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welcome back guys thank you for joining
me live from the grooming table one day earlier than our biggest debut
livestream ever I can’t wait for it it’s gonna be great um I’m just I’m just
buffering the livestream today I’m just letting you guys -well hello there sun!
you’re sick? are you feeling better? that’s terrible yeah this is the season
for that isn’t it? me and I was sick a couple weeks ago. I’m so sorry, you hang
in there, lots of water don’t forget to drink water , lots of rest or you won’t
get better. okay do that I’m worried! don’t make me come all the way to
Nigeria and check on you. Hey this is… wow it sounds like you have the flu
buddy, I’m sorry! You’ll get better you keep taking care of yourself
but I hope you’ve caught up on some of the things that we’ve been doing it’s
been really cool um tomorrow is our first you know starting our real routine
for live from the grooming table we’re going to be religiously meeting not
about religion about dogs but we are going to religiously meet together every
Monday night at 5:30 and that way we know we know when we’re gonna get
together so I was just gonna prep you guys for what we might have I wanted to
remind you because the last couple weeks we’ve been thrown off with the holidays
so I’ve been live streaming on Sunday instead of Monday but now on you can
count on it it’s Monday at 5:30 Eastern Standard Time tomorrow’s gonna be really
really exciting I have a couple things I’m gonna be sharing with you guys one
is kind of a follow-up to my last video that I released on Friday about double
coated breeds and we’re just going to touch on that a little bit that that’s a
very important subject for me how to maintain that coat, what to do and what
not to do cuz a lot of people don’t know better and they ruin the coat and you
can’t never get it back to good and I’m gonna show you that tomorrow I promise
I’m gonna show you that tomorrow I also have something else to share with you
guys tomorrow that’s a one of my most disturbing grooming endeavors that I’ve
ever had since 2003 I’m gonna I chose to share that with you guys I’ve been
waiting for the right time to throw it out there but I’m gonna share it with
you tomorrow so you’re not gonna want to miss it but most importantly there’s
something coming for you guys tomorrow that I’m so excited about I wish I could
just do so much I can only do so much but I do have a subscriber giveaway
tomorrow I’m so excited it’s gonna be a little bit of trivia so brush up on your
go groomer videos I should give you a hint all right you’re gonna need to know
gonna need to know a little bit about products that I talk about in my videos
so you don’t have to go out and study every product in the whole grooming
world you’ll make yourself crazy especially if you’re sick “sun” don’t do
that you need to rest your mind but the first person to enter the answer to that
trivia question I have some products to send you because I want to I want to
share with you guys I want to I want to increase make things easier for you…
decrease the burden of brood of grooming for you guys at home and I wish I could
give every single one of you something every time there’s so many products
especially that I love to use and then I just wish I could put them in your hands
and say try it it’ll make your life easier your dog’s gonna be you know
feeling like a million bucks because of these products and whatever but um so
anyway I’m excited I’m excited for tomorrow we also always have QA questions and
answers you know so get your questions ready guys
I’m just priming you today with this live feed cuz I want to make sure that
if you can be there that you’re there especially since I do have a product
giveaway for one of my lucky subscribers and I’m excited about it I probably
won’t even sleep tonight I’ll be doing the life stream like this okay guys you
know I have toothpicks holding my eyes open
“there’s Jun the groomer” oh I bet you were working today
I bet you were, well anyway I know you fed your cat yesterday we’re really
happy about Jun is so funny does anybody else check out his channel he is
he’s inspirational he’s still working oh man Wow sorry about the surprise live
feed I was just this is just a buffer Jun this is just a buffer to get
everybody ready for tomorrow it’s at 5:30 I don’t know if you’ll be able to
join us as you may be working then – I hope so it’s gonna be fun I’m gonna
share some pretty :”hi Cindy” is that Cindy High? that’s Cindy H-I-G-H, I think it is maybe not anyway I was so glad you guys are
here with me this is great but yep Jun and Cindy I was just catching up my poor
little sick friend “Sun” and he better be getting a lot of rest oh no I’m sorry
Cindy but anyway I’m glad you’re here thank you for joining us okay I get you I watch it I listen to
YouTube all day when I’m working Jun I have my ear my ear buds in and I’m
always trying to listen and learn all day long it’s just you can’t get enough
