“Little Rabbit, Be Good” A Subversive New Years’ Video Card (Translated)

Disclaimer: 1) This film may make people uncomfortable, and children are forbidden
to watch it. 2) This film is meant as an adul fairy tale, and has no connection to real life. 3) This film is only meant to be shared
during the 2011 New Years’ (Spring Festival) Greetings period, so please don’t pass it around after that. Kuang Kuang: Wishing you a happy Spring Festival, from Xiao Hong. Book cover: “Little Rabbit Kuang Kuang” Text in book: Far far in the future, there was a beautiful forest… Singing: “Little white rabbit, white as snow, two ears standing upright” Side of truck reads: “Three Tiger Milk. Good tiger milk so
rabbit moms can relax.”
Singing: “They jump and bounce around, so cute, they like eating carrots and vegetables, they like eating vegetables.” Singing: “Little rabbit, be good, open your mouth, open it
up quickly, and drink up your happy future.” Text on cave wall: Big Tiger Cave. Serve the rabbits. Build a harmonious forest. Text on red banner: Build a Harmonious Forest “No one move. Let the leaders go first!” Singing: “Little rabbits, be good, get out of the road, quickly
get out of the way, the leaders will exit first.” “Help!” Text on buildings: “Demolish.” Text on slot machine: “Demolish.” Text on TV screen: Tiger leader: “Condolences” Rabbit: “Thanks”
Text on house: “Demolish.” Text on old rabbit’s face: “Protest” Singing: “Little rabbit, be good, quickly demolish the house, demolish
it faster, we must put the new one up.” “My Dad is Tiger Gang!” Text on rabbit in car’s face: “Son, drive!” Singing: “Little rabbit, be good, get out of the way, get
off the road, Gang’s son wants to drive over here.” Singing: “Little rabbit. Be good. Listen! Be good. Don’t just say whatever you want.” Growling: “Be careful or accidents will happen.” Text on rabbit’s face: “Kill” “Little white rabbit, white as snow, two fangs standing upright. Don’t make
me angry, when I’m pushed I can bite hard, too. When I’m pushed I can bite hard too.” Speech: Kuang Kuang, Kuang Kuang! Singing: “Little white rabbit, white as snow, two ears standing upright” Kuang Kuang: This is a really meaningful year! Kuang Kuang, come help your mom make dumplings! The song is ending: “…like eating carrots and vegetables. They like eating vegetables.” “The year of the rabbit has come. Even rabbits bite when they’re pushed.”

14 thoughts on ““Little Rabbit, Be Good” A Subversive New Years’ Video Card (Translated)

  1. 中国人恐怕还不如这些小白兔

    另外, 发生这么多事, 几乎都是不了了之。 感谢和谐社会,正义从未伸张

  2. That's so sad but true… How is it possible that a government of about thousand man can terrorize a population of more than one billion people?! Please Chinese people gather, rise your voice and fight for your rights. Together you can do so much! All the best to the suppressed Chinese people! Germany

  3. @yodabelly Dear yodabelly,
    in comparison to most other people I do not only post comments including my opinion on youtube, which is – as you know – a good tool to share your thoughts and also discuss them, no, I even take action by showing people who are living in my region what's going on in China and the rest of the world. I don't know what you intended by posting an ironic comment like that but I just wanna calm you down: I don't think I can free China by this. Grüße aus Deutschland, Freund

  4. @mybox65

  5. 你真的这么不知道的吗?出了中国的大城市,中国人的生活一点都不公平。没有自由,没有能力。在很多小城市里,如果没有关系,没有家,就算命。普通人的老板不发工资 ,算了。普通人的钱被坏人丢了,那也算了。如果帮助出意外的人,都怪你!

    你告诉大家,中国没有很多很大的问题吗? 有吧。

  6. China has many different parts, and there is no consistency. In a larger city, things tend to be fair and even, and you can begin to trust the law to work. In the smaller cities, however, the government officials are akin to little lords, with the small, underdeveloped cities being their fiefdoms. Some of the little lords are 60% okay, but the vast majority are selfish, corrupt, and paranoid.

    This come from two years of experience living and traveling mostly in these little cities.

  7. @RMabee88 That is an excellent question indeed. Why is that system still in place? Only the people of China can consider that, as the government, the constitution in China, guarantees that it protects and represents the people.

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