Little Live Pets Cuddles The Kitten – International Cat Day! – #InternationalCatDay

you are now watching a Lucky Penny shop product each item provided by moose toys for review hey rocky penny shot today Elise and I are gonna check out this very special box but first we want to say thanks to whose choice very much this box Thank You moose toys we do appreciate it now this says special delivery oh by the way do you know what today is it's August 8th well yes you are correct it is August 8th but even more special than that it is national cat day oh I didn't know yeah and one of the first people to actually check this item out as you can see these are air holes of the item inside which we can't give away right away but it's something to do with national cat day I guess that gives it up let's check out the cool box they sent us handle with care' open with care precious cargo inside I believe it says the same thing there and then on the top check it out little live pets it says two Lucky Penny shop from Team vamoose team yes thank you so much for sending this to it now they are going to actually make a donation if we call them out on social media and that's going to go to the alley Cat Rescue so that time with national cat day we're going to show this cool toy okay all right so we'll be back we'll reset up the camera get a nice angle into the box and then we'll open it up and learn more about this moose toy alright alright we are back time to open the box it's always exciting getting a toy like this that very few people in the world have seen and we now get to check out our little kitten here we go now you've always wanted a cat right here we go are you ready I'm ready tell me when you're ready and then I'll open the box I'm ready okay here we go one two three wow that's cute huh okay let's see there's some paperwork in here a little cookie cutter they gave us a couple bonus items happy international cat day I guess yeah that's pretty cool is going to eat all right so that's how the way this we can't show you but we could do this let's clear on all the little paper pieces huh get it nice and clean and then I will bring the camera and while you're doing that so you can kind of get a nice close-up look clean all right let's get this all out of here thank you for the cookie cutter yeah we're gonna have to make cookies you didn't give you and then look see little air hole so she can breathe through her first ick it out in spots so it looks like a paw right cuddle so this is cuddles now we have done other little live pets before and cuddles is new right to the hole moose toys line try me press and hold my nose don't do it I know you want to get my tail moves feed me from my bowl the ball is in there ages 4 plus I Nevel like a real kitten let's just see now anything to see here that we haven't really read here I'll read the top it says meet cuddles your dream Kings meet a little kitten that loves to be loved cuddles moves fields and responds just like a real kitten with a pad of the back or a tickle of the cheek cuddles behaves in different ways fully interactive cuddle is the perfect pet check can't wait to come home with you / like a cat that we've heard cats prayer right now we also get the adoption certificate that comes with these all right so I think what we need to do we kind of read most of that already with what we need to do to activate her different sensors so we will get her out of the package right come back and then check it out okay all right we are back and we decided to make a background change that doesn't have it often now like cuddles is super fluffy white and we thought well let's just show her on this darker background she'll really stand out which she does alright so first thing you get the adoption little certificate you get your bowl and then you get the instruction booklet so we have talked about this now you're not going to keep her as cuddles are you No what are you gonna name her cutie pie cutie pie we also decided to spell it a little bit differently right with a Q right Q and then a T and then P I cutie pie and today is August 8th 2017 and then you get to sign it so assign your name on that and then I will can you hand me the book up by the way thank you cuddles my dream kitten instruction booklet okay there we go and then now we decided to yeah that's good I'll take that now you take your little certificate anything on the back of the certificate or is it just plain on the back that's right okay all right that's yours you can hang that in your room and keep that for later all right so your kitten here's all the parts to your kitten and we did decide to change out the batteries those are on her paws in the back or back to pause right here so you take that screw out two batteries that screw out two batteries now she was originally in try me mode so we will switch her to on mode but you actually have to get her ready by the way she's really floppy and then her paws up here are beans like bean bag stuffed animals you've had those before right and even in parts of her back leg it feels like it the rest of her is you know soft and calico soft that fur is here better a little bit she's not on but okay let's see alright so your kittens tail this is very important