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cookies well welcome and welcome to the neighborhood if we're gonna have new littlest petshop families moving in we are gonna be checking out a box of littlest petshop family so let's get started look at how cute they are mmm okay I have a whole bunch of these adorable little pet shop family so each one comes with a mom or dad and a little baby isn't that so cute each one of these little sets puts cute about these little families as you can see is that each one of their last names match up so they have the same last name so they are indeed a family like their last name is Fox Lee or Krueger or gray cloud look at how cute they're roasting marshmallows so let's start with these packs right here which are dogs and cats so we'll start here do some magic here and get them all open oh so here we have the first set of family look at how cute this dog this is like a little greyhound dog it's so cute that comes with this little blue puppy she can lick her baby so adorable and baby looks like it's totally ready for play now we have this little kitty family right here I think this Kitty is a really pretty color I don't even know how to describe that color it's almost like a dark olive color it's really really pretty and she comes with this little kitty right here who's all yellow and she has like the biggest eyes ever these guys are so cute to look at this little kitten it's standing up on two little legs isn't that cute all and then look at how adorable mom is with her completely blue face but she's got a little tiny patch of blue on her back she's just really really a cute looking kitty cat now these ones right here these ones are big cats so they're not like house cats these are Cougars that I wanted to just put it in this collection too so isn't she adorable which is purple coloring and then this is her little cougar cub right here who's so sweet I love the little pattern on its face it just looks really cute now another one I wanted to add into the set are these kitties right here and I actually saw this tiger that I thought would kind of go good with the family even though these are cats and this one's a tiger but I thought that they would kind of go really really cute together as a family so here are these two right here so we had a little Tiger won this is supposed to be a tiger and this one's supposed to be a beautiful orange kitty cat campground doesn't have cute little baby look like this is totally their family to the counter place little tiger stripes – that's not it just reminds me of and the mom and baby actually came with this little play area right here but the babies can come on up here and just kind of play with the little toys now of course they all came with little deco bits that you can decorate them like these little glamorous earrings on the kitty maybe this beautiful flower on this kitty cat cares about on its head now let's look at some of these other little wild animals whoo I check out these look at the Fox that really cool oh look at how cute they are already plant little deco bits on them like a little leaf right here in this little deers ear look at how cute she is I love it you've got her tongue out like she's like hungry for something and she's jumping around in the woods here's her little baby very cute with a little spots on it they're just so teeny-weeny and small you can barely see them right on its little leg there now the little otters are cooking up something SuperDuper yummy by the campfire and keep it nice and warm now we're going over to the Fox family which I love these I love that metallic color it's just so gorgeous silver and kind of like this golden bronze color gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous very cute I love how this one sitting look at that with a little tiny tip of silver right on his tail and then the gorilla family is just so so so cute look at this adorable little baby and give it a little banana and its hand just looked a little hungry now we're gonna jump into the family pack these are bigger packs look at how you look at these doggies so take out the doggie and the dolphin again I think that these are just too cute for words so these packs are perfect if you want like a family that's all ready to go so this is the mommy and baby's cute adorable little dolphin and mommy and baby little beagles look at that their last name is beagle Tim now these are the only two that I found that were in packs like this so let's check out these cuter come swimming in Oh are these dolphins not notice they are so playful and adorable each one is in a different pose and in a different beautiful pastel color you can give them some little accessories like your this one can wear a little hat give this one a shelf right there on their head really here comes the Mama dolphin she's super duper special because she has a special movable tail that actually moves back and forth that you can actually move it and flip it and she can spout water from her blowhole – so here's another little dolphin that I found that I think would go along with his family really really perfectly here is this dolphin swimming on and look at the colors at this one it's so metallic and really really pretty I just love this one this one is so cute and I love his little movable fin – and of course he came with this adorable little penguin friend who doesn't quite have a family yet but it's still adorable so this is a little beagle family so you get four baby puppies and then here is the beagle mama I love how they faded and shaded these ones these ones look really really really cool and of course they came with a little dog food both so they can all get some lunch this one's wearing a little tie how cute is this Leni so fancy and I actually found this doggy right here I think he would kind of go good with this family because some of the puppies had the same color that he has so even though he's not a beagle I think he looks kind of cute with his family like these puppies kind of match his color oh and she has the