LOL Surprise Dolls ! Elsa and Anna toddlers – Big Fizz balls – Bath – Confetti Pop

funny funny look we both got an a-plus on our math test let me see can I see what we got any Plus see girls if you practice and you listen to me now you got an a good job we got a name mama come here I heard something over here but I'm not sure what it is what's going on so proud of you good job mommy I got it oh they'll see ya we call boredom cell itself is it broken no it's not broken don't worry to my computer okay and since we're so happy that you did very well on your test guys we have a huge surprise huge surprise and we really mean it it really is really dry Anna yep you wanna see it girl yes yes we'll show you but please get off the chair okay wait and Ryan please let's go outside girls we got this for ya I heard that there's confetti in this ball really see girls what we get for you if you're nice and you do good in school thank you so much mommy so do you want to open it now or do you want to wait until the other surprise we bring it wait you have another surprise yes it's even bigger what do you mean this is already a big ball you mean bigger like this guys it's even bigger than that really well is it this bigger like this chair huge and guess what what it's actually I think it's taller than then no way mommy no way that can't be possible you don't believe us no we don't believe you that's too big yeah well we're gonna bring it hey girls did you see else up there Oh open it um I think we should open the small one and then leave the big surprise for laughs this is like a mountain I I want to sit over here we're climbing on the mountain of lol surprise let's get on whoa yummy too comfy Humphrey yeah can you help me Mommy there you go thank you Mountain okay now slide down could you go first your turn wait let me try looks like I wasn't careful this time wait to see what's inside here we have a red and black water bottle so we can feed the baby the next one let's spin it inside this bag we got suit to shoes and they match the water bottle they have tiny bows on them we got an outfit then we got some glasses hey L see a look we can actually wear the glasses we can't open it we need help from my mommy I think we should dress her ah there we go she has her black pants on and it's a fancy shirt I think she's going somewhere fancy put it on her arms there we go one sleeve in and what she won there we go she's all ready to go to the ball with her fancy fancy outfit but the fun is not all burnt we still left the big surprise hey let's peel it off over here okay I think we have to open it the other way right yeah let's pick it up now you need to come help this is hard show guys I'm coming right here help us okay you pull from there okay let's pick them out here's one ball wow this has so many I can hear something inside them there's a guy kegs he looks like we're collect it kinda looks like pearls you can't catch me Anya coming after you ya see what's inside here huh oh it's some nice pink shoes let's take them out you can open the next ball Anya take the cap off did you get this bright top it's so cool it has pink and blue I'm sure these babies will love to wear them Hey look in and matches the boot see my god it's a talk let's see what color this one is it's a silvery and purple top is cool let's put in the pile there's those they're so glittery it's this blurry purple belt this is so cool let's put them here my turn Hey look one two three for me and one two three for you oh is that a necklace look at this pink gem necklace it's so pretty huh oh it's a glitter skirt look how pretty this is Anya let's put it over here we're getting so much glitter in this what's inside my last one okay I don't then look at these mr. pink shorts and they have gems on them these are really pretty like once are mine one look at all these accessories let's see what we got oh it's some golden pants I think the dolls will love to wear these it even matches the balls let's put it back there and what did we get there roller skates they're so cute let me get the other one they're so adorable in there I see blue okay you're also we'll help you take this layer off what is bath bombs I don't know they sits in the water really yeah and they have surprise charms inside okay um I think we should do this at the end right cuz we need to fill up this whole big ball you want to fill this pull up and go inside it yeah sorry girls we're not gonna do much just kidding oh it's kind of heavy that's because bath bombs are inside there's one girls here's another one it's so heavy there we go no more let's go in we can hear an echo inside bathtub was so glittery I can kind of see through that me I'll see ya now this side and jump and jump out one for me and one for me crack open the ball let's see what we have inside it's a shoe is there gonna be another one Anya are so funny it's right under here oh I can't see it this Parcells yeah it's so sparkly and it's so jelly I like that jelly pink let's open diaper and I think these shoes are too big for it whoa they're so big for it yeah I think these ones are for the bigger dose they're stuck on the baby it's okay she wants to wear them my turn my turn and he just want to go right to the baby I'm so excited look at her two buns she has a pink diaper and purple sparkly these are just babies we got to CC the purse to get to get out so pretty let's put the baby inside come on little baby look at her she's so cute time to open the bag once I'll go first surprise surprise and I think there's one surprise in here to close the top surprises a pink sparkly water bottle of course whoa look at these shoes and the dress that she came with so so pretty best surprise ever Tanya you can open your ball down the sparkly bottle some cool sparkly orange shoes here's the other one a cool superhero cape I think she's a superhero whoa look at them they have glitter all over them everything that they're wearing yeah I know and their little sisters are cute too look at them they're drinking your bottles that's funny whoa look how many babies we got which one is your favorite else yeah hmm probably would be this one because she's a superhero she has a blue cape and I love blue too well my favorite is this one cuz I like purple and she's so glittery I know he did you forget what it's time you opened the fizzy balls and we will go get the water you were gone yeah it looks like a golf ball it feels so sandy here comes the water girls I wanna get my eyes I know I okay water get some more just a little bit in there yeah right back girls and I can't believe that we're actually gonna go inside it else yeah I know whoa how about one more bottle whoa first doll can go in she's up first Oh hop into the water she's blowing bubbles hey let's see what her surprises about the other baby let's see what the other baby does in the water [Laughter] smaller do you see that so green now looks like you're taking a bath in juice yeah look it looks like we're bathing and sly yes I can see so green can you put all the fizzy balls look like a volcano it looks like a hot blue let's check on another one oh this one is pink Hey look I think I can see you surprised oh yeah swirl the big fizzy water up I think I could see his charm yep we just wait Liu a little bit more let's plop it in the water why don't you try why don't you try to find the first one maybe it's done fizzing okay Google search for another one at someone I think it's a pizza charm you see yeah and I think the other half is gonna be here here you go mom keep all the charms it has a bunch of cracks in it for years Laurel yeah I know let's crunch it up whoa I try to break one sure okay crumbly oh yeah it's a camera charm there's four more what's this Hey look this kinda looks like a mushroom or let me some pink broccoli Hey look I see a surprise let's visit out yeah oh here's the other half of the pizza cool we have another charm come on fizzies come on another surprise we got a spray bottle or it might be some juice I don't know check what's in this one okay did I find what's this let me see huh it's a perfume bottle oh I like that one hey it's my turn Anya cuz you almost got all of them whoa any more charms I think I got something huh wait but there has to be more let me search just check all of them how dare you why didn't you come or earlier with me to find some there's no she didn't know that they're all gonna be finished yes right Anya well I'm sorry Elsa and next time when we do fizz balls I promise that you will get all the charms okay okay thanks look Anya I put all these charms on my shell purse this one is a perfume this one is a cool camera and this one is a cool hairspray it's a dog but I think I'm missing too yep they're right here there are two pizza slices and look if you put them together it makes a hard pizza yeah see how about I keep one slice and I'll keep the other great idea hey LC I look these lol surprise glasses can fit us yeah I know they're so funny mommy mommy look at us we have that little surprise glasses on yes you look so funny and cute at the same time I like the glasses here you go here your glasses back let's put them here when you need them you can just take them off and here you go thank you once again mommy you're welcome this was the best surprise yet glad you like the surprise yeah I'm so glad I did good on my test you need to visit our channel and subscribe for more videos

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