LOL Surprise FUZZY PETS WAVE 2 Unboxing | Suite Princess' Twinkle with Fuzzy Outfit Wave 2 Fuzzy Pet

hi everybody good one I have here right lol supply Happy Meal box let me show you a box Willis okay once you see what's inside this open I got the way to buggy pet and I got hop hop yesterday so I'm baby daddy to see you like that I really left the way to fuzzy pet space open bottom surprise it let's open is metal mount lights you just see this team secret message is New Coke there's pink light pink I was hoping for over she can drop your flocks I guess I slide back in the pack I might have sweet princess Pat everyone and then display so the one I wanted here's the full chocolates because she Open Sesame let's see what's inside the Sun let's open it where is green side okay let's do it look at how ho mistake I am when Ricky and I found a dirty that's that cool now let's watch her everyone ready [Applause] thank you for watching my video subscribe to my channel next time you for watching my video please slap to my channel and on the bail on the video

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