often do you spin in your wheel Gordon? Hmm, I think Gordon is travel sick. If you’re going to play on your wheel for
that long, you need something that will stop you feeling sick all the time. Ask your mummy or daddy to give you a spoonful
of this every morning when you wake up and at night when you go to sleep and you can
play all day long. Let’s see how many circles Gordon can do
in his wheel now shall we? 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10. Fantastic Gordon! You really are talented. What a wonderful day we’ve had at the centre
today. Three animals cured. To watch more videos, just tap here or to
subscribe to Toddler Fun Learning – you can tap here. See you next time everybody. Bye!

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