LOL Surprise Pets Wave 2 Series 3 Cats + Dogs Blind Bag Toys – Cookie Swirl C

these are the new series pets this one is series three even cuter than before so here we go let's get started let's start with this ball blue so let's see the first layer of surprise let's see what did the code say ribbons show all best-in-show okay here we go what is the pet going to do Oh even has a mystery surprise right in the middle I love the mystery surprise what can it be what can it be so very first ball he's a hot pink ball is right on the front of the ball we have lots of surprises for this puppy looks like Oh yep here we have some accessories this puppy can be too cool with the sunglasses look at that oh yeah that's just like the front of the ball we also have our little scooper and oh look at that a little Dalmatian drink up open up the surprise it's right here it's open the sand up and inside of this little sand we can use this scooper and there is a surprise hiding in here oh there it is there's a little pair of heels I'm here for her to wear so this is oh what a cute name her name is Dalmatian you know like Dalmatians but Dalmatian she's gonna go over here and get cozy her puppy bed oh she's laying down but don't get too cozy well we're gonna be another friend for her so here we have the stickers this one oh it's got a little bunny musical ears music to my ears oh we have another hot pink ball here are the stickers are we gonna have twins what do we have in here and we have another puppy dog it's the rough rocker let's open up some surprises for her and get her all dressed he or she has her sippy cup what is this oh she's got her little food boo chicken and waffles here you go are you hungry okay maybe she'll eat a little bit later let's get her accessories on let's see what is this one oh here's her scooper yeah we'll open up the sand let's go digging for the surprise in here blue sand and the surprise in here let's see where is it do I see anything oh I think I see something right here looks like we have a little tiny caller for her to wear whoo there we go now she's wearing it oh good she's gonna eat her food she must not like the sand in her waffles okay there we go we'll take the sand away there we go is that better oh there we go she's gonna go lay down in the pet bed too huh what about you Dalmatian do you want some chicken and waffles well all right I guess she's not hungry yet are you thirsty okay she's not ready yet whew but we're ready to meet another one and these new little pets here we go play ice I'll play coal whoo oh okay there's a golden ball hmm what is this one going to do here's the stickers who is in sight of this golden vault open this one will you this one has a golden litter box what is this thing gonna look like for this hat is it gonna be golden sand open it up oh it's pink and sparkly is this the scooper oh here we have the scooper what is the accessory Hey oh I see something sparkly or something super sparkly and it's its little pair of heels can we find the others oh here's another shoe and oh and here are the other two shoes look at that for super glittery shoes and this is Oh some glittery earmuffs and a glittery milk carton so what is the palace like who gets to wear all of this glittery surprise fashion fuzzy group oh she's hopping right up on the KT scratch post oh she's sharpening those claws here do you want something to drink take a drink from your milk carton she doesn't like it alright so which little pet is next whoa I still haven't found one of the cute little hamsters yet that would be so fun to find one oh this one has two codes flav cool and cats real dogs drool all right here we have the lair with the stickers holy surprises ok let's start opening them here we have over here we have our scooper and and an an ant wait there's another scooper how do I get to scoopers Cheers Oh a pair of glittery cat eyed glasses this one oh there's something tiny teeny-tiny tiara and Oh a mommy tail what is the surprise all this to apply bags there's so many blind bags this one is we can put the little kitty cat bird tail on her look at that now she's a little more kitty or a splash meow made and what else do we have we have oh it's the fancy hot dog she can be extra fancy with these glasses on can you believe it there's even more surprises in the sand what else can we find Oh what sparkly we'll use the puppy scooper and scoop what is in here huh kind of scoop the sand right out let's see can we feel what the surprise is oh wait a minute it's right here it's a little brush it's a new hard brush yeah we can brush the puppy oh she's gonna hang out underneath the little cat house it's a puppy gonna go to the puppy bed oh she's got that big bed all to herself here we go here we go whoo heartbreak chicken leg break a leg unzip well we have a baby pink color ball there's this stickers open it up wait which one is it let's open up the sand surprise look at the sand surprises so fun whoo we got hot pink sand Oh perfect here's the little scooper what are we gonna find what is it Oh looks like there's a pair of shoes in here come on no there we go come on all right so one of these lucky pets is gonna be wearing these adorable little pink sneakers which one is it and inside it's going to be it's the super kitty oh and she's running around in her sneakers already we still have two more surprises and is this one this is oh we've got a little scarf for her to wear put that on here she's super fashionable and her little drink cup go do you want something to drink yummy all this Dalmatian want something to drink – all right let's give her something to drink so how does that taste she doesn't like it oh no now she's upset here we go this will cheer all the pets up finding out which pets color change oh of course the me I made wants to jump in first all right does she color change it all dip her in let's see oh I think I see something look at look at look at look at her face Oh on her face and some makeup and then it goes away alright Dalmatians going oh she did color change look at that she's hurting pink as she rolls in the water look at her eyes lift up her glasses and she also gets some makeup on – never Duncan oh that is just so cute look at her pink body and back to being a regular Dalmatian there goes the puppy any color change naeun no okay no color change jump into the warm water Oh nope nothing she's just doggy paddling alright time for the hot dog now into the warm water alright have her hop on in any color change I'm not seeing anything and into the warm no color change yeah and of course we don't need to check the little flock to kitty cat her whole body is just covered in fuzzy so she's not gonna color change I hope you cookie fans enjoy checking out this video with the new lol surprise pets these are so cute horse it always seems like they just get cuter and cuter and cuter why are you jumping to a whole bunch of happiness and then doggy paddle on over to my next video and I will see you there bye 50 fans oh wait a minute cookie fans this chocolaty chippy cookie was hiding in this video but where was it hiding was it hiding by the blue pet bed but yellow pet bed or by the kitty tree house it means by cookie fans and kitty

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