same eyes at him too so so adorable whoops somebody call the doctor because we've got some newborn babies so let's check out the newborn baby set look there's a whole bunch of them can fall out of the box what so as you can see there is a huge collection of these mom and babies where you get two pets in one so you get a mom or a dad and a teeny tiny little newborn baby of course you can see the full collection of them here on the back just so so cute now these do say series 1 so I wonder if that littlest petshop is planning on coming out with more series of mom and baby let's start with the mommy baby and kitty look at that teeny a little baby kitten so cute a snow-white color while she's this gorgeous gorgeous soft soft baby pink color now I think they are royalty we've got this adorable little princess chair that this little baby kitty can barely jump up on she can sit right there while her beautiful mama can actually wear this golden princess crown look at that whoa fancy and of course they love to be brushed so it comes with a little brush that you can brush them and Momma has this little area on her tail better adorable little kitten can actually sit right there on her no swimming on over next we've got the cute little otters so as you can see mama has this little area right on her tummy where you can either put the baby or you could put a little shell like that no they love to go swimming so she teaching her little baby how to swim so we've got some little slim goggles for her and little baby can sit in this little floaties look at how cute and she can teach her little baby how to swim and dive yoo-hoo look at this little mama owl we can put little glasses on her so she has her glasses on and we have this little egg right here that's sitting in this nest because your little babies on the inside and hasn't hatched yet even comes with this little toy mouse too so if we want this baby to be born all we have to do is just crack the egg open crack it oh and there's a little baby owl inside and now the little baby can sit in the nest one of the watchful mama hangs out with her isn't that so cute so sweet now this rooster is probably the only rooster that you will meet he does not like to get up early at all and his little baby chick is hanging out inside of this alarm clock we can open this up what surprise there's a little baby inside so there's his little chick but hit that snooze button because I think they are going back to bed we can give him his little sweet mask he does not do mornings and we can put this little nightcap right on the baby chick out you oh how about a magic trick from this adorable little bunny rabbit look at how cool she is I love the pattern on her ears so we have a little magic black hat right here little magicians hat but she could put on if she wanted to just like that but we'll just set it down right here we can give her a magician's cape she turns with a little magic wand give it a swirl in a twinkle over the hat and just like that so you can pull a baby bunny right out of her hat look at how cute a little baby bunny is it's so adorable so there's her little baby that magically appeared what anyone has to run over to the mailbox we've got the mailman here we can actually put his little hat visor on his head just like that looks like he's got a letter that we're gonna be putting in this in the mailbox open it up oh wait a minute that's not a letter that's a puppy so his little puppy loves to play and get the mail isn't that so sweet okay these babies are absolutely adorable I think the collection is so cute and it doesn't stop there I got two more littlest petshop sets and these are complete mom dad baby and newborn sets we've got dogs and monkeys let's check out the monkey family they're having a birthday bash so here we have mom and dad monkey they're adorable daughter and a little twin so it looks like it's the twins birthday today so we'll have their big sister put on a party hat get out some presents blow the party horn and roll out the cake because we've got a birthday party today what can help you look this adorable monkey family is so sweet look if there's even like a little animal balloon – that was made just for the party so I found this monkey right here maybe he could be grandpa monkey so we have this little monkey right here that can join the rest of his monkey family and then of course he came with this adorable cute kitty clown so we can add this big cat maybe over here so they can hang out with these other kitties perfect all right and now we have the dog family this is the fab look and Sam and they sure do look fabulous whoa so here we have mom and dad now this family takes grooming SuperDuper seriously so they are always at the salon comes with a brush so you can brush them and style them pair of scissors so you can keep their beards and their fur completely clipped in style comes with a little mirror here and who are their puppies we have their older daughter right here who has its really cute pearl necklace on well and their twin puppies so cute so they had a boy and a girl for their little twin set so fast pronounced blue perfume bottles so they smell really good they don't have that dog smell they smell absolutely wonderful well so they make up a very very pretty puppy family all right cookie fans so I hope you enjoyed checking out all of these littlest petshop families they are so cute I feel like they get cuter and cuter each time they come out with new pets and I'm loving the little babies are so cute boo some cracks out of an egg that you can put this puppy inside of the mailbox or pull a rabbit out of a hat absolutely adorable I hope you spend time with your family today do something fun together well then I hope you join me in the rest of my cookie family in my next video I will see their pocket fan firm and families all right oh gee pants who remembers which family was roasting marshmallows was it the Fox family the deer family or the otter family baka Japan Deary Deary

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