LOVE BIRDS mai male and female ki pehchan | sexing in love birds | video in URDU/Hindi

Subscribe ‘Faisal Javed TV’ and press the bell icon so you will receive my latest video, before anyone else Asalamalakum & Good Afternoon. You are watching ‘Faisal Javed TV’ My Name is Faisal Javed Today we came to our friend Mr. Najam’s Farmhouse He have mostly Fisher birds here our today’s topic is to find out sexing difference in Fisher, Lotino, Albino & Love Birds to find difference in Male & Female we will try to find out Ok, lets take out some birds from the cage first of all by visual element the thing which is important to consider that in Fisher, Lotino, Albino & Love birds Male size is smaller then Female as you can see in front of me in this cage so according to me the fisher on my left is a Female and the one on back is a Male according to this visual difference Fisher… Male or Female…. How to find the difference how to do it normally mostly it will find out only if your bird is a adult if it is Male or Female before if your bird is young like 8 to 10 month old it is very difficult to find it out so after the age of 8 to 10 month one thing, which is very common which is if it is a Female if you check it here in between the back legs you will feel a bone joint that bone is normally round and in Female you can feel a gape in between if you check here after the chest bone just underneath it you will feel two bones if the gape is more then it is a Female and it will also be round also you will feel extended gape between chest bone and bone underneath in Female as compare to Male the one I’m showing you now is a Female now again, this is a chest bone and then there is a gape and then here are the bone from which we determine if the sex is Male or Female two bone are here This is a Female and this one is a Male on this the bone joint is narrow and close to each other and also a bit pointy and also the distance is less between chest bone and bone undeneth if you slide your finger from top as soon as this chest bone finish after that you feel 2 bones and they are much closer so this is a common difference between Male & Female as you can see in this picture we make this diagram to explain better visually the difference of Male & Female actually the same difference can apply on Fishers, Love Birds, Lotino, Albino in all we tried to explain you through this diagram some visual elements are as such Female head is bigger then Male head this is how only experts can find out only they can understand through this the best way to find out is obviously through DNA testing if it is Male or Female but 90% of the time experts can find out from this bone difference mathod as you can see in this Female diagram from here if you slide your hand approximately here chest bone will finish and after that underneath you will feel two bones in Female they are round and more gape in between when you touch here in between so you will get the idea that the bone are roundish and gape is more whereas in Male likewise if you slide your finger from chest bone right here the chest bone will finish and after that here you will feel two bones they are more pointy and more close to eachother so this is how we tried to explain you through this diagram how to find the difference in Male and Female in Fisher, Love Bird, Lotino, Albino even in Fisheries these all are Love Bird categories Thanks you very much for watching the video if you like our video, then smash the thumbs up button don’t forget to share this video and if you subscribe our channel you will get to see such nice videos on a regular bases and if you click here you will get to see our last video and if you click here you can SUBSCRIBE our channel do take care of yourself and every body around you Thank you Allah Hafiz….

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  2. Asalam o Aleykum
    Bhai Lutino and Albino is not a bird breed it is a Color of a bird…for example Albino means White with red eyes…you also have Albino people,horses,cats,dogs…!Hope i could help you.

  3. Hi Faisal… regards from India New Delhi… i wud love to know more about birds… wud u kindly give ur email id pls ? ?

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  6. Hello sir plz tell me kya lovebird aur parrot ka same meaning hai kya woh love bird aur parrot same hote haii yeh woh different birds hai plz ans me

  7. sir g mery pas fisher ke 1 jore sara din andar matke ma bht rht hy lekan wo ando pa nhi a rhe
    es ka hal bato video bana ka

  8. Mere pas tota h uska ek pair kam nhi kr rha h uske liye koi davai bataye jisse uska pair thik ho jaye or vo chal fir ske

  9. Fasal bhai I like your videos please ask the price of hamster I want to buy please

  10. jo b ker lo meray love birds nay kabhi b bachay nai diye. boht male and female change ker li but no results, they lay eggs but can't hatched.

  11. i have 2 love birds as i would love them to have babys
    but if it does not happen to know what sex they are rather than grabing them & freaking them out
    or worst still having them stuck with a needle to extract blood for a dna test or even worst still having the SERGICALY CUT OPEN TO PROBE THEM INTERNALY TO SEE THE SEX ORGANS
    how bloody sick are some so called humans to think of doing that
    to any of gods creatures
    what on earth gives you the right to treat a sentiant being in that way
    i am just going to provide my 2 beautiful birds every thing they need
    if they are a male & female the magic will happen
    i do hope this will be the case.


  13. Hi Bhai me 4 Mah phly love lutino ka ik pair laya tha wo dono female hn Kia wo breed krian gi plz rplay zror kariay ga

  14. i reaaaaaly wanna understand what r the differences…im trying hard to understand…if u can translate it to english then i will be so happy…because i have a lovebird exactly like those in colors and i cant know if it is boy or a girl

  15. Thanks for this video, helped to identify my little one as a boy. Two sharp bones close together at the lower area. Thank you to who put in the subtitles. I am very grateful for this.

  16. WHAT R U Doing For The bird r u making it die?????!!!! ???????????????????????????????????????????????I will dislike!!!!!!!!!

  17. Faisal bhai m ny mail ring neck lia hai 4 5 month ka ab m chah raha hun us k sath female dal dun to kiya ye dono talking karna sekhen gy ya ni?

  18. Hello
    Be kind enough to explain it in a language that evry one will understand and then you will have better feedback

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