Lucky 88 ? The Slot Cats ???

here there we go okay then he can randomly play it okay the multiplier drives a man himself let's write the scheme business now the Bison wait wait this won't be 100 yes let's get a box out over there Oh My you're so pretty oh look at what you've been – puppets right it was it I'm pushing it we started with $100 Rogerio Graham in in scenarios all my secrets are coming out now it looks like Uriel phone effect oh we had two of them baby money-mad we need three right yeah at night let's do it you right oh there we go twenty-eight now these guys darn it all right he's scratching the screen Hilary one of us gotta catch a boat bonus bonus oh I thought that we would turn it it should – OH – again lanterns honey oh we got drum multipliers these are mr. lucky bring the bonus and roll do it we're almost halfway through our method it's gonna get it all right I'm feeling it hit it oh there we go got Jack you remember I am almost their money back oh no already oh my goodness eight years I read is blowing it up over there he's getting all the multi-record arm on fire ready curio tree materia am I wrong now it makes me beat up eating cereal there we go five hundred or five hundred five dollars seventy please them five hundred would be nice let's do it let's get that bonus yeah oh darn it let's do it all right different result you get a cane gets done he does there we go we got the pagoda oh we got a multiplier yeah will show up multiplier I'm no better than let's face it we like playing them for the dice game 8888 dollars 100 tandem what all right what are we doing mystery this big or dice mystery a tour guide oh my word I feel this is contradictory because I understand the aging culture for is a horrible number we have to take 8 or the diet without it what would we get the party has retouch when a dries I just did the 8 in there and if you we got a hundred on with eight free games borrowing it the night I would've picked all right ready there we go Hey and bonus we got a bonus separating that top number but we need box an eight maybe that that was their second game so we are create and see bonuses so now they're gonna read because we didn't have any AIDS we needed back in the middle it's okay our second game and then there's another game $15 more apt be the black in the center laughing I'm gonna pay us our $15 it isn't allowed in here again alright 70 right now [Applause] I don't get that I'm not sure maybe the middle Oh all right thank you for that lucky random featured do it back-to-back is right it was so funny you heard it before come on three of those lanterns right now listen come on babe I don't know baby we in it to win it Oh 100 are we in it to win it refining another fuck I know most Marines got them line it up like a Cheerios okay what do you want to change it to penny or nickels or what do you want let's do it for a little bit okay let's think what we gotta change you that do something different I'm an apprentice where we would rather win report let me require data for very much yeah Oh okay okay Wow in the top simple that is very cool with the baby Hey me [Applause] okay all right [Applause] de soie cats rule cool cats are awesome let it go nice alright ready let's do it we're in it to win it yet it may be our discourteous with dreams you want it to ten cents to going out in a blaze of glory there Tim ten Sonam let's get about it you got the lion five it looks fine right now record abode news or the Bonin yes we want to multiply it duties multiply it now read them whatever idea don't be jelly jelly all right we got what do we got we got spend more spin let's do it you need a bonus right now all right at least we win our money back a bathroom I maybe get about we're surrounded by right brands opponent good all right we went a little crazy on I'll switch back it's alright we're already in it to win it I'm gonna get a bonus right now come on since back all right two more spin darn it Oh got fortune oh there we go lady nothing yet dude another one all right before they're having fun with our well good job read way to go read

20 thoughts on “Lucky 88 ? The Slot Cats ???

  1. 8 is my birthday number. I have to find that machine in vegas. Looks fun. Keep spinning and winning. Meow meow good luck.

  2. I LOVE this game. I play it when I can here in Oregon. Looks like they've ramped up the graphics. The 4 or 8 spins are the best! Low bet Handpays are very possible with this game. And I never saw Taco Cat!! Must've been out sick :(. Keep on playing though, I love your videos!!

  3. Great video my friend fun and exiting I really enjoyed watching it thanks for sharing,have a great night guys love you ??❤️

  4. I see you all are doing a little more higher betting ?????????? it is rough to do at times.❤️❤️❤️??????????

  5. I think this was the last video I needed to catch up on. Keep Spinning and Winning! Happy Cheers o Tree Day…..

  6. Lucky 88 is so much fun. I can never get myself to pick the dice lol…. Have a great day you two 🙂

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