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Two baby cats… and a third baby cat! Just out in the middle of a road! These tiny kittens don’t have a home, or anyone to take care of them. But a guy named Chris was ready to rescue them. He called over, trying hard not to scare them. “Hey, kitties!” “Hey, kitties!” The kittens were super curious. When they first saw Chris, they were probably like, “Who are you? I don’t know you!” They sniffed Chris… …and his special cat carrier. And two of the kittens decided that Chris was alright! Chris decided that the time was right. He gently picked up the two orange kittens… …and placed them into the carrier. It seemed like it would be the fastest rescue ever! But, it wasn’t over yet. The gray kitten was not so sure about Chris. He didn’t like the crate. And he didn’t want to go in it. I don’t blame the poor guy! But Chris wasn’t going to give up. Being an animal rescuer is all about patience! When you’re trying to rescue an animal off the side of a road, you need to be patient and let them come to you. Chris and the orange kittens waited… …and they waited… …and they waited! Until the gray cat came back! And walked away again. But Chris was SO patient. And eventually… …the gray cat walked right up to Chris! Alright! If you guys trust him, then I will. And just like that, Chris had all three kittens. He checked nearby to make sure there weren’t any others hiding. And then, he took everybody home. He gave them their own little playroom. And a BIG plate of food. He cleaned their ears. And combed their fur. And basically became their cat dad! The gray cat is thinking, “Alright, this isn’t so bad, actually!” Those kittens were all alone on the road… And now, they’re so happy and safe! All thanks to Chris. Remember, if you see an animal in trouble, do not try to rescue them by yourself. Ask an adult family member for help. My mom helps me with the dogs I rescue.

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