Litter-Robot Open Air Self-Cleaning Litter Box: How it Works

Hi, my name is Brad Baxter, president of Automated
Pet Care Products, designer of the Litter-Robot. Well, the Litter-Robot was designed over probably
16 years ago now, and it was a product designed around a need that I had with two of my cats. I was having a lot of difficulties getting
them to use the litter box. I designed this litter box with the intent
of essentially solving my problem. The litter chamber is a sphere, and it rotates
such that the litter moves up along with the globe. As the globe rotates, there’s a screen that
comes around, and the screen then comes up through the litter and any clumps that are
formed in the litter and separated onto an inner wall. On the other side of the wall, the clean litter
is captured and collected, where the clumps then fall through the waste ports into the
drawer below. The nice thing about the Litter-Robot is that
after each use, it’s clean. So if you’ve got multiple cats, after one
cat uses it, it’s going to be clean for the next. The Litter-Robot definitely manages odor. What it does is it essentially contains it,
and we have a very large carbon filter that’s in the waste drawer, which absorbs the odor. Our customers tell us all the time that after
they start using the Litter-Robot, people come over to their house and say “Well, we
didn’t even know you had cats.” We have three versions of the Litter-Robot. We have the Classic version, the Bubble version
and the Litter-Robot III Open Air version. The Classic version, that’s the very first
design that we came out with. The Bubble version is really the same as the
classic, with a bubble-shaped window on the back of it, which gives you more front to
back space. Litter-Robot III Open Air, it’s got a lot
of new features, such as a nightlight, is a much larger globe and has a much larger
opening, which faces upward. It’s more ergonomically designed for the cat
and how the cat would actually use the litter chamber. One of the great things about the Litter-Robot
is you don’t have to purchase a lot of consumables. You don’t have to purchase bags, trays, liners,
chemicals, pellets, none of that. Really, all you need is litter, clumping litter.

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  1. I really wish I could get it… But I don't need it and don't have space. I have a small house and my cats come inside to eat, and go outside to pee/poop and hunt/play! It is very useful that way, though at night, they come in and sleep sometimes. Oh, if you could figure out a way for vomit, that would be AWESOME and I would totally buy it! And if you can, maybe more space helping? That would be great!

  2. 1:17
    They say they didn't even know we had cats, but they thought we just had a doomsday device in the corner of our living room.

  3. Does no one have concerns about feces smearing on the wall where it rolls across? Then your cat rubbing against it and sitting in your lap! Seems like a pretty major design flaw to me…

  4. The clumps are usually coated in dry litter before they get to the septum surface or the screen. As extra insurance against your concern, there is an internal shield that resides between the cat and the working surfaces. This was an improvement implemented from LR2 to LR3. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us. Brad

  5. I definitely want one…I'll just have to wait a year or two until it ends up actually affordable and on ?

  6. I just went to your website and it's Four hundred and forty nine dollars?… I'm not that annoyed by my cats natural functions to spend an outrageous amount of money on something I can do in a few minutes for free. People must have so much disposable income these days. How much do these ACTUALLY cost to make?. Made in China, poverty wages and a few AA batteries?. This is madness.

  7. So you've made the plastic version, and it's great. Will we ever see a Litter-Robot in full stainless steel construction for longevity and an even cleaner litter system? Maybe in a limited run? I know of a few people that'd pay that cost.

  8. Just ordered it, excited! Two days ago without looking at this I was on my toilet seat and thinking how I can get this issue resolved, one of my cat out of the two is giving me issues. I swear I had came up with the same design, I was like I know people will pay for it hell I would. Then I saw today Litter Robot!! I ordered it in less than 30 mins! Hope it is… I know it would be the design seems perfect to me, exactly what I had in mind. Oh and today that problem cat was pooping in my guest sink!! she is trying to copy us.. 😛 I have left the toilet up for her, I think very soon my cats will be pooping in the WC. 😀 They follow me to the toilet every time sit and observe me what I do lol.

  9. This is wonderful as it is, but I can't help imagining new features. I'd love to be able to attach it to my own toilet somehow and flush everything away or find a way to flush it right into the sewage pipe without touching anything, like a human toilet. It seems strange that we have thought up toilets for human waste in our modern homes but we haven't created pet toilets connected to a sewer despite all our other mod cons! Would it really be so difficult to have a pet toilet in your home designed to remove the entire scoop, clean replace problem! Could this not be built professionally by a plumber? I don't know if some kind of litter would still be needed but there is flushable litter available. There is a genie box that flushes but apparently it's useless and constantly malfunctions.

  10. $449 are you completely kidding me? well, that's the price on amazon and I assume that is one of the cheapest places to purchase goods. What kind of average person would spend that much on a litter box. And if they did, they best be supplying you with a year supply of litter…so outrageous. I'll just continue to do it the unpleasant old fashioned way.

  11. i have one cat that doesn't cover his feces- it's horrible. since he doesn't bury it with litter, how would this product do when it rolls? will it smear all over the sifter?

