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today we'll be talking about using a long term confinement area all puppies need good supervision and management without proper supervision puppies can quickly become seriously injured and may even die unsupervised puppies can destroy your belongings costing you a small fortune to repair or replace another disadvantage of living your puppy unsupervised is that they can also develop long-term behavioral issues that are difficult to address once they're established such as excessive barking a dog house solving problems and many others when you're unable to supervise your puppy because you're physically or mentally absent it's best to confine them somewhere safe where no harm can come to them or to your belongings this sets your puppy up for success since unsupervised access to any part of your home indoors or outdoors provides too many opportunities for your puppy to make bad choices a long term confinement area has many advantages for your property the most important of which is that your puppy learns to self settle and rest calmly and quietly this is something that does not occur naturally and must be taught in order to develop properly physically our puppy needs to sleep for up to 18 hours a day when done properly a long term confinement area teaches your property to deal with being separated from you and to even enjoy spending time alone this will assist in preventing separation anxiety in this video we will explain how to set up an ideal long term confinement area wherever possible it's best to set up the confinement area in a familiar part of the house here we have an ideal long term confinement area for a small to medium breed dog this is the setup we have in place for our own puppy Trevor an 8 week old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel as you can see we have a playpen attached to a crate essentially the crate disease house and the playpen disease yard be careful to set the arrow up away from direct sunlight or cold drafts and not directly under air conditioners or heaters with our setup we can provide travelers shade or winter Sun the air conditioner beds are directed away from his confinement area when living a puppy alone for an extended period in his long term confinement area the crate should be the only comfortable place to sleep this helps to teach your puppy to enjoy his crate soft comfortable bedding should be placed inside the crate like it's for burrowing in they're also a good idea a snuggle puppy is ideal to live inside the crate also several puppies are a plush toy with a battery-operated realistic heartbeat and a warming pad they simulate another puppy and help to comfort young puppies to transition from their litter to being part of a human family ideally you would provide an area for your doctor toilet on that is similar to the surface that he will be expected to toilet on once toilet trained for example if you would like your puppy to toilet outdoors on grass you should purchase some synthetic grass from your local hardware store you could put this into a kitty litter tray or you can purchase pet loos from your local pet store we purchase these synthetic interlocking grass tiles from a local hardware store they have drainage holes to prevent fluids from pooling so we place puppy pee pads underneath to soak up any excess fluids when cleaning simply hose the grass down and the water will drain through these cost around $80 for 640 by 40 centimeter tiles having six tiles is handy since you may have spares to use while others are drying after being cleaned the toilet in area should be placed at the opposite end to the crate or sleeping area the toileting surface should be removed when you are home and should only be provided when you're not home we want to avoid teaching the puppy that it's okay the toilet indoors and ensure the de toilettes outdoors in every possible opportunity this will accelerate toilet training if you're leaving your dog alive for any length of time you'll need to provide ample clean drinking water it's best to have a non breakable non-spill water bowl otherwise if your puppy manages just billy's water then you'll be left without water for the remainder of your absence if your bowl is ceramic or glass your puppy may trip on it and they smash it while you're out and glass shards may become embedded in your puppy's foot or you may even ingest them it goes without saying that you need to provide your puppy with something to do when leaving him alone you should provide your puppy with 4 to 6 toys in your absence these toys should be rotated daily it's best to supply a variety of toys that serve different purposes to keep your puppy interested some suggestions are toys for chewing to satisfy your puppy's instinct to chew and relieve pressure is comes toys to stimulate your puppy senses such as toys with a variety of colors sounds and smells rubber squeaky toys because puppies love to chew rubbery toys that make a lot of noise puzzle toys for mental stimulation and to teach your puppy to think food delivery toys to get your puppy to work for his food and tire him out these meals could be provided in these toys in your absence things to destroy a puppy's love to rip and tear things so provide them with legal things to satisfy this instinct plush toys because all dogs love plush toys be careful when choosing toys if you have a puppy that likes to pull toys apart and ingest components always supervise your puppy with toys before leaving him alone with them thanks for watching i'm danielle from urban dog training for more information please visit our website at wwlp.com

