LOL Surprise Pets HappyMeal At McDonald's | Kids Toys LOL Surprise Series 3

you wanna go to McDonald's and get a happy meal yeah okay let me ask mom mom can they take Sophie to get a happy meal [Applause] he's told me what's inside to have in there huh I don't know let's open it hey Sophia where'd you guys go you guys came back already what'd you get mixed on Oh happy meal right I can't believe it yeah ll happy meal right now what that is amazing Pressey the box whoa check out this box it's totally all lol surprise on here and look it's krysta bunny and the little sandbox woo series 3 look empty hammy and fancy Wow this box is amazing it looks so cool oh here's miss puppy so what else did you guys get in the Happy Meal ah ah poor yawn that's very healthy what's up oh that's unhealthy napkins good that's good a lot of time we always they always forget our napkins I don't know why can I have a body camera piece I'm gonna take a bite I'm not very good wouldn't open your eyes open your eyes ooh this is the first time mcdonald house LLL surprise in their happy meal Wow Oh first layer what's your clue oh you got a dress and a you take a closer clear enough look a dress and an arrow pointing up dress it up and what else is in there Sophie while we wait for Sookie you want some fries Justin yeah did you get a happy meal oh no happy meal for you you're too old when I got fries yeah I hear one Wow yellow ball here's our sticker the tinkle cry change color stickers I'll put it right here so who are you hoping to get Sophie weren't you're looking for nyan kitty yeah let's see if she's in here so you helped her open your bag – I'll make little turns just make little what did you get Sophie what is the odds of that we just wanted me on kitchen look how did that happen Sophie we Carney on kitty wow she's so cute look at her neon colors our hair is like bright orange and pink oh look at her little line she's like a little tiger tiger cat huh wishy any other surprises for her wool a scooper I love this color for super you got a bottle oh wow the bottle is too cute it's like pink and yellow and blue on beyond colors love it oh that's a perfect accessories for our neon kitty and who is in our sandbox okay let's check it out need your scooper Sophie to scoop it out Oh pink hot pink let's put on the table so you can see you know was that something black while Sophie is digging her surprise out of the sand let's take a look at the checklist here's one side of the checklist with all our pets and here is a quick scan of all the pets in this series ooh I see shoes that's like digging me Stan of these shoes here we go here is neon kitty with all her shoes on mommy just dug up dug out all the sand and put her shoes on I love her shoes his so pretty and so bright her little legs okay Sophie time to feed her feed her lots of juice okay okay more juice please hey I think she's all good let's squeeze oh she pea she's a little tinker yummy sophie is a delicious was that the best happy meal ever yeah which one you are excited about the ll surprise in there yeah that's the best part I think that's exciting to thank your friends for watching don't forget to Like share and subscribe so lol did not really make these mcdonough we just did it for this video because Sophie loved all the videos of other youtubers making lol surprise happy meal so she wanted mommy to make her one too until next time we'll see you later

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