is that really the real reason why Hasbro discontinued those pets hey guys welcome back to possum TV today we're doing another reaction video and this one's really interesting this is actually a really hot topic it's about old LPs versus new lps so for those of you who don't know there has been a lot of debate about bringing back the G to LPS a lot of people hate the new ones and want the old ones back I personally don't hate the new ones too much like some of them I really like like the sushi cats I really like the hungry pets who I loved all of them and I know that they came out with like thirsty pets so I'm super excited to buy those I haven't had a chance to buy them yet but I really want them and then I also have like the slushy pets and I don't know I kind of like those but you know of course a lot of people really want the old ones because they're just tradition I guess and they're just a lot cuter and a lot better and yeah anyway that's the debate but today I am doing a reaction video to another video so I was browsing through YouTube and I saw a video that caught my eye so this video is actually by another youtuber by the name of sugar diamond and her video was titled so I wrote a letter to Hasbro and when I first saw the video I was like oh what happened and like this is not new like there are other people who posted videos about like calling Hasbro and asking them to bring the old LPs back and so this is not the first time anyone has contacted Hasbro I'm sure a lot of people have like called them or maybe you wrote them letters but this video caught my eye and I was like ooh let me see what this is all about now if you haven't seen the video I encourage you to go to her channel and watch the full video I'll have the link in the description box below but she brought like three pages to Hasbro explaining why they should bring the old LPs back and she makes a lot of really valid points so I really liked it so yeah if you haven't seen it I encourage you to go watch it but oh did I say I was reacting to the video I lied guys I'm actually reacting to the comments because sometimes I feel like the comments are even more funnier or sometimes crazier or just more interesting than like the videos so yeah today I'm reacting to the comments of the video my bad so here is one of the comments and it says no we should do something even greater so this person is talking about sugar diamond writing a letter she's like no we need to do more than just write a letter so she says we should go outside the office put up science and protests with signs and also screaming we want the old LPs though given eventually it might take a few years but it'll be worth it maybe that is what you call a movement that's crazy but where is the hospital office anyway I have no idea and I don't know if it'll actually work because we seriously don't know why they took away the old LPs anyway I think I watched a video where someone called Hasbro and asked about it and they were like they were not really sure they have to talk to the design team and something about how they can't have like like they can't sell the same type of LPS for like decades and they have to keep changing it up I really don't know the reasons why but not sure if protesting will work but protesting for sure will bring some noise but I mean again I don't hate the new LPS some of them are kind of slightly not my favorite but some of them I think are really cute the next comment says nobody blink sugar I'm a read a letter to Hasbro to Hasbro to bring back the old LPS so it's kind of interesting because I feel like a lot of people don't really do anything about it we complain and complain but we don't really do about it but there are some people that I actually call them and write letters to them so I thought this comment was kind of funny because it was like nobody silence nobody does anything except for sugar the next one is kind of long and they said man Hasbro better give in I look at LPS photos on Pinterest and there are a bunch of bring back the old LPS or bring us back and share if you want the old LPS back and people email and call like you said and now mail things who has forewarning them those LPS need to come back yep that's true there has been a lot of movement and a lot of things on the intranet like YouTube videos I haven't seen Pinterest but apparently is on Pinterest I've seen it on Instagram it's just a lot of people have been posting videos about bringing the old LPs back the next one is just a hashtag and it's hashtag bring back the old LPs someone go look it up and see if there's really any photos on Instagram I haven't looked it up but I'm pretty sure there are some photos or something about bringing back the old LPs but yeah hashtag life the next one says man Hasbro is shaking after reading this letter I hope they have the decency to at least respond back and hopefully this letter along with many other requests will convince Hasbro to give customers what they want again nobody really knows why they discontinued the old LPs does anyone have any theories does anyone really know why because I've heard a lot of crazy theories comment down below if you know why someone else also said sometimes I actually think that LPS tube is dying please to all of you can you please keep it alive thanks for trying love yeah so this is another really interesting topic because some people have said that LPS tube is dying and you know what I feel like YouTube in general is just dying a lot of youtubers who used to get like a lot of views don't even get that many views anymore and yeah to be honest myself I watched less YouTube now I don't even know why I think I just I just don't watch it as much as I used to dude if Hasbro doesn't bring the G 2 pets back after this there is no more hope left no don't say that there's always hope hashtag hope for life whoa this one is all caps oh yeah we're gonna protest the new LPS and make sure the old ones come back yes good for you sugar we will boycott we stand by the old LPS I really hope we don't boycott because last I checked I don't even see LPS being sold at stores anymore or in stores anymore and so there's actually nothing to really boycott and if you boycott they might just stop selling it at all sad let's go on a strike from their products no I love how so many people are uploading videos about bringing the old pets back I just uploaded a skit about it a few hours ago as well yeah there's a lot of people talking about it on the internet coming down below and let me know if you have watched another video about bringing back the old LPs or if you have posted something about it as well oh my god I have tried to call Hasbro a couple weeks ago about this but they just don't answer and I was so devastated and I'm so happy that someone is finally standing up and going to write a full-out letter and send it to Hasbro I have been wishing and dreaming for this day to come for years but I haven't actually had the courage to write a letter to them so I'm so and then I cut it off because it was way too long but I think this puffin was basically saying how sugar is standing up for all of us because not everyone has the courage to do so so thank you sugar if you don't know G – LPS are gone because Hasbro got way too many complaints about the heads popping off due to the wobbly unstable heads but other than that we all want the g-tube ACK is that really the real reason why Hasbro discontinued those pets my main problem is you don't see LPS of any generation in shops anymore well at least in the UK I'm worried they might face them out completely or my dog I completely agree I don't even see Opie's being sold at my stores anymore is crazy but for those of you who kept up with my channel you know I did a not really I guess it's it was kind of sponsored but basically Hasbro sent me some toys that were coming out in the fall and so I don't think they're gonna stop selling LPS they're still gonna sell it but I just have no idea why like they don't have it in stores anymore someone find the answer and tell me why we have to do something we have to scold the boss to bring them back and put up signs everywhere we have to I won't I hope you will even if it's the last thing I do now if you stand with me and all the LPS lovers like me and hopefully you me can make a difference all everyone can make a difference and we let's put us up to this new pets I really hope I don't get hate for this but I kind of like some of the new pets like I set the thirsty pets the hungry pets the so cute you know what I mean I like these pets I think these are so cute all right guys well that was the end of all the comments that I chose to react to in that video sometimes I feel like the comments are way more interesting than the video now I'm not saying a sugar's video it's not interesting it definitely is but I just find sometimes the comments are like really funny or like interesting and like you know what I mean anyway if you haven't seen her video go make sure to check it out and let me know in the comments below if you have done anything have you also contacted Hasbro let me know if you did and what you did and what they said but in all honesty I think a lot of people don't like the new LPS but for me personally I kind of like some of them please no hate anyway hope you guys like this video and stay possum love you guys so much bye


