35 thoughts on “Looking for a good laugh? Watch funny dogs! – Funny dog compilation

  1. Not to be THAT person, but if your dog is rubbing their butt they need their anal glands expressed. Most groomers offer it for a small fee. It reduces their odds of certain cancers. =) ♡

  2. I had no idea ducks played dead. I loved all the videos except the one where the VERY ugly dog with the blonde hair and orange skin said Democrats were evil and Republicans were the bestest ever.

  3. YouTube shove Kevin Hart book and many Mercedes Benz ads while I was watching this. I don't even like Mercedes and Kevin. God!!!!!

  4. 2:43 Ok I’m gonna smile…wai- wha- just take the picture. You click the button on the top. Take the goddamn photo. Cmon hurry up
    2:53 Dammit Martha just take the goddamn fuckin picture!!

  5. Damn that duck ? is smart ? what you gotta do to survive lol ?the puppy with the baby lol ? and the other one with the piano lol ?❤️

  6. Good idea putting the dogs on top of the heat pump unit to dry em off… and that's a funny one where the dog is taking a piss walking on it's front legs… but he must've pissed a gallon lol.

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