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good morning Barbie good morning mrs. bonbon how may I help you we brought our three pets for a full grooming please can I stay and help Barbie mommy that's up to Barbie sweetheart it's fine with me actually help is very much appreciated okay we'll see you later what are we gonna do first Barbie first I'm going to give them a bath with nice warm water but how do you do it without getting water in their eyes I'm always careful and I never rush my work can I do this oh sure but not too much just a few drops is enough whoops I think I put too much I'm sorry Barbie oh don't worry the first time I did it I put too much – and now I'm going to brush their fur to get rid of all the tangles Wow Barbie when I grow up I want to be a pet groomer just like you baby shark dududududududu but be sure to do did it did you do baby shark stories and sways and dolls our friends are here oh hi boys and girls stories and dolls here SW tad for short today I'm here with Chelsea getting our new pet grooming place together so we can brush their fur give them bats because today we're going to be opening the LOL pets that we have left we're going to try and complete the collection weed five more and we have one two three four five six seven eight balls that means we have a good chance of finding the five that we need Chelsea's gonna help us open the balls that's right and I can't wait to have them looking their best excellent then let's get started lots of soap and water it's show ponies we already have the one who changes colors and who cries but that's okay because Chelsea here is going to brush her and get her all dolled up for her next performance and I'm going to put her head accessory on whew she's looking good miss show baby your pet is ready wow she looks spectacular and since she did such a great job she gets a treat of course she did here it is thank you next pet plenty of soap and water it's teachers owl but again we already had her Chelsea what are we gonna do for her well she has some feathers that are out of place and they might be bothering her so we're going to clip them a little with these scissors we're going to put her glasses on and done and to make her look more intellectual I'm going to look for a nice accessory in the sand miss owl you're going to look so scholarly miss teacher's pet your owl is ready thank you SW tad and since she behaved so well she gets a tree oh I think she liked it next ball so it's another owl client what are we gonna do for her Chelsea we're gonna spray her with this special lotion to make her feathers shiny and I'm gonna put this hat on her to give her a fancy look and let's see if I can find something in the sand for her ooh a pair of shoes that match her hat and she looks miss angel you can pick up your pet now and she gets a treat as well see you later friends we haven't gotten any new pets we've been getting all duplicates let's see how we do it this one it's funky kinky we already have her oh she's very wet we better dry her we take very good care of the pets in this groomer shop and we don't want her to get cold and how about we dry her a little more with the blow-dryer [Applause] and now she's warm and cozy let's get her a few accessories a pair of funky bracelets a treat for being good miss funky cutie you may come and pick up your pets thank you of course friends I'm so happy with this Pet Grooming station he has all the things that we need which is perfect for grooming all our lol pets plenty of soap plenty of water it's miss allo again she must be very happy with the service we gave her here but since we have more customers let's just put our hat on and move on to another ball so it's snow buddy we have her too but let's groom her what are we doing for snow bunny Chelsea I'm gonna comb her fur with this special comb to get rid of all the tangles and now that her hair has been untangled I'm going to put this nice headband on her oh I think she wants a treat of course you were so good here's your treat thank you story twice it does of course friends we've only gotten duplicates so far I really have two balls left try to guess which pets are in here and if you get it right tell me in the comments next Bowl would be so water miss owl you again boys and girls miss owl is definitely very satisfied with our grooming service so let's give her the royal treatment here I'm gonna put this very expensive lotion on her claws to make them very smooth miss owl I'm very happy you like our grooming place see you later boys and girls our very last ball will it be a new one so water it's cozy kitty and we have her but that's okay because she comes with this bottle with bola bass and a lot of you have been asking me in the comments to use it so it's time to indulge you guys and according to the instructions you guys have been giving me in the comments I'm supposed to pour the shampoo in here and now make bubbles with the kitty oh wow friends this is actually really fun what a nice foam bath I love it we definitely need to dry her now let's get her accessory a scarf cozy babe cozy kitty is ready oh she smells so good so we couldn't find any new ones but we had so much fun grooming them and now for a silly joke knock knock who's there came into my life I want you to know Oh

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