if you're get this out of the box you have to do this first till you hear a click when you hear the click you're ready to play now that's back here it says to turn but I found that you find a little joint and then you press it or pull it up and then you'll know if you've got it there's the click did you hear the click you can put it back in that mode but and just press it down there you go and we'll put her in the on position and then we'll see what she does okay she seems pretty happy there huh alright so first things first you can touch her new oh wait Petros go pushing her nose like that hmm she's I think oh I don't know if it's the bull no you gotta let see she's probably licking it all there we go so ever what was that a burp yeah I think so yeah I think she's all right and then now there's a sensor on her back so pet her back let's see that oh there you go look at her tail move yeah yeah okay so now you're really supposed to be snuggling with her up like this and then oh that looks so cute I wish everybody can see a picture of that and then you attend her and then it says there's also sensors on her cheeks let's see – ooh – Oh call me correct either of my cheeks and I'll close my eyes and nuzzle into you all right so you drew one I'll do the other let's see oh there she go see eyes have closed okay and then she goes too slow she liked that huh well kind of back well you did there you go good kitty kitty you've always wanted a kitty right yeah all right and then that lets even get her to sleep all right oh by the way she does shed a lot when we first took her out there's lots of little white all over the black fabric so you wouldn't see that if it was a white background you wouldn't see all that and then let's see okay time to sleep playing if you can tire me out sometimes I need a little nap to put me to sleep lay me down on my back or my side I will follow slates go ahead okay look at that I think she knows yeah with their tail turner this way I've seen cats do that to flip up their tail up and down I'm seeing that right and occasionally snore and wag my tail on my side okay look at her she's turning to okay so there's something called let's see special request I have attention I love attention and every year so often I'll cry out and ask for one of the power feeding cuddling sleeping back petting if you tend to me I'll reward you with a secret phrase secret phrase or look at her alright so now we want to bring her back up okay wake her up it's okay you want to eat now so you're supposed to just press her into the bowl let's see ah so that is the bowl sound of eating sound right now there's something called attention mode meow if you leave me in the sitting position or lying on my stomach I will can usually cry out for your attention if you don't do anything I will eventually get tired and fall asleep let's see what she does let's just leave her there she's calling about your attention okay whenever you want pet her get her cheating yeah look at that that's pretty realistic yeah anyway because a cat would do that cause he like they keep going maybe we'll get her to do our sputters special right secret phrase all right now pet her back yeah we're little closer for you that's pretty cool mm-hmm I'll pet her I'll go under here see if she can tell two people are taking care of her I'll press her nose too let's see I think she want to eat my fingers what was that sound let me give everybody a shot top down we can see her tail how it moving very soft right slow movement and in the positioner nose okay so she will not stand like this on her own that I can get her to stand so you will have to kind of proper legs like this or like this get them tucked in there and then she will sit just fine for you all right just keep that in there we'll see if we get or talk here's what we'll do we'll just keep doing this until we can get that special phrase if we can so we will check back in just a little bit okay Oh Oh all right we are back all right so that took about a half hour of her playing with cutie pie yes now a little discrepancy you thought she said I love you and I thought she said I miss you so we'll have to catch it the next time around hopefully they didn't spoil that for anybody we just wanted to make sure we included that in the video today so she does everything that they say you can cuddle with her you can feed her you can hang out with her and what do you think about cuddles I mean cutie pie she's really really fluffy yeah adorable fun to play with okay so you're in real life yeah if you can't have a cat it's a good substitute right it is always thanks for watching everybody we have a playlist in the description area for moose toys we truly appreciate it hope you enjoyed this video we had fun making it and as always thanks for watching oh give a big kitty thumb up ya later bye if you're looking for the item you just saw in the video click here watch more videos by clicking here don't forget to share on social media and give a thumbs up hey LPS Dave what's up butch make sure they don't forget to subscribe oh yeah please click here to subscribe to Lucky Penny shop it always remember when you see a Lucky Penny pick it up

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