Liverpool students react to Trump's US presidential election win

the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States has left people stunned across the world the Liverpool guild of students played host to one of many election parties across the city with hundreds in attendance watching the results unfold and giant TV screens the mood was lively as poll results flip between the candidates Hillary Clinton and Trump for spirits dropped as soon as the outcome became clear he has got the most experience like I've been doing some form of public service for most of her life you know she's got the right idea and you know she would just be great Alan for the korat establishment has been in politics for many many years he's been applying policies and actually been affecting the whole world and just lost his way or involved from that side a guy claiming to be the real change that's what people want he thought Donald probably was gonna win the election previous to it because I think there's a huge number of shy Donald voters around I've come to us and know the fact that he's in control of the nuclear weapons and so you know don't trust them

12 thoughts on “Liverpool students react to Trump's US presidential election win

  1. all you Liverpool idiots are an embarrassment to the world with your lefty liberal views, move to Saudi Arabia or something, twats

  2. My advice to the Brits is, President Trump is a friend to the U.K. Do not abuse that friendship or you will find yourselfs with no trade agreement and isolated…

  3. Great job Trump. Make America go back 100 years. Can you do 2 things for the people of the world?
    1. Can you stop denying climate change and actually invest money into R&D so that maybe scientists and experts around the world can heal the earth? Thanks
    2) forget element of surprise. Before you decide to nuke someone can you please announce to the world so that we can prepare and spend our last precious time with our families? Thanks

    Just a bonus, could you please show the American people your tax return? So maybe the people can gain your trust and makes you the good guy (if you have nothing to hide)

  4. The owners of the media outlets were friends of the Clinton's and so the media was biased to skew the view of who Trump is and how popular Hillary was here in the US. but ground truth was easy to discern when a Clinton rally has 600 people at it and a Trump rally held 20,000. So people especially outside the US or who only got their information from the media were of course blindsided by the hidden Trumpers who came out and tilted the election, very strongly I might add, for Trump. I was always far more concerned by the things Hillary did than things Trump said.

  5. Let's all vote Hillary for President in Canada. To all the budding Journalists in Liverpool, if you want to start your education on why Hillary is crooked, look up when she was in her
    20's and hired to be part of the Watergate investigation team during the Nixon presidency. She stole, deleted and sold evidence for money. That was at 20 years old and still doing it in her 60s. It was very telling of her character back then. And, look up why she and her husband lost their licenses to practice law. Please educate yourself about her criminal background. The unethical dirt on her is thick. Go beyond her surface persona. You should be asking why is mainstream media worldwide protecting her from the general public about her illegal ways. The role of journalists is to be hard on politicians for wrongdoing, not passive!

  6. Curl up in your fetal position..find your safe place… the racist nukes will be dropping soon enough. (sarcasm)

  7. that guy at 0:50 was right.

    so many underground trump voters probably too embarrassed to tell ppl they are going to vote for trump or they did not want to get attacked verbally or physically by fanatical clinton supporters but when voting time came they got their due justice.

    Dems deserve this loss simply for being so prejudice and unapologetic towards people who decide to vote differently than them. Which is ironic because democrats are basically fighting AGAINST democracy when they attack someone over their vote.

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