Live PD: Hide and Seek and Dog Bite (Season 4) | A&E

100 thoughts on “Live PD: Hide and Seek and Dog Bite (Season 4) | A&E

  1. So, was that the camera man saying let me see your hands at 1:23? Makes sense they'd put a trained officer behind the camera, especially in Tulsa.

  2. When I was in the army we had a K-9 unit that asked if I wanted to help them train and get in the dog suit. I gained new respect for the power those creatures have. If you’re ever in a situation where K9 is coming after you, just give up

  3. 0:57 Kind of reminded me of when we were kids playing hide and go seek. It's sad how we all grow up and get messed up, falling on one side of the law or the other. 🙁

  4. I love watching the K 9's at work. They always get the bad guy. And the bad guy always wishes he hadn't run. Kudo's to all the dogs in the Military and in Law Enforcement and Fire Dept. They do their job and never complain no matter what.

  5. If you’re going to run on foot from the police you better go at least 3 to 4 miles away or they’re going to catch you.

  6. I've seen some"bork bork nom nom's" in the comments. If you like this check out the channel that started that term (as far as I know) Donut Operater.

  7. I swear ppl are stupid! The second they announce that there's a K9 in on the search and to show yourself you better give up and pop out. That dog had the task of finding you and trust…he's not failing! Now he wants to sit there and like a bish. Shouldn't have ran. ??

  8. Did anyone else hear the cop at 1:05 say “vacate your house, go inside!” ? so do you want me to leave my house or stay??

  9. 0:52 "… You may get bitten."
    FINALLY! A cop who knows how to speak proper English.. all the others say, "You may get dog-bit," or, "You're gonna get bit." Like, just use the proper version of the word (bite), pleaseee..

  10. Lowkey is cruel and unusual punishment. Not trying to stand up for these low life’s but thats super tuff to get basically mauled like that. I’m sure they teach the dogs not to go for the necks but that still pretty bad to have happen.

  11. Go get him puppy dog!!!!! Good boy, doing your job perfectly. These idiots really don’t think that they will get dog bit….surprise!! These K-9’s do as they are trained & follow commands to a “T”. ??????

  12. Just once I wanna see someone really tore up on bath salts start biting the dog. I am looking at you Florida livepd….

  13. Lmao this dude had his face in the dirt while he was cuffed, and all he could probably hear was the officers saying "Who's a good boy?" to the dog that was biting him haha

  14. Another police dog that doesn't release when told. Kinda seems like the dogs share the aggressive personalities their owners have.
    I know personally loads of attack dogs that will release the moment they're told to.
    These cop dogs are just as bad as the cops. Aggressive, arrogant and defiant.

  15. unpopular opinion but using the dogs to actually bite and maul them for more than the time it takes them to surrender themselves it becomes unnecessary punishment and abusing their power as Police Officers

  16. why do these cops never say it right if you dont come out you might be dog bitten lol wtf is that u might be bitten by a dog DA

  17. I want to see more clips of bad guys being chased and bit by the k9s. I for some reason enjoy watching people get bit and scream

  18. The neighbors are stupid. You know when drama is going down outside, you’re supposed to look through the blinds like ?. Not be straight outside ?.

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