you know what I mean…” Aunt Cindy”, it’s my aunt Cindy oh you finally got a youtube
account that is awesome now this is my aunt Cindy from Indiana guys everybody
say hi aunt Cindy she is the best (she’s probably mad at me)…”how bout Aunt Cindy!” hello Norma welcome friend Thank You
Jun I knew that you… Jun is the sweetest person in the world he is a
fabulous groomer and Cindy you should check out his channel too
Norma says hi aunt Cindy see aren’t you glad you came to see us in this live
chat aunt Cindy so um we’re just we’re going to be live streaming every Monday
at 5:30 so that we know when we can try to meet you know I know you all can’t
always be here so I was just trying to prep you guys for what’s coming
tomorrow is the first real live stream not real I shouldn’t say real that’s not
nice they’re all real they’re live but the first one that we can count on and
we know when it’s gonna be and I don’t have to forewarn you I kind of did this
video today just to say hi to everybody and let you know that I am really
excited tomorrow I have some really good things lined up and and a product
giveaway which I’m excited for that too I’m always talking about certain
products and I thought it was time that I did something my channel has grown
because of you guys I have 300 and where am I at know about 328 subscribers 329
Norma thank you friend Norma just subscribed and that’s my girl
anyway see I can’t do this without you guys I can’t get my message out there if
it’s not getting to anybody and I really really want to thank you guys for that
your support means everything to me and I want to give you as much as I can out
of out of go groomer this is for you guys and it’s for me to share cuz I just
have to do it I feel very compelled to do it I’ve been in the industry for
years grooming is starting to take a toll on me on my body um I don’t want to
give it up but I slowly have started backing off as larger breeds stuff like
that sometimes my back it just it’s bad it can be really bad for me um I hate to
say it it’s the truth you know I’m how one of my forties
I’m 46 so I’m getting up there you know I heard you only need two or three a guy
named Jesus says no he does no stuff right jun? lol, oh that’s true as long as
somebody’s listening that’s all that matters
but we just we’re learning and growing together and sharing and that’s that’s
very important I got on his sign this weekend- it’s for you guys I was at Hobby
Lobby with my daughter she’s spending all her Christmas money and I’m looking
through Hobby Lobby they have the coolest stuff there I don’t know if
anybody’s ever been to one but um I see this sign and I don’t know if you can
see it from here in fact it’s it’s flip-flopped because of the camera but
it says “better together” and I loved it my husband hung it for me this morning
thank you Alex because I want I wanted to I want that
to always be in the background when I’m talking to you guys and working with you
and like you know that we are better together we can do more together than we
can do alone that’s for sure right guys that’s that’s what we’re gonna do we’re
gonna share so tomorrow we’re going to review a couple things on screen I just
released a video on Friday that was about double coated breeds and the
importance of caring for that coat and I just wanted to do a quick little
follow-up in my livestream on Monday about just a few things on what happens
if we clip that coat that double coat and sometimes as a professional we
didn’t cut that coat you’ll get a client that comes to you the dog you know has
been trimmed for a couple years the double coats been being shaved because
that you know it sheds yes a double coat sheds you have to maintain that coat not
shave it so at that point there’s not much more you can do with it but to
continue to shave it because it is ruined and we’ll talk about that I have
pictures I can show you proof really makes me mad when I see
all that undercoat because it’s been shaved I’m also gonna share with you
guys tomorrow of one of my my most disturbing disturbing moments in
grooming I have pictures of that so that is
definitely viewer discretion advised and then of course tomorrow we are going to
finish our livestream with a product giveaway for one of my subscribers with
a little trivia we’re gonna make it fun so I can’t wait I just can’t…probably won’t even sleep tonight normos says getting a new golden doodle
that’s fabulous getting in at about eight weeks so excited about it I’ve
watched every video of your videos and they’re really informative Thank You
Norma there’s much more coming on Goldendoodles cuz you know I have one so
I can always do anything I want with a golden doodle he’s always here he’s
laying down right there right now I guess he’s off duty it is Sunday but
he came down here to be with us anyway he loves being down here in the shop and
talking to you guys so Norma let’s stay in touch on this golden doodle okay I
can give you all kinds of tips ya know… know the purpose of my channel is not