  12. My daughter got me a Litter Robot. The greatest thing is that your house doesn't smell like a litter box. We've had it for about five years now. Without it, I would not be able to have a cat. Once you have one, you won't EVER want to scoop out cat poop again. Thank God for this invention because my back is in terrible shape and I don't even want to think about not being able to have my two cats. They are my loving companions and Litter Robot makes everything easier. THANK YOU FOR DESIGNING LITTER ROBOT!!

  13. Just got mine today via Fed-Ex and Nero has already taken a liking to it. That was way easier than I was expecting. Also nice to see that the shipping label originated from my home state of Wisconsin. I used to live north of Juneau in Oshkosh. I am then assuming these are assembled in Wisconsin as well? I need to take a run across the border one of these days to score some more New Glarus.

  14. LItter box that costs more than even the most expensive cats xD That cat better shitting gold in that tray son ! 🙂

  15. I went through 5 automatic litter boxes over the years before I broke down and bought this. With the others I had the tines had to be cleaned or small pieces weren't picked up. I've had this 3 years and with only 1 issue (that I was able to fix myself) it's been amazing. I clean it once a year and it's gold.

    2 improvements I'd like:

    – Larger litter storage underneath and a slope so it doesn't pile up under the aperture. I've seen someone cut out the bottom and put it over a larger bin, it looks awful, but they have 5-6 cats.

    – The rubber lip on the bottom always comes off and hangs when the robot is upside down. the edges hold so it's never been a functional issue, but a longer bottom edge to grip the entry would be nice.

  16. This is fantastic!   My cats love it!   They stopped using their other 3 litter trays when the Litter Robot was installed.  Although initially expensive it is proving cheaper to run!  It's so good I've just ordered another 2 – well I've got 6 cats!

  17. Ok Brad you look silly I don't have a good feeOMG THIS IS MY CAT'S FUTURE RIGHT THERE THIS IS FUCKING BADASS.

    Edit: Order done, delivery on the way.

  18. I paid $750+ here in Israel, and it's worth every cent. Life changing.
    I have two kittens and they got used to it immediately. It uses much less litter also.
    But take in account that it's massive.

  19. interesting costs to much $500 I have been using the same Nature's Miracle Nature's Miracle Multi-Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box for 4 years with non clay media for $100

  20. You still need to remove a bag of shit and clean the inside of the unit now and again. Who has ever had an issue with a cat going in the box? Silly sales pitch.

  21. We have an omega paw litter box which is based on the same principle of rotating the litter through a grid which separates the clean litter from dirty. The difference being it is a manual process rather than robotic.

    It was great for a few days but, when clumped litter sticks to the base, it doesn't move when you rotate the box. So instead of a nice, clean and trouble free process, we still end up scaping plenty of cat mess. In fact, a cheap and cheerful litter tray is a lot easier to clean.

    My concern is we'd be spending $500 to watch cat shit rotate and smear around the inside of this box. If it sticks to the inside of our rotating litter box, how will this system be any better just because it's mechanised?

  22. Cost is no object, I'd cheerfully purchase one of these but I just don't think it's going to change anything about my litter box experience. I have cats that miraculously seem to spray all over the inside of the litter box, and I don't just mean urine, sometimes there's explosive diarrhea. In cases like this I'm more concerned with how easy is it to open the box and wipe down the inside? Also, I can't see how it changes the instances of a cat tracking little dollops of poop outside the box and tracking it around with little brown footprints leading me to the little surprises. ( No matter how much you trim a longhair's butt, there's always the occasional cling-on that doesn't come free. ) Lastly, I'm mostly in the market for one of these for my elderly mother who is sick and tired of bending over to get to the litter. In this scenario, she's still bending over. I've seen a few "roller" litter boxes that bring it up higher.

    Again, cost is no object and I guess I"m in the minority here for saying that but before I drop $600+ on a little box, I need to know I'm not going to look at the results and think "Well there was no difference!"

  23. I never leave reviews but I really am so happy with my litter robot!!!! We got It for Christmas for our kitties. Sometimes we travel for work and the cats stay home obviously. We used to come home to a smelly and dirty litter box. Usually they'd pee or poop around the house as a way of saying " yo clean that sh** !" Now it's always clean for them and all I have to do is throw out the bag with the waste. Literally the best $450 we have spent. I k ow it's not cheap, but atleast for us it was well worth it. We did the installment payments they offer on the website. Anyway, 5 stars! From both us and our fur babies.

  24. Does it microwave the cat shit like the cat genie if not I'm not sold. I love coming home and smelling freshly baked cat nuggets.

  25. I don't think it'll work for my cat. She's so used to covering her own shit & piss after use. Plus, that is kinda over priced.

  26. I'll definitely get one of this but its way expensive though. Is their anyway I can get discount. I'm in Canada

  27. @Litter Robot I’m based in Australia and wanting to purchase the open air..does it come in black by chance?

  28. It's pricey, YES, but I had the old version for about 7 years and then it finally got wrecked – our dog destroyed it. Got the new version and honestly, in my opinion, worth it and they have made several very good improvements to the original design. I know it looks like a spaceship and it's very pricey, but for me – it was worth it.

