Lobstah – The Cat With A Claw-Like Paw

JOHN BIGELOW: One of the volunteers noticed us, you know, looking through the window and
came up and said, “I see you’ve noticed Lobstah’s paw.” COMM: This is Lobstah – the cat born with the rare birth defect – a paw shaped like
a lobster claw. COMM: Owners Leda and John adopted Lobstah after noticing him in the window of their
local rescue center. JOHN BIGELOW: He had the cone of shame on, because he had just had surgery and he was
trying to press his nose up against the window and… LEDA BIGELOW: He was making muffins. Doing the muffin maker. COMM: Lobstah had been abandoned and had a host of different medical conditions. LEDA BIGELOW: Lobstah’s other ailments include his crooked tail. It’s not really an ailment,
I don’t think, but he was born without a sternum. JOHN BIGELOW: And because of the sternum his intestines were putting pressure on his lungs,
and he was having trouble breathing and he stopped eating and going to the bathroom.
LEDA BIGELOW: Yeah, I mean, he was in bad shape.
JOHN BIGELOW: They honestly thought that there is a likely chance that he would not even
have survived the surgery. But, you know, here he is.
LEDA BIGELOW: And he is super-duper strong. JOHN BIGELOW: It’s kind of shocking, given
what he’s been through, how agile and strong and, you know, the distance he is able to leap. COMM: With more than 15,000 followers on Instagram, Lobstah’s claw-shaped paw has garnered him
a continuously growing fan base, who are eager to see the lovable cat and his rather unusual
eating habits. LEDA BIGELOW: Yeah, he loves to eat, loves it. JOHN BIGELOW: He is particularly oddly fond of greens, arugula or spinach.
LEDA BIGELOW: Yeah, he loves spinach, he loves green beans. COMM: Despite his tough start to life, feisty Lobstah has found a loving home with Leda
and John, and they’ve never looked back on their decision to adopt the fun-loving feline. LEDA BIGELOW: And he is very like affectionate and amorous cat. He likes to kiss us on the
nose. JOHN BIGELOW: Yeah, he loves to head bonks.
LEDA BIGELOW: Yeah, he is a head bonker. JOHN BIGELOW: He loves attacking your ankles
when you’re walking by, your finger. LEDA BIGELOW: Just kind of like playful, very playful. LEDA BIGELOW: Lobstah, because he is like a mobstah.

66 thoughts on “Lobstah – The Cat With A Claw-Like Paw

  1. So precious and thanks to all involved in making sure this wonderful creature has a wonderful loving home!!! Thanks to Lobstahs humans for being Heroes in his eyes! I was worried when I first saw this that maybe his claw shaped paw would get caught or hung up on stuff. But it looks like its all good! 🙂 So happy for you all!!

  2. He is very cute! Can't quite blame him! He likes to eat sounds like someone after my own heart! 🙂 Glad someone gave him a chance! He is perfect!

  3. the cat has a "thumb" oh no…… the things that happen if a cat had thumbs!
    they will invade the world i tell ya. eh eh? i-i'll walk myself out…

  4. he's cute, and it's wonderful that he's been adopted and is so loved. Hopefully he'll live a long happy life w them. His conditions are most likely caused by very close inbreeding, th kinked tail is a known sign of it. He can still be a good pet though

  5. I had a cat, Paws. He had like 28 toes, & a zillion claws, most of which couldn't do anything. LOL 4 of his toes were on 2 stalks that stuck out 2 inches & he could flex them. Sometimes, I found him popping them & looking at each one. It made me laugh. It reminded me of a picture, "I has hands, I can get my own cheeseburgers now." You'd think he'd be the boss, you'd be wrong, a 6 lb tortie female I called Orbs because of her huge eyes ruled the roost, even over a 60 lb dog. I've seen her beat up rottweilers & German Shepherds & pit bulls. One time Auggie Doggie displeased her highness & she latched onto Auggie's throat & poor Auggie was trying to get the off her to no avail. Auggie got the message, she never did that again. lOL

  6. Why not have the deformity removed? It looks like a floater, so it should be easy. There's a risk he could get that thing stuck somewhere and end up really hurting himself or ripping it off. All I can see is a major accident waiting to happen.

  7. I am so proud of people who take any animals in that need love after surgery some people only want the so called cute ones but this cat has potential I don't see anything wrong with any animal tbh I would like a cat with no legs what so ever but too each there own

  8. You guys rock!! Thank you for taking a chance with Lobstah. A lot of folks want a 'perfect' companion animal, but it is so rewarding to accept into your home a special needs friend. We have a tripod youngster and having only three legs does nothing to slow Earline down. She still picks on her sister. We have a registered colony of cats here in the forest. Sometimes (as in Earline's case) they must become inside kitties. We have several special needs cats. All of our cats are loved and cared for whether they are outside (we've reached out limit of 'insiders' unless something drastic happens). We participate in the Trap/Neuter/Return program. Being in the forest, cats are either abandoned or just are born. Word seems to get around in the catdom that we look after anyone who arrives. When they show up, they are neutered/spayed/microchipped/vaccinated and given a dose of flea/tick meds. Those who allow me to do so are regularly given flea/tick meds. Any medical issues are addressed. We do our best to control the population (there are others in our area that do the same). Sometimes, as has happened to three of my charges, they go off to other locations to be fed and looked after. At least the new owners don't have to worry about more kittens. As long as the cats are happy where they are and well treated, it is okay (although I miss them). It is expensive to feed and care for so many cats, but we don't go out to eat, go on vacations, drive expensive cars or wear new clothes (aren't needed in the woods). The money we don't spend on those kinds of things goes towards the upkeep of the cats. We are fortunate to have an organization, Sheltering Hands, that works with owners of colonies such as myself. The vets and staff are truly angels for helping us keep cats/kittens from being euthanized due to over crowded shelters. Living in the forest, we don't have to worry as much about them being okay. But I still worry if my 'nose count' during feeding time is short.

  9. He's soooooooooo beautiful, glad you kept him and shared this video with us. Nooooo deformity just a divine uniqueness. ;o)

  10. My mom's cat daisy had a litter of kittens & all but one had 7 toes on their paws….they do look like lobster claws…tucker actually had 8 toes on his front paws & 7 on the back. He cam climb like no bodys biz too lol.

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