LOL Surprise SERIES 4 WAVE 2 PETS are Here! We Found a Full Box | ULTRA RARE Unboxing | Punk H.O.G

hello everybody look what I got today deceitful ways to allow the five pounds – under the box there's Sam Bates independent eat here black tight pants and her bow house hunt boys pets and babies that's amazing there we have Fox's pet you know we have AI suicided let's open it welcome to super totally channel 17 right here so pin it and fold it down oh yeah sheesh I'm finally his diamond go boom I feel lucky I got the colorful to flow child Pat I found a decoder glass it's right here at the chocolates bet I can see how unicorn hasn't won yet the checklist of horses or pets I make that much down clues so use my hands I got a new job who you think it's gonna be to stay peaceful I got to pad boy it's so pretty blossoms I think you something Nick babe I think it's also full picnic faith is so cool it literally stapled I think it's for punk boy so glittery I love it it is better with it so it's the work and name is Hank I'm back baby Pat is bleep my name is you both color changer boys pet wow this is so cool now say ap see her hair changed to dark pink color Kings how amazing – Wow amazing I love this is full weight to pet is so awesome I don't like to fight she's a pony I like flower child do do to keno cute with her Clara she is also actually together with perfect spy open please swipe to my channel and about all my videos

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