  29. Put some cute cat ears on the litter robot with a stainless steel feature ! Make it look like a cute space ship ! It can look a bit more fun and decorative !
    I pay another fifty for something like that ! I wished there was an online layaway with three payment options, that way more people would buy it, they could afford it better that way !

  30. I would only invest that much if I it had a 5 year warranty. If I am paying 500$ for a litter box, it dang well better last at least 5 years!

  31. So what is your opinion cat owners cat genie vs this? This is more expensive… and you still have to empty the clumps. Cat genie supposedly you never have to touch liter box again except to clean the machine like this one?

  32. I bought this and have 3 adult cats and it has been amazing. Definitely saves money on litter. Elimnated all the bad smells coming from the cats area. It has been worth every penny and now even considering getting another one.

  33. I got this for my parents and they are on top of the world! "It just works" may be a strained phrase, but in this case… it just really works, exactly as claimed! And that's what makes this product so great! 🙂

  34. have 5 cats…wish i could afford something like that but maintaining a house when you had 2 elders to begin with then a single parent comes in that has 2 babies….oi vey…

  35. An amazon review [and the only one]: "Most disappointing purchase we have ever made. The only positive thing I have to say is the cat likes going in there. However, most of the time she can’t because it is upside down or sideways. The motor is woefully under-powered and constantly sounds like it is struggling. It faults 70-80% of the time which leaves the cat no option but to mess on the floor. We had to put a regular litter box next to it for when it faulted and we were away. Save your money and just scoop a regular box daily because that’s what you will end up doing with this anyway."

  36. Since I bought the Litter-Robot, I don't have to do the chore of scooping litter. Stop scooping too and get $25 off!

  37. Hi thank you for great review I was impressed with litter robot III open air until that waste container was pull out and it make me think that there will be a problem with the poop piling in one spot and when I was watching other reviews from actual owners off robot 3 this is the problem that you have to basically pull out container every single day and shake it to spread the waste evenly so please think about fixing that problem with your next design for now it's it is impossible to leave the house for two days having two cats with that shallow waste container. Please fix that problem because looks like you have beautifully design robot and that's the only problem which is very important and for me the owner of two cats this machine is not going to work

  38. I just have to say,, I love, love, love the LitterRobot!! This is my 3rd one. You sir, are a great innovator! I would rather go a little hungry before giving up my LitterRobot! Thank you, so much.. I just received number 3 today!!

  39. I'd buy four but these are not made for the average cat owner. They are at a price point for wealthy cat owners.

  40. What about the pee on the litter? How we replace the litter? Or do we just constantly add litter to it?

  41. :[] My boyfriend just saw an ad on this and told me to look it up. This is such a smart idea! We have 4 cats ourselves so we will definitely be looking into getting one.

  42. $500! Are you out of your mind! You want your house to not smell like litter? Put the box in an area most people don’t go to, and scoop regularly, boom problem solved and I just saved you $450

  43. Great, but I find the litter that clumps, tend to start to stick to the plastic and I must scrape it off with a scoop. It even gets stuck in the "vent" when I separate the litter from the clumps. How do you overcome not having to take the whole thing apart and having to clean it or is it expected weekly? I find once it starts sticking to the bottom of where the litter is kept for the cat to use, it starts to damage the bottom. I hate the idea of it. I love an automatic though because we have 4 cats.

  44. Just love the price $450 to $499…
    What Expensive huge litter box!

    What happens if my cat doesn’t like it or use it? There probably isn’t a money back guarantee!!

  45. There's no magic wand folks, this, and all other "automatic litter boxes" have to be completely taken apart and CLEANED, and on a regular basis. I'd rather scoop a few lumps out of a disposable tin pan every day – and then throw the pan and contents out once as week. Total cost a buck or two. This unit, like every automatic litter pan, requires complete dis-assembly and piece by piece cleaning (unless you want to wind up on the show 'hoarders' LOL). That is a heavy, major, time-consuming, nasty job. I'm reading these YT comments about how this device "helped my bad back… etc." Yeah – well wait until you have to take the whole thing outside, disassemble it, and clean it piece by piece, haul it back inside, and re-assemble. Some pieces can get hosed off others you have to do with disinfectants only because you can't get the electronics wet. But you're going to touch a lot of cat poo and cat urine-soaked surfaces. Scrub brush… goggles… rubber gloves… no thanks. There is no time, cost, or hassle saved here at all IMO. All you're doing is kicking the can down the road a month or two, but eventually, you'll be handling something a lot nastier than just a couple clumps of litter.

  46. I am thinking about buying your product. But some of my cats grab that deep, that the clumps stay at the bottom and are no more lose in the litter. This problem is not solved with your kind of automatic box, isn‘t it?

  47. I had one of these and it worked fine for about a year and then it started getting stuck upside down I don’t know why it became very unreliable I finally had to get rid of it it was good while it lasted

  48. BEST THING I EVER BOUGHT!! Well worth the money and headache. Its paid for itself many times . Thank you. And just like any appliance, wash it 2x a year or more. You HAVE to hose it out. Again, thank you so much for inventing this cool device.

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