28 thoughts on “Little kitten with cats they want food

  1. A year ago
    I once saw a girl with. Extremely long pink fingernails. And with a ton of make up on her face.
    She was literally "petting" the kitten. With other words. Scratching the cat into it's flesh because of the god damn fingernails. The cat kept meowing because it was hurting the kitten but that girl didn't care until the mother of the kitten came and scratched that girls legs until they started to bleed to protect her kitten. That bitch kicked the mommy cat. Then a random guy came, pushed that girl and said that these cats were his cats. The girl apologized and went away but the guy actually lied and then gave the two cats something to eat.
    I love humanity but also hate humanity :>

    Also if I did any spelling mistakes then I'm sorry but i'm learning it ^^

  2. U know going ksksksks makes the cats think ur a predator like a snake of like how cats hiss when threatened

  3. Cat : i need a food !

    Man : kskskskskskskks

    Cat: hey , I NEED A FOOOD

    man: ksksksksksks

  4. I don't know if being subbed to this channel is a good thing. Every video is an emotional rollercoaster 🙁

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