23 thoughts on “Little Stray Puppy Rescued from Horrific Injured Front Leg but No One Knew What’s Happened on Him

  1. I get so sad and mad when I see this poor innocent souls suffering in the streets and nobody takes care ??? Of course animals can walk or run with 3 legs but it's horrible to see such a little sweet pup has such bad injuries… I hope that this beautiful soul get through it well and that he find a loving home soon. Shame on those people who ignore the need of helpless animals. This are not good people…I know a lot of people have not much money but those who have it doesn't help too. I hope they will come into a situation where they need help and nobody is coming and nobody is helping…Maybe this open their heart and soul… I wish you all the best sweet and beautiful buddy and I hope you will live the life you deserve ?????

  2. What probely happened looks like motor bike or car ran over it or got it jammed in something and pulled it out then just went rotten from there at least its happy and wagging that tail ?????☺️??❤️

  3. ? Thank you so much for saving and helping this poor lovely puppy baby!!!! ♥️?♥️ l wish him and his new family all the best and a good life and health!!!! ?

  4. شكرا شكرا لكم ياطيبين⁦✌️⁩⁦✌️⁩⁦✌️⁩???????????????????????????????????????

  5. she is sooo adorable ?? thank God and thank you for rescue her and give her a chance to live and be love I'm very happy that she is doing good now and i really hope and pray that she get a good forever home soon ????❣??❤?❣❣??

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