Long Haired Dog Grooming Instructions : Undercoat Dog Grooming Tips

With many long coated dog breeds, you’ve got
double coat, you’ll have an undercoat which is soft and you’ll have an outer coat which
is typically a little harder, it’s a little bit longer. The undercoat is typically the
part of the coat that causes the matts. It’s when the undercoat wants to come out that
it falls into the coat and bunches up into matts. So it’s really the undercoat that we
need to keep brushed, brushed through. What is undercoat? How do I recognize undercoat?
How do I know if my dog has a lot of undercoat? We’re working with briards here. There are
certainly briards with more or less undercoat. This particular one that we’re working with
has a ton of undercoat and you can see it’s the fluffy stuff it’s the fine fluffy stuff.
You can see how thick, if her hair is just sitting like this her hair is pretty thick
down to her skin. So she has a lot of undercoat and it’s this fine cottony stuff under here
and that’s the stuff that causes the matting, that’s the part that ‘s important to brush
through. There’s different tools you can use to get some of that undercoat out. You can
use a V-rake to try to pull some of that undercoat out. We can also use a shedding blade to try
to get out some of that undercoat. You need to do it in a consistent way working it one
piece at a time. You only want to work when the undercoat is brushed through. You notice
that I didn’t rip the shedding blade all the way down to the end, I’m just working in the
top 2 to 3 inches here. I’m getting the undercoat you can see it now, it’s been lifted out and
it’s now in amongst the outer coat. I take my pin brush here and I remove the undercoat.
Again, the undercoat is the challenging part with dogs with lots of undercoat. You’re going
to have to spend more time keeping them brushed out, keeping that undercoat combed through.
Important, they might have a lot of undercoat from puppy hood all the way to adulthood or
it might be something that changes when they’re an adult. But you want to get in the habit
of brushing it through now.

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  1. The advice is great, butHorrible filming
    No lighting and a black dog
    I just saw another video with the same filmmaker name.
    Christian Munoz-Donoso – You need to learn how to film properly

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