hey guys welcome to always Alyssa today I have a ton of surprises gentleman the best ones gonna be this huge one right here I think I'm gonna open a couple big ones first then I'll get to the really big one cool as ice they're gonna kill all and mommy jump anyone – that's right I got to go alone I got a hot pink ball so cute I'm just finishing dressing this one here's everyone we got so far we've got all different ones so far do you think we can get another one that's different I think we can oh she spits up a lot we should put milk in her mouth it would be more realistic I don't see what you this sure oh she spit up to see what didn't you do yoshi-p oh let's see what that little girl does oh nice she cries a lot why she cries she's so pretty huh yeah oh hey that's cool how much dough I'm gonna get Oh hopefully so this is who I want to get right here either her or her I opened one and I got a different one so I decided to open another one and she's a hula girl another different one she has her hair done Q it's a bun and a braid it's time to let some little fish balls fit while I opened the biggest lol surprise ever never-before-seen okay let's get started I know oh it's really cool inside surprises this looks so cool let's look at the second layer through there bigger ones pink there is your big ones and too many let's start with this one okay swath of them it is first oh it's a little outfit okay look another outfit holiday food that was sparkly look there's still sparkle in the package policy you could dress up your elbows to PI cells here's everything in the first layer look at those tiny rollerskates look I put a tattoo on her head here's those three charms that came from the fifties I just opened and now let's see what's in the fifties come this giant surprise ball this one looks green I'll put it right here oh that's cool and here's the blue one that one's gonna be pretty here's the last two and once to tone it's so cool to talk and the penguin is skimming the callosum it'll probably end up being the color purple it was purple promise Melia is so pretty oh let's plot these other charms what's interesting it looks like a half heart oh that's Q it is purple oh this little kinda looks like a camera that's cool well these ones are finding let's open something from the next layer oh yeah that's right two big ones and two medium-sized ones not open this one first doesn't looks good acute packaging very different calculator the proof of water has turned out look I got a gold ball and look at this one it's two-toned look this one's two-toned also I just noticed I bet it's going to be an extra special is on inside ooh really really pretty shoes look at the kick there's time see which girl this is she has two colours of eyes oh my gosh that's all she's looked cool imagine I have to coach guys that would get interesting the little sister I got came with shoes and a purse with her big sister they're so sparkly look how adorable they are those are my two favorites let's see what the other new charms are that I got oh that's cute oh it's like a gold can of spray paint I think it's cute those is the other half to my necklace or the charm seems the best friend's heart almost looks like pizza I like pizza thanks for watching me open the biggest surprise ball ever bye guys see you next week give me a thumbs up

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