just to just so that you guys can groom your dogs at home not everybody wants to
do that and trust me and Jun can back me up on this it’s not for everybody
grooming you have to be very assertive you have to be you have to portray
yourself to the animal in a very projecting way of what you’re expecting
from them it’s it’s it’s very I guess you have to be kind of dominant
domineering in a way not in a mean way but in a way like you know what you’re
expecting you’re not taking less you’re not gonna accept less than what you’re
expecting you know out of your animal but there’s a lot… (I want to learn so
much, as much as you can)… okay we will. we’ll get there we will do it,
starting them early as perfect, I don’t know if your golden doodle is going to
be a standard size like my Gus is so if so your golden doodles going to end up
being rather large not too large but of them can be so you’re gonna want it
to get it used to some table time standard yep okay good the standard size
– – and one of the biggest mistakes people make with dogs of that size and
also with dogs of that that are going to require a super duper amount of home
maintenance as well as professional groom and whether or not you’re doing
the professional grooming or not they’re gonna require it one of the biggest
mistakes that people make is they don’t start them early enough they wait until
they’re about eight months old and they’re pretty much full-grown already
at that point in a way I mean they still got some filling out to do the coats
still slightly changing but they’re getting big if you’re waiting until til
then to ask them to accept grooming into their lives they’re gonna be really
really confused and they’re gonna they’re going to be rebellious like a
teenager because they are a teenager at that point
does anybody have teenagers I do they can be rebellious but anyway what I
want to suggest to you honey is that you start working with that dog
at like eight weeks old I mean my gosh I think I had Gus all but three hours I’m
like okay yeah let’s go get in the tub you know I mean it’s just it’s gonna be
such a big part of their lives if you’re if you don’t have the setup to do the
grooming yourself and you know there are a lot of options I talk about pet wash
stations find one that you really like and that you you know you feel
comfortable with and you like their setup you like their equipment and plan
to utilize that make a schedule for your dog… Tuesday i groomed my beautiful
golden doodle puppy once a month or twice a month and make that schedule so
that you’ll stick to it and and you know you you can have a doodle in beautiful
coat they really do have a beautiful coat
and if you don’t have time to maintain that coat then you just have to realize
there’s a shorter trim out there for you and your dog that is going to be easier
to maintain and easier on your pet because if you don’t have the time to
brush and do the in-between bathing maintenance you’re really not
gonna want to have an abundance of coat on that dog but yeah let’s just see what
kind of coat this beautiful little puppy gives us and we’ll start dealing with it
you can send me pictures Norma I don’t know if you’ve looked at some of my
videos some you know we got you my email address is always in the description of
of my videos guys so you can send me pictures of your dogs if you want me
to give you some advice on trimming you know what what I think would look good
or if you want to tell me what you’re thinking and ask me how would that look
you know possibly I can take your pictures into Photoshop and put a trim
on the dog and show you in a live stream just like we did with the Labradoodle
last week that was fun that was with miles so we have lots of options
together to come up with some cool look for your dogs or if you’re looking to
change a look for your dog’s you know you may be like I’m getting tired of this it
doesn’t really make him look as beautiful as I know he could be and I’m
thinking about changing this or changing the tail the ears the face you know we
can always discuss that kind of stuff live with our friends here because we
all rally at the grooming table that’s what live from the grooming table
is we rally together we feed off of each other we come up with great ideas we
tweak it if somebody adds this somebody adds that and we just came up with a
master plan… I saw that video it was really good… okay good so you know I’m
talking about Norma and you you know when when you get your puppy and you get
you get it to hold still long enough to take some pictures actually
Goldendoodles usually are the best little puppies Gus was always perfect I
gotta say the only thing that he ever did that drove us crazy was in the
evening when it was finally we were wore out from the day and we finally sit down
on a couch maybe pop the tv on … then he decides he has to play
ball and he would bark and bark and throw the ball in our laps and we just
