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okay I got to admit things we've gotten a little out of control here hey guys okay so you know that I pretty much am a five-year-old at heart right and so I found new busy bugs on Amazon I have not been able to find them in any stores and it's it's and and and and the Gracie's getting lonely see I've got little Gracie here she's got he's got a young chick in there with her – over here um yeah she's been getting lonely so I gave her a little live pets chick to hang out with but you know I mean she's been a handful and she's kind of lonely she had to pick people hugs legit had some pick me pops in a grip with her and um but really I just I think she's so cute moose sent me Gracie because Gracie and then I've been looking for the other busy bubs and like I haven't been able to find them so they showed up on Amazon okay you'd be quiet now sweetie okay here I'm gonna give you a Bubba you already have your binky how about a Bubba and the reason I think I love these so much is because here lie down is because you shouldn't put stuffed animals in with a baby by the way the reason I think I love these so much is because I think that little Melissa yes that's my name would have loved these absolutely love these as I swing it with my hand that doesn't work so these are for ages 5 and up and I can guarantee you that five year old Melissa would have loved these guys so this is pretty so premies deal is that she's very prim and proper and she crawls so it says on the back of premies box hmm it says from the tip of her tiara to her tiny toes premies one prim and proper little princess confident and bright she's a sparkling sight whoo that rhymes admired by all her followers if there's a job to do she's the baby to do it pretty sounds like someone I'd like to hang out with pretty and I could work together so there's pretty she's got a little crown up here and she does have like a little tiara thing going on and then this one like Gracie is like an expanded set this is swirly now swirly is named I believe swirly because she's got this hair thing going on but swirly comes with like a little baby carrier and so you can take her anywhere apparently she plays peekaboo who doesn't love that so this is busy bubs swirly and the Cutie carrier again ages 5 and up and these are little live so this is these are from the little live line little live has expanded beyond pets forget just now we make babies and they make really cute babies so let's see what's swirly steel she's full of surprises and fun she can't wait to play and show you what she can do place her in her cute carrier and take her everywhere you go she's a busy bub who will melt your heart I'm just oh so she plays peekaboo I'm really excited okay so I'm gonna get them out of the box there's I'm gonna get them out of their boxes and we're gonna play with the babies okay my hair what is my hair doing people I'll be right back all righty there looks okay um swirly is sleeping right now because I put her in her carrier with her pinky so she is asleep the carrier thing goes back and forth but we will wait for up it'll take that out and swirly can you come on out so to make the little live busy bubs do whatever it is they do you just push on their diaper pinch so that wakes them up makes them start talking the speakers on the back of their little cute head so swirly plays peekaboo she's really good at it and then if you want to make her if you want to make a busy but laughs you press their diaper button three times really fast so cute so like I said she plays peekaboo I mean I know it's it's very simple guys I get it it's very very simplistic but what more do you need okay now you got to watch what preemie does okay it cuz yes they each come with a baby bottle and a pacifier if here's the pacifier if you give them their pacifier and leave it in their mouth for a little bit at first you'll hear them making the sippy sippy noise and then they will go to sleep can I feed you just stick the bottle just press it up against their mouth and they make the circular piece ound and then when you take the bottle out of their mouths they vary in an unladylike way oh you're going to sleep oh you're not going to do the other thing they do something else too so they do that too okay all right swirly I'm just gonna move your carrier and I'm gonna move the bottles and stuff oh there goes creamy she's up now all right here you go creamy show everybody what you do now you have to see preemie from this angle no no go wake up baby come on no sleeping show everybody what you do girl she crawled I just kicked her little booty is search by Dubai doll you hungry girl okay I give you bottle it's getting crazy up in here good thing we don't have greasy – mmm that was good I'm gonna go crawl somewhere show us what you do it's so simple I know and just how simple and cute they are and and and like I said you give them the Baba if you want them to go to sleep you want to go to sleep so I'm gonna give you you I'm gonna give you your faith healer give me your pacifier and she's gonna make you want your bottle again for me oh she's a hunger girl so she's gonna make slurpy slurpy noises and she'll do that for a while I'm gonna put her in her carrier this was gonna do bottle bottle it's like I'm babysitting two babies or you know okay alright so her nieces swirlies asleep labor seeps so I started to put her to sleep Gracie's actually turned off in her crib so you may remember that when hey guys I'm trying to talk so you may remember that when a moose sent me bottle bottle again oh my goodness you are such a hungry girl gets all that car all that makes her hungry when moosa' sent me Gracie they send me this really cool display that's actually a baby's room I was thinking maybe we should set them all up in there and just let them go let's do that okay alright it's gonna happen one two three I dare you not to smile right now this is like you're just falling over with meatball so anyway I will be the first one to admit that I had way too much fun with that I just think these are so simple and adorable and fun I will put links down below to where she can get them they're very inexpensive and there's so much fun there little live busy bugs simple and to the point and hey ohyou're I'm sorry I had turned girl Gracie off and there from moose toys and the folks who they're the folks that bring you all kinds of other goodies right thank you guys so much for watching if you like this video please make sure to subscribe and watch one of these other videos love you bye

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