Local businesses feel impact of new pet store law

California pet stores will now face penalties if they sell dogs cats or rabbits that are not rescues it’s one of 29 teens new laws KSP wise kelsey mcfarland joins us live in grover beach to explain which local businesses will see the biggest impacts kelsey richard slow county officials say a majority of pet shops were already in compliance with that law but a handful of those like animal kingdom pet shop with three locations on the Central Coast will likely have to make major changes to come into compliance with that law San Luis Obispo County Animal Services is doing one of their annual inspections inside Animal Kingdom pet shop and Grover Beach well-known for selling in demand puppies for thousands of dollars if pet shops aren’t in compliance with the new California state law they could face a $500 fine a law ultimately meant to crack down on so-called kitten factories and puppy mills the inherent challenge with pet stores is that they were often sourcing from these puppy mills that were just not providing humane treatment and nor were the animals particularly healthier or well bred the impact animal welfare is going to be felt somewhat here but also in a bigger sense in other areas of the country where we’re really working to kind of maybe move animals out of these puppy mills and large scale production facilities the owners of Animal Kingdom were not available for comment today but when I stopped by nearly every cage was empty all but two puppies were gone the pet industry joined Advisory Council opposes the new law calling it well intentioned but misguided taking away Californians choice of pet who also jeopardizes hundreds of jobs statewide local animal advocates hope the law will push families to opt for adoption California shelters are still experiencing overcrowding and there is definitely euthanasia of animals that are adoptable throughout our state now this law does not impact private breeders so those who are looking for that specific breed will still likely be able to have those needs needs met live in local and Grover Beach kelsey mcfarland KSBY news all right kelsey thank you San Luis Obispo County Animal Services says pet stores have had a year to come into compliance with the new law

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