sit there throwing ball for hours this went on for a couple of months and then
he he still loves to play ball but he finally became a little less relentless
about that so there’s just they’re great puppies they are does anybody have any
questions while we’re here right now any questions about live from the grooming
table what we’re going to be doing when we’re meeting any questions at all any
questions about products any questions about grooming any questions about any
of our pets anything this is our this is our time this is when we rally when we
we get it all out there you know this is you can count on this this is our time
let’s see I know my aunt Cindy has a little little dachshund mix and she also
has a terrier and I think you were talking I think mom was telling me you
were talking about doing some bathing and stuff at home aunt Cindy so you’re
gonna have to fill me in let me know how that went for you and if there’s any
tips that I can give you is anybody excited for tomorrow or am I the only
one I’m really excited it’s gonna be good I’ve pretty much be brushing the
dog hair off of me when it’s time for the live stream that I’ll be here don’t
you worry…(question) you may have already answered this but ..what honey let’s have it lay
out there… that’s my buddy Jun the groomer I wonder what your grooming
right now why don’t you tell us when do i when do I start training?
(Norma says)… Jun says what made you decide to become a groomer… oh thank you honey, okay first I answer Norma …Norma training right away you you’re probably
gonna get your puppy around eight weeks old
maybe maybe nine ten weeks old something like that and I if you don’t have a
grooming table and you plan to do a good bit of this on your own
um then you’re gonna need a grooming table my pet products guide 2018 that
video has a lot of products but it talks about portable grooming tables also so
you might want to check that out and consider purchasing one if you’re gonna
do a lot of the grooming you’re gonna be saving yourself a lot of the money but
you are absolutely going to need a grooming table you don’t need an
electric turning table or even a you know hydraulic one like like we all have
portable grooming tables are perfect they’re fine but make sure you get one
is gonna fit the size your dog is going to end up being okay and we’ll talk more
about this we’re under staying in close knit here on this okay… (question) jun , what made
you decide to become a groomer…. an overblown husky…. oh that’s what Jun’s
working on oh my boy are you picking hair are you picking hair out of your
nose in your mouth right now as we speak I beg you our Jun that’s like a groom
and a husky is like a whirlwind of hair but they are beautiful they’re so smart
okay what made me decide to be a groomer I have always always always loved dogs
as I’m sure all of you guys have too I’m sure
I know we share that in common it’s not just dogs I love all animals but I’ve
always been really compelled to… dogs have always had a special place for me I
don’t know what it is I don’t know but since I was a kid and I grew up in
Indianapolis Indiana and there was always stray dogs and we lived in like
the suburbs of Indy of Indianapolis which was about ten minutes from
downtown Indianapolis but there was always a lot of stray dogs skinny unfed, malnourished just you know skin and coat looked really bad it’s just always an
and to be honest with you half the dogs in our neighborhood not our dogs but
half the dogs in the neighborhood we’re not really truly taken care of
properly it bothered me of course you know we’re
talking on at seven eight nine years old nothing I
can do about that but it bothered me and we had what was called I don’t know what
their true name was that we called them dog catchers these trucks would come
around I don’t know if you guys have seen anything like this on TV on ASPCA
channels and stuff like that but these aunt Cindy you probably you probably
remember this stuff these trucks and and they had like built in crates dog crates
and somebody would call and say there’s a stray dog running around and you know
we’re not sure you know if he’s safe you know you should called it this is like
the Humane Society whatever you should come and get this dog and half the time
the dogs would be in the neighborhood for weeks you know sometimes it would be
weeks and I would see the dogs out there and you know kind of make up with some
of them sometimes and then I wouldn’t see the dog catcher come pull
over the side of the road in our neighborhood get one of those sticks
with a loop on it put it around the dog’s neck and drag it into that vehicle
and off they went and as a kid that devastated me I mean I didn’t understand
I know it’s not safe to have stray dogs running around in neighborhoods with
kids and other animals but the dogs were helpless and it wasn’t their fault
and I just as a kid I thought something terrible was gonna happen to them and
then it probably did I mean most of the shelters in Indianapolis were kill