36 thoughts on “Long Term Confinement Area For Puppies By Urban Dog Training

  1. this is one of the most informative video i have ever watched and I watched a lot of videos. Thank you soooo much

  2. My husband and I are planning on getting a puppy when we move into our new home in April. This will be my first inside dog so I am so grateful to have seen this video! He works 8 hour shifts 5 days a week and I work 12's 3 days a week, but get a 6 day weekend every other week. I was worried about the setup for the puppy when we're at work, but this seems perfect!

  3. What a phenomenal person, and video. Thank you for that wealth of information. I have to watch this a couple of more times.

  4. This is a great video for people who work at least 8 hours a days,

    I have friend who work.all day and leave their dogs iside the house, the poor animals have to hold themselves all those hours and thats not healthy for them… and if they are not able to hold it they will have accidents and when the humans come back from work, they get so ungry because they are tired after working all day and they have to clean pup or pee, and the poor animals are tokd off.

    So I think this is a humane and caring way to keep your 4 legged babies safe and happy, and the house clean at the same time.

  5. But what if they eat the egg carton? Isn't it bad for them? I don't think you should give dogs those things.

  6. I'm going to do this for my puppy & we're setting it up in our living room. Do you recommend moving the x pen with crate to my bedroom at night time? Or moving just the crate?

  7. hey ,if anyone else needs to find out about training puppies try Loctavan Quick Puppy Strategy (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my work buddy got great success with it.

  8. Excellent video, very informative. I have seven dogs so they're never alone even if I'm out, but I still get them used to self-settling and enjoying alone time as pups because you never know when they might have to spend a night at the vets, or when you might be away in an emergency situation. I have a beagle pup right now who loves to be out with the adults but equally enjoys a little time in her pen alone, as this is the only time she gets a carrot or a rabbit's ear to chew. A dog should learn to be happy and comfortable in ALL situations, just as this video explains. Brilliant advice and a perfect set-up. (JC, dog behaviourist)

  9. the best advice I ever got in regards to leaving a dog or puppy is to not make a big deal of leaving or making a big deal when you come back.

  10. Thank you for your excellent advice! I am currently preparing a pen for my yorkie puppy. As soon as you mentioned the Snuggle Puppy, I went and bought one! I didn't even know such a wonderful thing existed. It will definitely help my future yorkie. He'll be separated from the litter at eight to ten weeks and I know it will be hard on him. I hope that helps him 🙂

  11. I agree. No working individual is going to be around 24/7. Your puppy
    and dog is eventually going to have to get use to being alone ever so
    often. I work a 6:30 to 3pm job. I take my puppy out in the morning to
    potty and run around a bit to burn some energy. Then back to the pin to
    nap until I get home. It takes a while but they learn you will be back
    around 3-4pm and they just wait. No neglect, no abuse…it's just life. I
    love my puppy, but for us both to live and thrive, Daddy's got to

  12. Hi – I'm bringing home a beagle puppy this weekend. I already own a 3 year old beagle who hated the crate, so I'm nervous to do this all over again.

    I see you placed the crate in the long term confiement area. What do you do during night time, when you want puppy to sleep in it? Do you just move the crate itself to the bedroom or do you keep it in the same area of the house – which is possibly far from the bedroom?

  13. I'm getting a puppy soon, and I am having problems getting information on something. If I want to teach my 8 week old puppy to pee outside, I would focus on crate training. My plan was to have a restricted area that holds her crate (so she can come in and out of her crate, but still be confined) but I was wondering if I should add pee pads in her confined area for accidents. I want to avoid her going to the bathroom in the house, but accidents will happen and should I use pads in this way? Would it be wrong for me to do this? Would it confuse the puppy?

  14. I like the clear concise information given in this video. Just put up my playpen tonight! Will take your advice along with some of the research I have looked up. Thanks for video.

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