  1. This is very sad Hasbro please respond to LPS sugar #BringBackTheOldLPS thank you Hasbro????

  2. Why cant Hasbro make all the gen lps? I mean why don't they make gen 2 gen 3 gen 4 gen 5 gen 6 (I don't know about gen 1) all of the generations would cost less drama about this generation 2

  3. Theiroes:

    1: call hasbro. But FIRST have a reason why G2 Lps should come back: here's a reason: People are starting to stop buying Lps because the G2 ones are GONE.

    2: find the nearest hasbro, go to it, and say: Please HELP. You are killing your Lps Shop. Bring the G2 Version of Lps Backk!

    3 : Mail Them a letter (Like Lps Sugar Diamond. But DONT COPY HER ?

    4: Go to nearest hasbro, Go find the creator of Lps, tell a reason (with a new and a old Lps) why we need G2 Lps back. (Not to mention, this therioe might work)

  4. Maybe instead of letters and calls, we should show Hasbro bring back the old LPS videos! If they saw how many there are on the internet, they'd probably do something about it. We can do it! We can bring them back!

  5. Thay are still lps I like the new LPS now don’t Get me wrong I love the old but how is Hasbro going to make the mold Of the Mop dog and the Persian Cat And flamingo

  6. TBH I really like the new LPS more, but there are SO MANY old LPS that are gems and I really want them to be produced again! So it'd be nice if both old and new pets were produced!

  7. Fun fact I spend 4 hours on YouTube and I'm just now watching lps again lol I haven't watched lps in a while because I've been waiting for the old lps to come back! For like alot of years I mean I have almost never seen lps at my local dollar general I've found some in Walmart but only a few SHOPKINS ARE TAKING OVER not even gonna lie I dont like the shopkins but BRING THE OLD LPS BACK!!!

  8. Yeah me too a lot of them are pretty cute so sure the old LPS probably won’t come back but as long as they don’t get phased out completely should we be happy.

  9. Btw your voice is so squeaky. I LOVE it! It’s just like mine!

    You should do a vid where you read comments on your channel. (Weird ones, nice ones, mean ones)

    Ooh wow yaay I’m early.

  10. The Walmart website said I could only get a few packs of old LPS in the store.
    We went there.
    I'm mad at you, Walmart.

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