LOL: Excited kitten takes bouncing leap during Good Day Atlanta

welcome back I'm joined now by Sarah from the Humane Society of cobb county and this cat has actually been entertaining us in the studio because its hold on they give my widow was mr. Miyagi they're taking away mr. Miyagi I just love you Kissimmee house a lot not because no because I think I think we overexcited and we had this little tail thing that we had a man getting excited over during the commercial break and he just literally was not coming but we didn't know it's gonna happen on television I kind of got it mr. Miyagi he's just a domestic brown tabby just a couple of months old so he's not quite ready for adoption yet but we wanted to give you a spotlight which you totally just saw the spotlight first your you know what that type of that type of personality we've been watching how playful he is and how very attentive and smart he is that's the type of thing that people fall in love with through the television is it is and when you adopt a kitten you just got to get ready for that high energy because this is a typical behavior and cat soup can live up to the age of 25 so it's like a lifelong commitment all right all right mr. B audio demo that was your 15 seconds of 15 minutes of fame for more information on how you can adopt this very rambunctious and very cute cat and other pets from the Humane Society of cobb county called 77042 a tell OS d or seven seven zero four two eight five six seven eight there is a website a humane cobb calm and you can also log on to my Fox atlanta calm and click on the good day tab my producer Naomi said cleansing breath listen it over to Fox live Storm Team meteorologist Joe in film and she's jumped outside on the weather deck

28 thoughts on “LOL: Excited kitten takes bouncing leap during Good Day Atlanta

  1. That is a Grey Tabby not a Brown, and that was not his personality that was the cats  instincts because the cat thinks that toy is a snake.

  2. Did they call him "Mr. Meowgi"? As in a reference to the Karate Kid master because he is jumping around like a karate master? Because if they did that on purpose that is hilarious! The karate kid's master is Miyagi… so Meowgi… ha ha ha… ehhhh

  3. JAJAJAJAJAJA no puedo dejar de verlo. Hay que exorcisarlo IN THE NAME OF GOD I COMMAND YOU!!! jajajajaja

  4. In other news, the Humane Society of Cobb County's phone lines exploded from the massive amount of requests to adopt Mr. Meowgi

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