shelters they I don’t know they probably gave him a week and then they put him
down some of these dogs were puppies stray and abandoned though I saw a lot
of that when I was growing up so I think Jun I think that had a lot to do with
me wanting to work with dogs I knew I couldn’t be a vet because at the time
when I was getting out of high school I didn’t have the patience for more
College now I love college I’m in college now well taking classes but at
the time school wasn’t an option I wanted to get to work
I wanted to start making money you know live the dream yeah how it is but I
didn’t become a dog groomer until I was I think 30 years old ya…no, I was so
young I was a little younger than that because we lived here
yes I was a little younger than that and what happened was I worked in the
printing industry and I’d worked for a couple different companies did desktop
publishing worked within the pre-press departments were where I always worked
and the industry started to suffer a lot and you know as technology was changing
it was putting a lot of people out of jobs because a lot more of it was gone
digital and he didn’t need so many people to do the jobs and whatever so
the industry itself started to become very hard to find and keep a job in so I
was able to… the last company that I worked for the last printing company
that I worked for was really suffering for a couple of years I ended up getting
laid off and I thought about it I thought you know but obviously at that
point I had like 12 years experience in printing so I had something to offer
another company however printing was very long hours, shift work, no notice
over time if you’re working on a job and there was a problem whether you had to
stay and get it finished you know just couldn’t turn that mess over to somebody
else it was you know it would have been a disaster so I was just very demanding
and I had at the time I didn’t have my daughter yet I had my son I had my son
who’s now my son is now 20 almost 23 so Gage was about 5 when I was working in
printing and I was missing out on a lot with him and that bothered me I made
good money I just I I was basically going to a job though in my heart of
hearts I was going to a job did I like the work I was doing I loved it because
it was creative and just like grooming you can be creative and I think anything
where I can express myself I’m happy doing that so printing was creative
I loved that aspect of it but I didn’t like the
and I didn’t like how it pulled from your families it did in fact most of the
people that worked for these big companies that I work for all ended up
having affairs with each other you know why cuz they were never at home they
were always at work always always always sometimes they
would they would get off the ship and come back six hours later and work
another ten-hour shift and then the money becomes something that they just
can’t get enough them because they’re making bangin buck their overtime the
double time it’s it’s it was astronomical it just wasn’t for me
I am a more family-oriented person I want to be a family I want to make a living
I want to make an imprint on this I want to leave a maybe even just a fingerprint
I don’t even have to leave a footprint on this earth but I do want to leave a
fingerprint and I can’t do that unless I can express myself in some way and I
can’t do that unless I can be all in with my family as well because that’s
important to me too to teach them that they’re surrounded by love to you know
not be absent at work all the time so this grooming shop that we’re sitting in
right now you guys are here with me too this is in my house this we built this
house I built this shop it has a separate entrance and and it’s I’m
telling you the grooming world is it’s booming if anybody is interested in
learning more about becoming a groomer I can give you all the information I have
and I can tell you right now there’s many options it’s a great thing… yes they
are Jun family is everything Jun started
around the same age as I did so little before 30
that’s about… because how was I, when I had Baileigh?.. I think I
was like 33 when I had my daughter crazy isn’t it but she was I was grooming for
for at least three four years before I had Baileigh so it had to be somewhere in
late late 20s I’d say I started pretty close to 30 but that’s that’s my story
that’s how I became a groomer and then let me tell you what happened from there
remember me telling you that the printing world even though it was it
was interesting work and I liked it but it was demanding and I just felt like I
was held back as far as how I could express myself and how I could just
actually be somebody and leave a mark I didn’t I just felt like you know I was
in production you know and hey there’s nothing wrong with being in production
production doesn’t work unless we’re in production so once I started grooming
and there was a local groomer I called all the groomers near me when I
