Longest Snake On Earth Eats A Deer Whole | Wildest Islands Of Indonesia

47 thoughts on “Longest Snake On Earth Eats A Deer Whole | Wildest Islands Of Indonesia

  1. יהוה אלהים גירשאדם מגן עדן ונשא את הנחש שאהב כל כך יהוה אלהים אל האדם שדי אל הנחש.

  2. There are many species of deer in the world, and some are quite small, like the Dik-dik of Africa, to large, like the Moose of Alaska. In addition, a constrictor snake can un-hinge it's jaw in order to enable it to swallow prey that is larger than it's body is wide. Their body can stretch also, and the snake may not eat again for a month or up to even 6! And there are a lot of young crocs that are fairly small.

    The reason why a King Cobra is so deadly, is because it injects a LOT of venom when it strikes and bites. it's a big snake! Most are around 10-12 feet long but can reach 18'! And a 30' snake could fairly easily swallow a 60 pound deer. Those constrictor snakes don't exert a lot of energy except to catch their prey, so their digestion is slow.
    Huge pythons can even be a threat to small children! Pythons are NOT indigenous to Florida but people get them from pet shops, and when they become too big and costly to feed, or they tire of them, they let them go so that they have become a huge problem in Florida. They prey on people's pets, whatever they can kill to eat. That's why we need to stop trying to bring animals where they do not belong, for people's profit! That's how African killer bees now occupy a large southern portion of the U.S. now. They have killed many humans! LEAVE MOTHER NATURE ALONE TO MANAGE THINGS HERSELF! She will keep things in balance the way they should be kept! Humans who interfere with that, just cause grief for many!

  3. Weird that they need to come out with a fake story line to narrate the scene..cant the producer just tell it like it is??

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