started going to grooming school and back then grooming schools were limited … I learned most everything that I’ve learned from extended classes seminars
training where I volunteered myself to go learn I’ve gotten had some friends
met friends at shows I would go sit at the sidelines at dog shows and meet
people and I’m a very people oriented person so it wasn’t hard for me to meet
people and and I love dog people I love and I love the show world even though
I’ve never shown a dog but I loved it I just these animals are surrounded by
these incredible impeccable animals and I’m like holy look at oh my god you know
I was like I was like yeah this is just being in a dog shoe to me and especially
in the beginning it’s just exciting so I met some cool people who were a lot
like me and wanted to share I offered my time this one woman she had Bouvier’s
and they were gorgeous and you know you can’t have enough hands when you’re
showing dogs and she usually was only showing two dogs at a time but it’s work
and it’s an all-day event and if you’re maintaining a coat like a Bouvier so I
offered time with her met her at shows I would meet her at before shows it places
to help her prep her dogs just anything like that when you offer yourself out
there to people and you and you mean it they know it and there are people that
will let you into their world and you will learn a ton from that and that’s
where I learned a lot just from putting myself out there so but there was a
groomer locally I had called all of them when I first started going to school and
offer free to help them do whatever do you
want me just mop your floors you want me to vacuum do you want me to just wash
dogs you want me to brush you want me anything you want I’ll do it just just
let me be in your shop let me do something let me learn because I do
learn the best from watching absolutely I think most people do I’ve read
thousands of books I have a whole cabinet full of DVDs up there from Jodi
Murphy and Chris Pawlowski and Sarah Hawkes and all of our Diane Batilak
all the people that you know are icons in the industry and I still watch them
cuz I’m a grooming nerd but I love it and I learn like that and then I’ll try
one of those little tricks on the next pet dog I have that comes in and instead
of making him look a complete pet trim he looks like a pet dog with a show head
or you know something about it is just not the same as every other pet trim and
that’s what I try to do incorporate some breeds standard characteristics into a
pet trim so the pet trim means they can still enjoy
their lives you can still enjoy your life because you’re not brushing them
every day or tying their ears up and wrap so they don’t get tangles and you
know having a show dog is a whole different animal
whole different animal but okay …(question) I hear that the golden doodle don’t shed
is that true yes they are not supposed to shed if it is an f-1 be on some
something out groomers now I’m sorry groomers breeders breeders now are you
know they’ve jumped all over the doodle train labradoodles Goldendoodles people
are breeding them like crazy and they’re not exactly breeding them the way they
were meant to be bred which is to become a hypoallergenic coat to be you know
obviously they’re breeding them for temperament their temperament is so good
and they’re very trainable they’re very smart and they want it they want to they
want to they wanna they almost look at you and
watch you you know they’re never ignoring you unless somebody is eating a
sandwich then they all ignore you and go over and watch them eat the sandwich but
no they’re always though they’re very attentive they’re great for service dogs
as well as labs and and poodles standard poodles
standard poodle is a brilliant breed so if it’s an f1b Norma yeah you
should not have any shedding honey but I will tell you the f1 B coat is a
high-maintenance coat lots of brushing and it’s it collects dirt it’s it’s a
little thicker you know it’s a little thicker than then the first generation
of Goldendoodles and labradoodles which is just a standard poodle bred to a
golden retriever or a Labrador Retriever that’s the first generation then you
have the f1 B which is but this is a golden doodle bread to a standard
poodle and then they have puppies then that’s that’s your f1 B…(question) it’s nice to
know that you love your job I do I’ve had groomers where my dogs have come
home with cuts I have actually nicked dogs not often it happens and I think Jun
can agree with me it usually happens when we’re behind schedule or if we have
a dog that’s a little nervous and hard to work with that can be difficult I
mean just takes one quick little jerk and our scissors are extremely sharp I
cut myself all the time every day like little
little paper cuts you know I actually am holding this and holding that …these scissors are very sharp you shouldn’t really you know you shouldn’t
have this very often I mean typically and I’ve I’m thank God and I shouldn’t
even say this because now watch something terrible’s gonna happen but
you know I’ve never had an incident where a dog needed stitches or anything
I pray that that never happens but I do know accidents happen and I’m not going
to say that you know that whether this happen or not it was neglectful Norma
you know sometimes it’s just a combination of the dogs a little fidgety
and you know you got something on your mind that is just distracting you and
because you really got to stay in tune with the dog when you’re grooming them
you know watch their movements and tells you if you’re gonna be able to do with
them what you need to do I do love it but hey listen let me tell you there are
days where I close this door I was like I don’t ever do this shit again I’m sick
of it you know and I it you can have dogs that just send you to the to the
edge and it’s not their fault they’re just they haven’t been worked with
enough they don’t have any expectations at home from their owners a lot of times
so when I have expectations from them you know they’re like huh what and but
it’s stressful when your dog is not working with you
because you as a human understand the dangers that could happen so quickly
from them you know really being resistant and rebellious throughout the
groom it’s it’s you know you’ve got to try to keep them calm and still so that
you don’t nick them and so that you don’t hurt them when you don’t give them
brush burn and you know that they can be injured easily but as professionals I
think we’re we are trained very well as how to avoid that and I’ll tell you what
I’ve learned over the years – I don’t have a problem telling an owner I can’t
work with that dog anymore because I’m afraid something Bad’s gonna happen you
know I’m afraid that he’s gonna you know try to lunge off the table and take the
table with him or you know I just say it’s not worth it because guess what
when that dog leaves with the slightest injury and and the owner decides that
her dog is perfect and it must have been the groomer my reputation is at stake it
took me a while to build up the reputation that I have and I certainly
am NOT gonna compromise it by working with an animal that can’t be worked with
I’ll tell them I can’t work with your dog and that dog will not return to my
schedule…(comment) Jun says thank you for being courageous enough to
but they there are days you question your own sanity oh my god Jun asked my
husband there are days and then there are other days that I’m like I am the
luckiest person in the world and that’s most of the time I feel that way I do
feel that I’m very lucky and I’m very grateful to be able to work with these
animals and at this point, the only dogs on my schedule really our dogs that
I have worked with for years most of my most of my client dogs are now all old
like all of them, it’s like now I’m dealing with all geriatric dog
which is fine but they are challenging to work with because they can’t stand
very well but I’ve watched these dogs grow up I feel for them, I see them change
into old men and old women and I have I have empathy for that you know I’m so
glad they’re still kicking you know but I just think back to the days where they
would come bouncing through the door and now I see they go hardly even walk
through the door it’s it’s heart-wrenching too, this job, but it’s all
good right Jun? it’s all good well guys listen
does anybody have any more questions because I don’t want to blow my top now
we got meeting to do tomorrow we do 5:30 Eastern Standard Time it really means a
lot to me that you guys join me and that we get to have this time together I
actually really look forward to it so maybe this helps me keep my sanity too
so thank you guys for that…(comment) it’s the full catastrophe… yeah it is
we’ll be there norm a good deal Jun if you get a break around 5:30 tomorrow
join us okay I don’t know what time it is in Georgia Eastern Standard I think
we’re on the same I didn’t run the same timeframe so it would be 5:30… sun, if
you’re still here I hope you feel better if not maybe you ought to give the doctor a call …all
right guys listen I will see you tomorrow and I hope you have a wonderful
rest of your day okay thank you for joining me thank you for your support it
means everything to me who is crashing my live stream… somebody’s
crashed in my live stream…you see what I’m talking about the rebellion thing that’s
it…I loved seeing you too- aunt Cindy is just Baileigh snuck in there you see all
right good night guys thank you so much… you’re being a crasher

5 thoughts on “Live from the grooming table-every Monday 5:30pm (est)

  1. Ahh so sorry I missed it Amy, I was just finishing a groom with an 11 yr. old Sheltie at the time, but I did manage to catch the Replay though which was nice…I will TRY to make it tomorrow to the LIVE stream. My last dog tomorrow is a nail trim at 5:00pm not far from me so I may be a little late if anything. See you tomorrow 🙂

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